– Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to Black Friday where we've got deals deals deals! And these deals today are sponsored by LG This year they have not only the NanoCell TV, but also the XBOOM Go PK7 for nearly 50% off

You get big sound out of the XBOOM with enhanced bass, as well as its been tuned by Meridian, it also supports aptX HD, it's splash proof, you have up to 22 hours of battery life, and on top of all of that you've got the wonderful LEDs Let me demonstrate ("Nirvana" by Madeon playing) (laughing) Look, sometimes you just gotta feel the rhythm Gotta get into the music You gotta let the music overtake you

Then there's the LG 65 inch NanoCell TV which has actually pretty good support for gaming You've got 4 HDMI 21 ports with support for not only variable refresh rates, but you can go all the way up to 120Hz You're getting great picture quality with NanoColor, it has full array back lighting, as well as you got support for everything you expect like Google Assistant, Alexa, as well as Apple AirPlay 2 The XBOOM is typically $250 dollars, however it's now available for $129, and when it comes to the NanoCell, you're getting a full $2000 dollar price slash to $1099

So if you're interested in not only a TV but an audio upgrade, definitely be sure to check these guys out at the link in the description And thanks to LG for sponsoring my dancing Let's kick things off with consoles, because there are a lot of deals here But of course standard disclaimer, most of these are going to disappear pretty fast so jump on the description as fast as you can So the first thing here is the Microsoft Xbox One deals

Pretty much all Xbox One consoles are currently getting slashed in price So the first one is the Xbox One X which is available for $350 dollars That's not an amazing deal, as you can typically find the One X for around $400 bucks, however, $50 dollars off is still $50 dollars off Now, quite a few retailers actually have this deal but I would recommend picking it up from the Microsoft Store, as the deal has already started there whereas most other places will only be doing this on Black Friday itself There's also the Xbox One S with the bundled Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for $200 dollars

Now this is maybe not the most exciting bundle, mostly because the game runs really bad on the base Xbox One However, for $200 bucks it's included for free However, if you're picking this up, while it's available at most retailers, I would recommend doing it at Target Over there, they have a full $40 gift card that you're going to get on top of the discount So $200 dollars minus $40 dollar gift card, thumbs up

Maybe just use that $40 dollars to buy I don't know, a game that actually works A little bit of a weird one is the Xbox One S all digital version Now this is essentially just an Xbox One S without an optical drive So it came out earlier this year, we did do a whole video on it But put simply, I mean there's really no sacrifice besides that, and at $150 dollars it is the cheapest brand new Xbox One that we've ever seen

Now, you kind of have to deal with not using a disc for anything, so pretty much everything has to be downloaded But $150 dollars is a pretty solid deal, and this one is available at Best Buy, but I believe it's already on sale at the Microsoft Store right now So over on the PlayStation side there aren't as many deals, and yet again for I think the third year in a row there are pretty much no Black Friday deals for the PS4 Pro, which I kind of don't get It's like they just sell themselves at full price all the time and they don't have to discount Well anyway, what they do have to discount is the base PS4

So for $200 dollars, there's actually a pretty solid bundle available at most retailers So you get a copy of The Last of Us, you also get God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn for only $200 dollars So among everyone, it looks like Best Buy has the deal going live the soonest, and generally speaking if you don't have a PS4, this is probably the best bundle yet as all three games are absolutely terrific, especially if you don't have a PS4, I mean they're probably three of the best games to start with What you should definitely not pick up is the $300 dollar Switch Mario Kart bundle Now sure, getting a free copy of Mario Kart seems like a good deal, however not only is this the exact same Black Friday deal that Nintendo had last year, but it's actually worse

So a few months ago, Nintendo brought out a new version of the Switch called the red box Switch, or at least I call it the red box Switch It's pretty much the same in all aspects, except it has almost double the battery life Which makes it an obvious no brainer considering that it is the same $300 dollar price However if you do this Black Friday deal, you get the old Switch with half the battery life So yeah, avoid this one, buy a new red box Switch

It's probably not gonna be on sale, but at least you're gonna get that extra battery life which I think is totally worth it Now if we take a trip to the Apple side of the fence, Walmart actually has some really good deals So the highlight for me is definitely the Series 3 Apple Watch At only $129 dollars for the 38 millimeter, and $159 dollars for the 42 millimeter Now, I actually really wasn't a watch guy until the Apple Watch came out, and now I pretty much have this thing on every day

It makes a huge difference to my life just in having notifications, the health stuff and everything And this is one of the best prices for any of the Apple Watches I've ever seen, especially considering that while the Series 3 isn't brand new, it is still totally recent, it's going to work with all the latest iPhones And real talk, if you don't have an Apple Watch yet, this is a killer deal Now if you're tired of that broke life, you can also pick up a pair of AirPods 2 from Walmart for only $129 Now these to be fair aren't the AirPods Pro, and they also don't have the wireless charging case, but they are the most recent version of the AirPods, and $129 dollars is like $30 or $40 bucks less than they usually are

They don't typically go on sale all that often, so this is a pretty solid pick up Again, only available from Walmart right now But again, check the links in the description for all of these things, because the prices bounce up and down as we get closer to Black Friday, as well as they sell out Now one of my favorite pieces of tech this year is the 102 inch iPad

Now, we did a video on it a little bit ago, and at $330 dollars, it is a really compelling device You've got support for the keyboard now, it's got the slightly bigger screen, and at $330 dollars it's a good deal, however, most retailers now have it for only $250 bucks If you don't have an iPad, if you have a really old one, this is a pretty solid upgrade Now, I would probably recommend picking up this one at Target as they seem to have the deal available first But regardless, if you do want a new iPad, while there are some older iPad Pros that are on sale, I personally really like this iPad 10

2 inch at only $250 bucks Continuing down the rabbit hole, Best Buy has some MacBooks on sale So the MacBook Air is now starting at $899, and the MacBook Pro is starting at $1099, both of which are $200 dollars off Now, the MacBook Air is fine, but realistically, I would recommend going with the MacBook Pro At $1100 dollars, not only are you getting the version with the touch bar they just brought out, again, videos on all this stuff will be linked

But not only do you get that extra touch bar, but you also more importantly get the added performance of the quad core processor Now Macs are typically a little bit on the premium side of the price, however, that MacBook Pro at $1100 dollars is actually I think pretty reasonable Over on the Windows side, the Surface Pro 7 is already on sale So Ken's actually switched to this as his daily driver, and there's a lot to like It's got USB-C now, as well as the latest 10th gen Intel chips, and these bundles all have the keyboard included, which is typically another $120, $130 bucks

So the Microsoft Store has a couple of these, so if you really wanna go on the cheap side, you can get the base model with the type cover for only $650 Pretty solid considering that that normally costs you $900 dollars, but I would actually recommend going up to the mid spec model, which while it is $800 dollars, has the type cover, you have the Core i5, and importantly, you're still saving over $200 dollars compared to buying them separately Now buckle up, 'cause we still have even more deals Actually, these are some of the weirder deals, however, if you're looking for a new phone, Target has the hookup So, if you want a brand new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, Target is currently offering a $200 dollar gift card as long as you activate it with a carrier

So, not totally required, but especially considering that that iPhone 11 is only $700 dollars, a $200 dollar gift card on that is pretty solid Now if you wanna jump over to the Android side of the fence, they have all kinds of ridiculous gift card deals So with the Galaxy S10, S10+ as well as the Note10, you're getting a full $400 dollar Target gift card again, with activation Target also has the Galaxy S10e with a $200 dollar gift card, the brand new Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL with a $300 dollar gift card Probably one of the better deals on this list

However, the most ridiculous one is hands down the Pixel 3 Which to be fair, is mostly sold out on Target as well as in stores, but if you can track one down for Black Friday, you'll get a $550 dollar Target gift card Yes, that's basically the entire price of the phone 'cause they really wanna get rid of these things – [Ken] Free? – $550 dollar gift card with activation So all of these to be fair are with activation, but I mean (laughs) that's a lot of

– [Ken] They're paying you to literally — – They're paying you to take it (laughs) Rounding out the Pixels, you can pick up the Google Pixel 3a for $100 dollars off right now, available at Amazon and Best Buy, however, this deal does start on the 28th Now the thing is is that for the Amazon deal as well as the Best Buy deal, there's no carrier, so you could just pick it up unlocked and do whatever you want with it

But if you do choose to pick up the Pixel 3a on Best Buy, in addition to the $100 dollars you get off, you can also get an additional $50 dollars off by activating it on a carrier Up to you, but that takes a $400 dollar phone down to $250 bucks, which as far as I'm concerned makes it a way way better value proposition Vetter balue proposition Vetter better, better vetter Better value

– [Ken] Faster, stronger (laughs) – And those are the best Black Friday deals that I was able to find this year As always, definitely be sure to keep your eye on that description, as a lot of these will definitely sell out pretty quick And of course, huge shout out to LG for sponsoring this video You can check them out as well in the description

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dance with my XBOOM speaker in a place where Ken can't judge me I can live my best life

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