$35,000 Ultimate Race Sim! (The Crew)

Hey guys this is Austin and today I'm here with a video going over one of the coolest things I saw at E3 this year, a $35,000 racing simulator While there were a few race sims at E3 including a triple monitor setup running Forza 5 at the Ubisoft booth they were showing off The Crew, their new open world racing game

To demo it they brought in a SimCraft APEX 3 racing simulator This is a full 3D motion sim that does a surprisingly good job of emulating driving an actual car While they turned sensitivity up for the demo the addition of motion really helps to sell the experience When you start losing control of the car you feel it start sliding before you see anything on screen which makes it way easier to make corrections without smashing your virtual car into a wall It takes a bit of getting used to, especially with the force feedback wheel but when you get into it it's an absolute blast

The APEX 3 does a good job of selling the small things too like the bump when you shift or the jolt when you stomp on the brakes Combine that with the big monitors surrounding you and it's easy to get into the experience All right so I'm here with Sean from SimCraft, what do you guys have here at E3? Our hardware that we brought here again is the APEX 3, pitch, roll and yaw is what we have there We've got the three forty inch monitors, they're all 1080p monitors How do I get my hands on one of these APEX because these are so cool, like if I want to go grab one right now what do I do besides ask you really nicely for one? You start by asking me really nicely for one, there's no doubt about that

You can go to wwwsimcraftcom, our professional level solution is the APEX product that you see here at the show What would that run you? The system that's over there, they start for the 3DOF at about $35,000 While I don't exactly have an extra $30,000 hanging around to buy a race sim there's no doubt the APEX 3 is an awesome setup

Best of all it runs off of a gaming PC Ubisoft had an HP workstation running the demo at the show but you don't need anything all that special to run The Crew on a rig like this Running the APEX itself isn't all that demanding as it hooks straight into the game to detect motion so as long as you have a gaming PC that can handle a few 1080p displays you're good While I had a ton of fun with the simulator I also got the chance to try The Crew with a normal monitor and controller There's a huge open world in the game that lets you drive from coast to coast in the United States, albeit with a slightly smaller than real life map

Cities like Las Vegas are nicely detailed and accurate and the fast travel makes getting around easy and seamless The entire idea of the game is to get together with your friends as a crew to do missions and races like taking down another car There's also an absolutely massive amount of customization you can do for your cars I've always been a sucker for this kind of stuff in racing games and The Crew has probably my favorite customization tools I've ever used You can modify your cars for racing on street, rally or go all out for cross country demolition

The driving itself is a bit arcade like but it hits a decent balance in my opinion with good controls using a Xbox 360 gamepad on the PC You also get things like an in-cockpit view which is a huge plus for me Before E3 I really wasn't really all that excited about The Crew but I've got to say I'm really looking forward to it now So what do you guys think about the APEX 3 and The Crew? Let me know in the comments below! Anyway huge shoutout to lyndacom for making this video possible! lynda

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