5 Reasons to Buy a $188 Laptop

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is a 188 dollar laptop, and I'm about to give you five reasons why you should pick one up

Starting off at number one, we have the price At 188 dollars, the HP Stream is one of the cheapest Windows laptops that you can buy brand new today Now, I took at look at the HP Stream a couple years ago, the original model, and it was good but it had a lot of compromises However, over the last couple years, while keeping that price low, they've actually done a fair bit to make it a better laptop Recently, I did a video on a 200 dollar MacBook that I picked up off of eBay

Now it was a good system, however it is not for the faint of heart Now, not only is it going to be nearly ten years old, but there is no warranty and no guarantee that it's ever going to get updates At least with the HP Stream, you know that if something goes wrong, you can just go yell at HP about it To really put the 188 dollar price tag into context, you could pick up 15 of these HP Streams for less than the price of a mid spec 15 inch MacBook Pro Now obviously, the MacBook is going to be a better laptop

When you consider just how much this is able to do, for so much less, it starts to make sense for a lot of people And that brings us to reason number two This is really all that you need And sure, some people do have specific things they have to do with their laptops, but a lot of people are rocking a thousand dollar MacBook Air in their backpack, and doing nothing besides watching videos and typing some docs or emails or whatever And it just so happens that the HP Stream will also do that, for less than a fifth of the price

So, no, you should not buy the HP Stream if you plan on doing hardcore gaming, or any kind of video editing However, if you're doing lighter stuff like most people do, web browsing, watching video, playing games, you know, on Facebook, wait, do people still play games on Facebook? – [Offscreen Voice] Yes – Okay, well if you're doing any of that stuff, the HP Stream is going to be totally fine It's also still a full fledged Windows computer, so unlike a Chromebook, you have all the advantages of running a complete copy of Windows 10, as well as all the disadvantages of running a complete copy of Windows 10 This gives you the freedom of using incredibly advanced technology like not Google Chrome, you can install heavy apps, such as Photoshop, if you have a lot of patience, and you're going to get access to the full library of thousands and thousands of Windows apps that have been created over the years

Number three is the hardware Now when you hear the words, 188 dollar laptop, it probably doesn't fill you with confidence But the Stream is, well, actually not that bad Take the keyboard, for example On a lot of ultra cheap laptops, it definitely feels cheap, and while it isn't on the most premium side for the Stream, it has a little bit of clickiness that does feel pretty nice

The trackpad also isn't too bad, and that follows through with the rest of the chassis Sure, it's all made of plastic, at this price point, you shouldn't expect anything else, but there's no real flex besides a little bit with the screen, and the overall hardware feels pretty decent, especially considering how light it is It's definitely not fancy, but you have all the basics, including three USB ports, HDMI, a headphone jack, as well as an SD card reader, which is important for something that I'll get into in just a second One of the biggest downsides is the screen So, with a 14 inch 1366 by 768 panel, it was never going to be the sharpest thing in the world, but what really lets it down is the fact that it is a thoroughly average TN panel

Color accuracy isn't great, the brightness could be better, but that being said, for 188 dollars, it is going to be usable Reason number four is the performance It exists So at 188 dollars, you should expect this to be a blistering fast PC, and surprise, surprise, blistering fast, it is not Inside, you're getting a dual core Intel Celeron processor four gigabytes of RAM, as well as a massive 32 gigabytes of flash storage

Nothing is what I would call snappy, but at least it works, and a big part of that is because this guy has four gigs of RAM, unlike earlier versions, which only had two As you can imagine, Windows computers really aren't that happy with only two gigabytes of RAM, especially with certain apps (coughs) Chrome (coughs) Sorry, cough, I don't know what that was The processor is decent enough for basic tasks

So because it is so low powered, you actually don't need a fan inside the Stream, which at least does make it completely silent One of the bigger issues is that 32 gigabytes of storage though Now, yes, you can get Windows on 32 gigs of storage, but install more than a couple apps, it's going to fill up quickly Thankfully, though, that full sized SD card reader actually does come in handy Put something like a 128 gig card, for about 40 dollars, and you actually should be pretty well set

Reason number five is that it's practical So you think of a lot of the things that will make a good laptop good, the HP Stream has them I mean, some of them, at least Battery life is a big one So with a 41 watt hour battery, while that may not be impressive for a lot of laptops, this has such power sipping internals, that even when you're completely cranking it at 100 percent, you're going to be getting decent battery life

And for normal usage, you're looking at around 10 hours You're also getting some surprising features at the price point, including 2×2 80211ac Wi-Fi Now yes, this is not going to be as reliant on the internet as something like a Chromebook, but you still think about it, it's called the HP Stream for a reason, and most of the time, you're going to be online, so it's nice that it has solid Wi-Fi The HP Stream is definitely not for everyone, but I'm continuously impressed with just how much you're able to get for so little

So, I'm curious, what do you guys think of ultra cheap laptops, like the Stream? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you in the next one

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