5 Smartphone Gadgets for 2018

– Hey guys this is Austin And today I'm here with five smartphone gadgets you're probably gonna want to take a look at

These are the Marshall Mid ANCs And huge shout out to Marshall for sponsoring this video So one of the big advantages of the Marshall Mid ANC headphones is active noise cancellation, something that, due to the construction outside is very useful today So like I said, the active noise cancellation in the bluetooth is going to be a big part of these headphones But if we flip it over, we're also going to see some extra stuff that well I'll take a look at in a minute

Now to be honest, i actually haven't spent a ton of time with Marshall headphones Now they look really nice, but generally speaking, Marshall is a company that's more well known for their sort of crazy amps and cool guitar stuff Actually I mean that's right I'm not wrong there right? (bell rings) Ooh okay So the first thing we see is a actually surprisingly nice carrying pouch, if I can get it out of the box Yo, that is actually seriously legit Okay, so these are going to be on your headphones, as opposed to over your ears So it's going to make them a little bit more small and easy to carry around

But, wow, those look and they feel really nice I mean, they've even got the sort of little brass logo here I mean, you have a headphone jack, but of course these do have bluetooth Wow, these actually feel really nice So if you're like me, and you're using a modern Smartphone without a headphone jack, the idea that these have bluetooth built in is definitely going to be a nice addition and on top of that is also going to have apt x

So some phones will support this And essentially what it's going to be is a higher bit rate and a better sounding bluetooth connection But of course this will still will work with pretty much any kind of (engine blaring) bluetooth device That's really loud Where's my active noise cancellation

Whoa (light, upbeat music) Whoa That's crazy It's like I'm putting my fingers in my ears I could just completely sucks out all the sound

So you know that these are using custom 40 millimeter drivers, and they actually sound more balanced than I thought So yes, it is a bit of a richer sound, and there is a fair bit of base But it's really not at the expense of sorta sounding really scooped like a lot of headphones, especially more hip hop based headphones are You know what I'm talking about These sound actually reasonably balanced, more so than I actually expected

So, if you're looking for a pair of headphones that not only have good style, surprisingly really balanced sound, as well as enough noise cancellation to drown out the construction behind me, you actually might want to give the Mid ANCs a try Take a step outside, and this is the perfect opportunity to show some of my other favorite accessories starting with Rhino Shield And you guys will probably know them, because they have sponsored videos in the past Although they are not sponsoring this one at all But they do make some of my favorite cases and specifically bumpers on any phone out right now

So this is the crash guard Now this is what I use on my own personal phone, and I've actually been using one of these for almost a year and a half now But essentially, it doesn't give you full protection, so the back of the phone is still going to be open However, it does cover up pretty much all of the edges, so if you drop it like this, you really don't have to worry about it This is the way I usually rock it, however if you install the back plate, you can then use the Rhino Shield lenses

And this is where the camera opportunities really do start to open up So if we move over to the Pixel 2, which still holds the crown for the best Smartphone camera in my opinion, what we can do is, we'll just try the lenses out So like a lot of these systems, there's going to be a wide variety of lenses So right now I'm using the wide angle If I snap a shot, you'll be able to see just how much wider this is versus using the standard pixel camera

The only real issue is that when you're going this wide you are going to see a little bit of distortion But if you don't wanna go quite so wide, you can also pick up the HD version of the lens that's going to be a lot bigger, and it's not going to be quite as wide, but you're going to keep all of that sharpness There are other options you get though, including the macro lens which just unscrews If I take a super, super close-up shot of my camera here Wow, I didn't actually realize I had scratched my camera that much

Having a case that supports attachable lenses really is a super nice feature The yeah, I definitely don't use these all the time Most of the time the pixel camera by itself is going to be totally okay But it is cool to be able to get a little bit of a different field of view sometimes Speaking of photos and video, one of my favorite new gadgets is gonna be the DJI Osmo Two

Now there've been hand held gimbals, especially for the phone for quite a while What makes this a little bit special is that the Osmo Two has actually come down a lot in price This guy is now only going to cost $130 Still expensive, but compared to the last generation, which I think was like double that, this makes a big difference So if you're not familiar with what a gimbal does, essentially it is a hand held stabilizer

So if we start recording on the phone here, what you're gonna see is no matter how much I move around, it's always going to stay stable So you can see I can move my hand, and the camera basically stays in place And what this allows you to do is get some really cool shots So if I, say, do a little 360 surround of Ken, get a shot of those sweet shoes, bring it straight up, what you're getting here is a super smooth image, no matter really kinda how much you shake it Obviously you shouldn't run with something like this, but if I kinda start walking backward, it looks like the camera's basically just going to be completely steady

So this is what footage looks like coming from the Iphone 10 in 4k on the Osmo Two So even though I'm walking, and Ken is seguing and probably about to run into a tree, you can see that the footage still looks nice and smooth And why are you running away from me? No, don't No, no, no See, look how smooth it is

So now that we've switched all over to shooting on the Iphone with the Osmo, the next step is to make sure that all of our devices are going to be powered So that is where something like this comes in Now of course, there are tons of different battery banks that you can choose from, but especially when you're going to be powering lots of stuff, like a full fledged camera, something like you Iphone, and of course the Osmo needs to be charged as well Something like this Anker Power Bank is going to be a huge help So what I like about the power core is that with 20,000 milli-amp hours of capacity, it's going to be plenty for our phone, for stuff like the Osmo, for stuff like the camera

And on top of that we are going to be getting two full size usb a ports as well as usb c And so with that, let's head back to the studio and finish up with the final item of this video Now something that's a little bit unusual but actually can be really helpful sometimes is an HDMI adapter Now on Iphones it's gonna be really simple It's just a very small little lightning adapter

However on Android you actually have a lot more options So it works pretty much exactly like you'd expect So you've got a full mirror on your display So if you want, you can play a game together However, some apps, such as Netflix, will support a full screen output

There we go So we have the Iphone, just basically acting as a controller We're gonna be getting that full 1080p output here Basically, turning this into an Apple TV Now this might not seem crazy useful, but it is nice to have one of these around in your bag, if say, for example, you want to be able to use your phone to output video to a TV

However, on the Android side of things, it's a little bit more exciting So thanks to the magic of usbc, you can use things like this Achey usbc hub Now what's cool about this is that in addition you'll be able to obviously connect to your device via usbc, you get a ton of options You can charge it through this You get full size usb ports

You're getting ethernet You're getting HDMI You're even getting a micro SD, as well as a full size SD card reader Now you should keep in mind that not all usbc devices are created equally So generally speaking, most Android phones actually do a pretty good job of supporting most of the stuff on here, but depending on your device, somethings, specifically stuff like the HDMI may or may not work

So, if I plug the usb hub with a full size mouse and keyboard, we're going to get is not only mouse support that's going to be native inside Android, we're also going to have keyboard support Still gotta write a new tweet and be like, hey guys this is a terribly small desktop So I'm curious, what is your favorite Smartphone gadget? Let me know in the comments below And as always, I'll have everything I talked about in this video, including the Marshall Mid ANC headphones linked in the description Anyway guys thank you so much for watching, and I will catch you on the next one

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