AMD is Really Back.

– Hey guys, this is Austin At CES this year, AMD has some surprisingly cool stuff

So first of all, we have Radeon VII Now this is the first high-end GPU from AMD in quite a while, and it is aiming directly at the RTX 2080 The reason it's called Radeon VII is it basically brings the Vega GPU architecture down to a seven nanometer process Now there are a ton of technical reasons why this is cool, but the main thing is, is that this really gets them much more in the competitive landscape, especially considering the RTX is kind of far and away the fastest graphics that you can get right now You should be able to expect about 30% more performance than Vega 64, which does put this very much in the ballpark of RTX 2080

And importantly, it should be able to play games in a full 4K 60 in a lot of cases It's also backed up by a pretty impressive 16 gigabytes of HBM2 memory, double what you're finding on the RTX 2080 On top of that, because this is the very first graphics card that's built on seven nanometer, they're really able to push the clocks It goes on sale on February seventh, and I gotta say, even if it's not quite as good as the RTX 2080, I am so excited to see AMD really playing in this space and bringing some proper graphics performance Even though seven hundred dollars is still a lot

What's even more exciting this year is third generation Ryzen Now Ryzen's been really impressive to me because they iterating and keep making it better at such a quick rate, and Ryzen third-gen might just be the biggest jump yet Like Radeon VII, this is the first seven nanometer AMD CPU, and what's cool about it is that it's actually a hybrid design So the actual CPU itself is modular, kind of like how Threadripper is, for example So in theory, even though eight cores is the limit right now, we could see it go even higher

What's most impressive about this is that it seems to have a similar level of performance to the Core i9, though you have to take that with a massive grain of salt But if it's able to do that, and what they're showing is that it's significantly lower level of power Ryzen 3 could be super super impressive Now it will not be out until the middle of this year, but from what they've shown so far, it is incredibly impressive If that's not enough Ryzen for you, there's also the second generation Ryzen Mobile

Now this is a very similar level of performance to what we're seeing to the first generation, it does come down to a 12 nanometer process, and it is a little bit faster What's cool is there's now a lot more options available What we're seeing is Ryzen coming into proper gaming laptops So there's the ASUS TUF FX505 behind me, which is a fully AMD setup It has a FreeSync display that goes up to 120 hertz, it does have the new second generation Ryzen Mobile, and it even has a Radeon 560x GPU

Okay, so I'm just gonna get close to the camera because I can't step backward What's cool about Ryzen second-gen on the mobile side, is that you do have that 35 watt TDP option So essentially normal Ryzen Mobile is mostly meant for Ultrabooks, but if you want to put it in a thicker chassis which has better cooling, you can get much higher boost clocks, which is especially important for gaming Going way down the stack, there are also now AMD powered Chromebooks with their A6 and A4 processors Now these aren't exactly super high tech, it's actually from the pre-Ryzen actual architecture, so it means that it's not going to be blazing fast, but considering that usually Chromebooks are in the two-three hundred dollar category, this should give you more performance and importantly better graphics than what you will find in ARM or Intel

But that, I'm very curious to see later, because a lot of these Chromebooks are actually shipping very very soon Look, what's impressive about CES for me this year is how AMD is continuing to step it up, right? The stronger AMD is, it means the harder Intel has to work to make better chips, to push it like more cores, higher clock speeds, just to push things and push the envelope Same thing on the graphics side right? Nvidia obviously has had their stumbles with the RTX side of things, and while yes, Radeon is maybe not quite up to that same level of performance in a lot of aspects, but the fact that AMD is still trying with stuff like the Radeon VII is a really really good sign The more that there's competition in the PC space, the better everyone is, I can't stress that enough It's so easy to think that, "Oh cool, there's this new GPU, "it's 5% faster, there's this new CPU, "it's 7% faster

"Oh, it's two hundred dollars more? What?" That's just not good right? That's not good for anybody So the fact that AMD is out here and doing such a good job specifically with Ryzen and even with Radeon, is good for absolutely everyone

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