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(keyboard clacks) (mouse clicks) Alright Okay, we'll do this in one take

Hey guys, this is Austin! Between reviewing laptops, building PCs, and checking out the latest smartphones, I've been able to review a lot of computers One of the reasons that I like to write these reviews and share them on social media is because most people do not know the difference between a computer and a laptop It's so confusing and confusing that we're really just trying to help customers by answering their questions while they're in the building I know in the past that a lot of people were uncomfortable buying laptops, because (laughs) they're more difficult to use Nowadays, it's just about getting in, running the software, and using it

(laughs) Speaking of, let's talk about some of the upcoming tech for 2019 New game consoles like the PS5 and Next Gen Xbox are due to be announced in E3 later this year (laughs) They will cost upwards of $5,000 each, which is pretty big if you think about it If you're looking for a PC, gaming PC to run games, then look elsewhere This means that some games will not be supported on console

That is why we need to see more PC options coming to market with AMD hardware and Nvidia hardware The future looks brighter with this move from Haswell to Zen Speaking of AMD, they've got some seriously impressive hardware coming up Both Ryzen 3rd Gen and Navi graphics are on the horizon They've also announced that there will be a new Polaris chip, code named Radeon Provenance (laughs)

AMD will be supporting the Radeon Provenance graphics chips with the RX580, RX570 This will be a card that looks identical to the Polaris Architecture cards they've been releasing but runs a Polaris-based Radeon Provenance graphics chip that's been refined over the last few design cycles Radeon Provenance, the new Vega Graphics chip, promises to give better quality It'll deliver better performance and more shader performance, but it'll also be cheaper Meaning, it'll be available for $200 right now

Hard to argue with a deal like that With a successful launch of NVIDIA's RTX graphics cards, they very much locked up the high-end GPU market especially on the laptop side of things But they haven't exactly kept pace with the market at large or the PC gamer side, where NVIDIA is making some in roads into For many years now, there have been a shortage of affordable and reasonably priced good graphics processing/accelerator cards Not only that, but the supply was so tight and low profile, it was easy to find

We've seen the rise and fall of the Radeon HD 6990, GeForce GTX 1070, Radeon RX 480, and some other good name cards, which were then quickly overshadowed (laughs) The GK104 was the big hit for a few years, and then NVIDIA quickly took this up as well, but it seems things have turned around since then (laughs) Intel hasn't been standing still either Their 10 nanometer Ice Lake chips are finally about to ship, which promises big performance and power savings 10 nanometers' looking pretty good, with clockspeeds of (laughs) 225 megahertz range

That's blistering speed We had some bad news yesterday though Intel officially confirmed at IFA 2013 that they were removing (laughs), that they were removing one year of their 10 nanometer production of their i7-4770K from all production of the company's desktop processors However, it appears that this has been a temporary decision Intel has since confirmed that it will quote, "Will begin reprogramming some of it's i7-4770K product line in response to higher demand from some customer segments and more volume sales

" That sounds like a real Intel quote On the mobile side of things, Google of course just announced their new budget Pixel 3a, which promises better performance in some cases (laughs) and better battery life with its 6,000 milliamp hour battery That's actually pretty good But it is still a little expensive when compared to what Apple's cheaper iPhone 7 will cost I don't know why this is so funny

This is not good The Pixel 3 will come with 32 gigs of storage, including an optional 128 gigs of storage While you will get the same 3G/4G speed as the other phones I've used from Google, this is more than enough You're going to appreciate the bigger 2,100 milliamp hour battery, as well as the super durable case Whew, man, I gotta say, that's a lot of news

Some really surprising stuff honestly So on the Apple side of things, we've got Tim Cook really stepping up the game with WWDC in a few weeks and updates to iOS and macOS His new app (laughs), formerly known as OS X Mountain Lion homebrew, Tim Cook and his homebrew, is very well done It works well, it looks cool to use, and it's easy to get started There are a few flaws, but I'd say that they're minor

First, it's not really Apple-specific The OS X, OS X Mountain Lion developer preview is far from perfect, but it's an amazing improvement What really makes it worth installing is the added quote, customized feature from the default system settings (laughs) I also like that there are two more keyboard shortcuts available to switch macOS on and off (laughs) With our recent video talking about privacy, there's been a big shift in Google and Facebook's policy, which begs the question

Where do we draw the line? Can we take a stand and say we're going to ban all ads on Google? The short answer is no That may seem like a small one, and that's why at all costs when we hear about our friends asking their friends on Facebook, we've been able to keep them and keep advertising off of Facebook for months When it comes to advertising on Google for free, or using the Google search engine to create a profile, you're just going to have to deal with it There's really no way around that And for those of you who haven't heard yet, if anyone is worried, you might want to watch this video below to see exactly Google and Facebook's policy is about ads

I like how the AI's literally plugging our video right now Speaking of videos, last week, I traveled to the Brooklyn, to Brooklyn, for the YouTube Creator Summit, where they gathered executives from YouTube as well as top creators, and I learned that we're in competition in the video streaming space via the Atlantic It's a great start for the industry, as they've been talking about it for a great amount of time, and this is an exciting time when YouTube starts to build the next generation of YouTube originals That being said, the biggest news in the YouTube ecosystem came when a new generation of users started watching videos from outside of the channel via YouTube gaming These videos are more targeted towards teens and kids who are at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to viewing videos from popular YouTube creators

These teens and small children use YouTube videos at a much greater clip than adults and can easily skip around for hours without even having an opportunity to find their favorite videos Imagine watching YouTube for hours and not finding your favorite video Now hopefully you enjoyed this video It was made with a little help from the Transformer AI Make sure to subscribe for more tutorials like this

(laughs) The following is a video made with a Raspberry Pi Zero You can also go on some places on Facebook I'm also going to post a few tutorials to make doing my homework even easier (laughs) Subscribe here to receive links straight to your inbox That was the dumbest thing we've ever done

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