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– Hey guys, this is Austin And today it's time for the best of CES

First we have the Royole FlexPai This is the first commercially available foldable smart phone, so you actually can buy one of these right now, and the entire thing is built around a super thin OLED panel, so the actual display itself is a 78 inch OLED with a 1920 by 1440 resolution It's not exactly the sharpest or the crispiest thing in the world, but considering that it is a flexible phone, I can give it just a little bit of props there for, you know, actually working Even though the display is so thin, it actually feels reasonably sturdy

A big part of that is that the hinge actually does have a lot of strength to it, and on top of that it does have magnets so when you close up the phone, it does stay flat Now it does actually kind of fit in the pocket, although just like the Surface Book, it doesn't actually go completely flat You do have a little bit of a book shape What's cool about this is this is actually on sale right now Now at $1,300, probably not a lot of people are on board, but it is really cool to see something like this, which even though it's in a little bit of a rough state right now, it's actually coming out

I feel like this in a couple years is going to be super cool Uh, RED Hydrogen – [Ken] Really? – Yeah – [Ken] Are you sure? – Yeah, look It's cool

The main issue is is that it doesn't quite have that level of polish, right? The hardware is decent, but especially the software has a lot of bugs, and of course it's an early unit, but this is something that's shipping right now It tries to detect sort of if I'm using it from one side or the other, but in my experience, it just wasn't particularly smooth or worked well Next up is the Honor View 20 Now this bypasses the standard notch of 2018, or what is known as a hole punch display The front facing camera is literally right in the middle of the screen

Or well I guess in the corner of the screen Personally, I don't really mind notches all that much, unless it's something like the Pixel 3XL, but I will say that something like the OnePlus XT is probably closer to what a lot of people will appreciate Now this does have a little bit of a cutout, which means stuff like the status bar does come down a little bit, so in reality it's actually not a huge difference than having a notch, but you still get to get rid of the bezels, as far as watching video content, it's not quite as much of an obstruction There's a lot more going for the View 20 than just the display though First of all, it has a really cool laser edged finish on the back, which I personally think looks cool, and on top of that, it has some serious specs

Around back, you have a 48 megapixel camera, and that is augmented by a 24 megapixel camera up front That my friends is a lot of pixels So if it is in the same 500 dollar price range as its predecessor, you're getting a lot here 4000 milliamp hour battery You got that Kirin 980, and the headphone jack

No, when you talk about CES, especially this year, there are so many displays, so first of all we took a look at some of the stuff that LG has cooking up So not only do they have a fully rollable OLED, so when you're not using it, it can just disappear, and on top of that, they have a killer looking 88 inch 8K OLED What's also impressive is the Samsung QLED 8K So 8K is actually a little bit of a buzzy thing this year at CES There's quite a few TVs around, and the Samsung one is seriously impressive

It is a massive 98 inches Even if you look past the size, what you're getting is such a bright and clear picture The dynamic range, in especially some of the really bright areas, was super, super impressive I've gotta say, I've seen a lot of really cool TVs here at CES, but some of these 8K units from both LG as well as Samsung are way, way better than I expected Last year, Samsung showed off the Wall, the first foray into micro LED, but this year it's pretty much ready for prime time

All it is is a series of panels that you can put together, and what's really nice about this is it does give you a lot of flexibility So yes, it's not quite as nice looking as something like that 8K QLED, but especially when you have a giant, giant display of them, it looks really impressive Now if you haven't had enough of 8K yet, well how about a camera to shoot it that doesn't cost $50,000? Well that's what Sharp has So this is a mirrorless camera that has a micro four thirds sensor Definitely a little bit on the small side, but the idea here is that for less than $5,000, you have a consumer-ish camera that can shoot that full 8K video

Now Sharp says that it will be able to do this onto an SD card, so if you wanna light your SD card on fire with 8K footage, I guess that'll be nice, but the important thing about this is that it is still slightly a concept They'll be showing a more final version a little bit later in the year, but this is something that should be on sale this year My main concern though is that because it has that micro four thirds sensor, what kind of lenses are you going to be able to put on it that will be able to resolve full 8K detail? I mean that's something like well north of 30 megapixels And that's a lot That's sharp, so, oh I said sharp

Oh, sorry Next up, NVIDIA has the BFGD Omen Emperium X 65 It stands for big format, okay? It stands for big format gaming display Get your minds out of the gutter Now when you're talking about specs, this thing has it all

65 inch HDR display It's a full 4K It runs at 144 hertz It has G-Sync, and it costs $5,000 So it's a cool idea, and essentially this is a giant gaming TV, which is a little bit more on the monitor side

It does have an NVIDIA SHIELD built in, but I mean if you really want the ultimate gaming display, this is probably it Or you could buy a car Coming back down to earth, we have the Samsung Space Monitor Now there are two sizes, a 27 inch 1440p, as well as a 32 inch 4K, but what's really cool about these is not necessarily the displays but the stands So what's cool about it is that it's super flexible

You can drop it all the way down You can pull it forward You can push it back There's a lot of flexibility here, which is nice to see Monitors have been kind of boring lately

The Space Monitor is actually available on Amazon right now for pre order I'll have a link in the description, but what is not available just yet is the Razor Raptor Now we did cover this in our Razor video, but essentially to catch you up, this is a 27 inch 1440p high refresh rate FreeSync display, with a really cool stand and some interesting functions, but it's also 700 dollars, so yeah LG also had a brand new ultra light monitor, with a massive 49 inch size Now the name of it is the LG 49WL95C 49 inch Ultra Wide monitor

(exhales) What's cool about this though is it is not only a giant, giant screen, but importantly it's basically a pair of 2560 by 1440p monitors stuck together So with a 5K by 1440 resolution, this is going to be awesome for gaming It's not going to be out just quite yet, but you better believe I'm gonna get my hands on one to take a video of NVIDIA took CES as a great opportunity to finally announce RTX for laptops, so there are a few options right now There's RTX 2080, 2070, as well as 2060, as well as the various Max-Q implementations, and there are a ton of laptops that are updated at the show

If it's time for you to maybe consider upgrading a gaming laptop, this is probably a really good time to do so There are way too many designs for me to go over in one video, but some of my highlights were definitely the Razor Blade, which can go all the way up to a 2080 Max-Q Also side note, the Razor Blade is getting a full 240 hertz display option soon as well as a 4K OLED touch screen I'm excited about that But on top of that, Asus showed off the ridiculous ROG Mothership concept

I say concept, but this is actually something that will be shipping very shortly in the next few months What you're getting here is essentially the ultimate gaming grade Surface Pro, so it has a kickstand It has a keyboard which pops out and is detachable But inside it has the specs of the most ridiculous, over the top gaming laptop you can imagine There's a lot more graphics action than that, though

So on top of the RTX 2060, which is finally on sale $350 is a little bit expensive, but it is roughly equivalent to something like a 1070 Ti, and on top of that, AMD surprised everyone with the announcement of Radeon 7 Now this is essentially an upgraded version of the current Vega architecture on a 7-nanometer process, and at $700, it is meant to go head to head with that RTX 2080, so we'll see exactly how it performs when it comes out early next month, but it is really cool to see all of this momentum It was a little bit of a, not gonna say boring year last year, for the most part, but it's nice to see all of these different graphics cards and all of these different options showing up in the market It is a good thing for everyone

Third generation Ryzen also made an appearance, so that brings a lot of power into a 7-nanometer process It should be roughly equivalent to a Core i9 with less power, which is exciting, and on top of that, Digital Storm had one of the smallest gaming computers I have ever seen I mean I guess there's like laptops and stuff, but Oh hi – What's up? Is that you? – That is definitely me

– This guy's a legend right here Keep doing what you're doing – Excellent, thank you

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