Best of E3 2017!

Hey guys this is Austin and today I am here at E3 with a single goal To find the very coolest tech here

So this is the new Razer Blade Stealth So this is a laptop that's been out for a couple years, however today they announced a new edition, with some tweaks as well as a bigger display You still have the 125 inch 4K display option But here you can also opt for a 13

3 inch display with a 3200×1800 resolution What's cool is both displays are the exact same size as far as the laptop So there is pretty much the difference between the bezels There's also a new gunmetal finish, which I think actually looks really nice So we look at the previous generation and they are still selling the black model

You'll see that it has the RGB keyboard, it has the glowing green Razer logo, and with the gunmetal you can opt for something that's just a little bit more of a subtle look Inside, it's still rocking a dual core i7 KabyLake processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM is now standard, and it also comes standard with 256 gigs of storage Something else that's been improved is the trackpad, which is now a Windows precision trackpad, and honestly that's a pretty big upgrade What's cool about the Blade Stealth is that in addition to having Standard USB ports, an HDMI, it does have a full Thunderbolt 3 port So, that paired with the Razer Core, can allow you to basically take a laptop that's thin and light, that has good battery life so you can take it with you all day, when you get home you plug it into the Core and you have a full gaming PC

So, this guy is going to be on sale starting today for $1,299 for the 13-inch display, and if you want actually pick up the gunmetal option that's going to be on sale in July Next, we're at the Alienware booth, where we run into a certain friend of mine from Amd, Mr Robert, and yeah, you got something special Yeah, in fact I do Oh, it's Threadripper, baby

I walked up to the booth I see them First thing he does is pull this out and shows it to me This is Threadripper It's enormous

What have you guys done? So, when we launched Ryzen, there was a certain audience of people, mostly content creators, who needed more?! They're like: "Can you give us a Ryzen with quad channel?" "Can you give us more PCI express lanes?" The answer is yes So Threadripper is quad channel DDR4, 64 PCI express lanes

Every Threadripper has the same amount of PCI express lanes No shade thrown whatsoever here, at all This is massive, like I was just asking how much it weighs This is the biggest CPU I have ever seen in my life This is the biggest part of chip I've held, like, period

It's get some real heft to it What's cool here is that actually is going to be inside the new Alienware Area 51 Can I give this back to you before I accidentally ruin it I'm not going to pull a Linus or anything So, because Robert is a showman and likes to completely show off his super cool awesome Threadripper processor

Right now we're playing Sniper Elite in 4K, streaming it via OBS, rendering a 3D model and playing a 4K video, all off of this single system So, I was able to actually hold the Xbox One X, the Scorpio Engine, with the CPU, GPU, the whole APU and that was the biggest chip, I had ever held This is like twice as big, it is enormous It puts any other CPU have ever held completely completely to shame Do you guys have an actual release date on Threadripper, yet? Not yet Just "this summer" "This summer"

classic "coming soon" Well, I'm holding it right now, so it can't be that far away So the Alienware Area 51 is actually going to be available for order on July 27

So you can get a bunch of different skus with it, with different processors and different graphics options, But at some point you can get this guy with Threadripper and Vega and everything else that your heart desires That's correct, not only can you get Threadripper, you'll be able to choose multiple Vega graphics cards as well, so the system, I believe supports three up to three GPU simultaneously, and you could run all of them at 16 lanes of PCI

I love having Robert in my videos because he just does all my work for me It's great! That's what I am here for The Alienware fun doesn't end here, though So, soon, you actually will be able to get your hands on an Area 51 system with a core i9 inside And we actually get to see what this one looks like It looks really clean in here, I've got to say

And one of the cool things that you were talking about earlier is actually it has this GPU sort of bracket, where you can actually sort of give some support to make sure that it's not going to be sagging, so should you get, like, bigger and heavier cards inside I'm happy you pointed that out, because this is actually something that we take very seriously

When we ship these GPUs, they come with additional hardware that attach to them through this graphics retention bracket So the cool this year at E3 is Hyperkin is bringing back the original Duke Xbox controller So if you take a look at it Sorry Oh, hi, how's it going? You just got right in my video How's it going? So if you guys remember this was the original Xbox controller

It's a little giant, but Hyperkin Xbox are bringing it back, for not only the Xbox One but also for PCs And this thing is enormous So, what they're doing here is it actually has a detachable cable on the back and they've updated a few things, like the buttons and triggers, to be a little more modern and they've also added a screen in the middle So this is definitely an early prototype So they don't even have a price or release date

It's probably going to be a little while, but this totally looks like the original Duke I will say If you were not a fan of the Duke original is probably not going to be for you, this is really going to be more meant for people who have giant hands and maybe aren't super comfortable with a normal Xbox controller or people like me who just want to add a little bit of nostalgia

The star of the show this year, though, it is absolutely the new Xbox One X So it is a much more powerful version of the current Xbox one If you guys want more information I happen to have already done two videos on it So go check that out and let me know: what is your biggest and most exciting thing that you've seen at E3 this year? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you on the next one

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