Boson 2.0 $300 Gaming PC Build – January 2015

There are a ton of advantages to building a gaming PC but one of the drawbacks is that they’re usually more expensive than a console That’s where the Boson 2

0 comes in at just $300 Not only are you getting a great first PC that’s simple to build but it’s also easily upgradable later on The heart of the Boson 20 is the AMD A6-7400K, a dual core 39GHz Kaveri APU with some solid built-in graphics

There’s also an Asus A78M-E motherboard which has everything you need including a PCIe 30 slot which will come in handy later on Even though this is a budget build we’ve still got a full 8 gigabytes of GSKILL 1866MHz RAM which is important to keep that APU fed We’ve also got a 1 terabyte Western Digital Caviar Blue hard drive to give you plenty of storage and a 450 watt Rosewill power supply

This is included with the Rosewill FBM-01 MicroATX case which is hard to beat for the money and wraps up the build nicely Since we’re working with one of AMD’s Kaveri APUs we’ve got a few cool features like TrueAudio and Mantle support along with the easy ability to upgrade later on You can add a graphics card such as the R7 240 to take advantage of Dual Graphics or even go all out with something like a GTX 750Ti You can also overclock the 7400K if you’d like, just don’t expect huge gains on the stock cooler Of course what’s really important is how the computer actually performs

Jump into League of Legends and we’re able to play at max settings at 1080p no problem Minecraft is also totally playable at 1080p although here you will want to turn down the render distance just a bit Get into a more demanding game like Grid Autosport and you’re looking at Medium settings at 720p Bioshock Infinite is also totally playable at 720p at Medium settings Running all of this on an APU means power consumption isn’t too bad either with load power peaking at just under 100 watts

The Boson 20 is not about maxing out games at 4K What it is good at though is playing a lot of the most popular PC games out there for only $300 Now as always I’ll have links to everything you need in the description of this video and if you want sneak peeks at future PC builds

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