BROKE vs PRO Flight Simulator

– Today we are building the ultimate, broke versus pro flight Simulator, Gaming PCs So we were flying from LAX to Ontario airport

They're very close, which means that it's all about the skill who can get up, fly and land the quickest – So I don't know if Austin quite got this, but it's a flight, simulator And most of the flights that happen are commercial flights or private flights that go from point A to B I don't know why he wants this to be a race I mean, maybe I do know why, if it's a race, then he could probably just zoom really quick and hope to get to the airport without dying

– And so I have all the components I need for my broke set up Now this is all of course, thanks to Micro Center who have 25 convenient locations all throughout the US So the nice thing is they actually do have a full PC build configurator, which is actually what I used for the setup So you can see that it will give you a little compatibility check for all the various different accessories and peripherals that you want And they also do have a community available

So if you need some help, they lots of inspiration on all kinds of builds If you check out the link in the description, they're actually giving away a free 32 gig flash drive and a free 32 gig micro SD card, just by signing up for their email list You can pick it up Next time you go into the store So that's some free stuff I mean, come on what could be more broke gamer than getting some free stuff? But for now, it's time to build my, actually wait, now I won't build my PC

You, you have something I'm sure right? – So to start off with Micro Center in AMD hooked me up with this Ryzen 9 3900X and 5700xt pre-built system from Power Spec, and I'm ready to rise up gamers – [Austin] Yo, that was a smooth delivery My friend – Got it – I Felt that, I'm rising up with you I'm rising up, you're rising nineing I'm rising threeing – Alright, here we go

– [Austin] Let me see the big reveal of Ooh oh, see, you do an AIO Oh, you got a 240 ML Cooler Master AIO

– Nice – And a 5700xt – Not bad, not bad Look when our fine sponsor Micro Center, wants me to look at a PC in particular for broke versus pro for the pro setup, I'm not gonna say no, but even if it wasn't for that, the name of the game, isn't to make the best thing in the world, the name of the game isn't to over exert myself If I know I got the game in the bag, I'm going to take that opportunity with the least minimal effort, right? – With, some of my components here, actually do think it will be a pretty solid system

So, essentially I use the PC configurator on Micro Center to basically match the minimum spec of the build So, first of all, I have an AORUS B450 M, I have my Power Color, Red Dragon RX 570 This card actually I've done videos on it in the past, is probably the best bang for the buck 1080p card, that you can buy right now, it's really pretty affordable and you get decent performance out of it and hopeful, it will be enough to run flight simulator, at least decently Of course, I have my Ryzen 3 3100 which is powered by the exact same Zen 2 cores inside your Ryzen 9, except they just have fewer of them So instead of 12 cores, I have four cores

So with all of the components ready, let me, begin building, I've built a fair few PCs recently, that were, let's say a little bit challenging to build There were some maybe difficult circumstances So going into this one, I feel confident I'm sure it's going to post first try I'm gonna, get a windows installed Flight Simulator downloaded and I'm sure it's fine

I will say this has been an incredibly simple PC to build It might not be a, pro set up, but I think it's actually going to end up looking pretty clean when we're all is said and done I really can't think of any corners I cut on this build I, didn't use a wrist strap maybe, probably could use some more thermal paste, but you know, I'm not the diverge So I'm going to do my best

It's fine, I'm not worried I'm sure that this system will be completely, totally, and absolutely capable of running a BIOS (upbeat music) Ah, well, something's happening – [Ken] Fans are spinning – That's good, it's always a good sign

All right, so I think we're pretty much set up here So we have our B454 board, we have our 3100, we have our SSD, we have our memory So now, is time, to, install copy of Windows, Get that Flight Simulator downloading, tomorrow going down my friends, going down, like a plane, as it crashes 'Cause you, you suck – [Matt] Okay

Austin Evans So I got a bunch of other things here, to help my, setup along – [Austin] That's so over the top, do you really need all of that for Flight Sim? What do you need to have here? – What do you mean, do I need all of this stuff for flights? Of course I do So, we have a lot of steel series peripherals to start out So we have their Arctis Pro, plus Gamedac, – Wait

– headset – Wait – Set up – Wait, wait I just realized I had no audio 'cause there's no speakers on my setup

– What a shame, Austin? (Austin laughs) – What a shame You have their Apex 7 mechanical keyboard – Oh, this is the one with the oled, right? – It has the oled screen on it, look at that – Ah, that's so cool – Oh, your flight gear

The T1600, 16000 wow That's one extra zero – That's more than 16,000 (both laughing) – The T16000M from Thrustmaster

It comes with the throttle, the rudder, pedals and the joystick as well – So I'm just noticing a problem here – Mh mhh – So normally when we do broke versus pro, I set up my setup here, you set up yours here, but with the size of your monitor and your stuff, I don't have any space So, after last episode of broke versus pro where you had a box, guess what? Our friends from Microsoft sent over a flight simulator box for mystery tech, which has sadly cannot use any of the actual, stuff from that episode

What I can use, is the box So umm – Wow, You're, you're doing, you're doing it Leave it to Austin to steal other people's ideas He's done it with Linus Tech Tips, he's done it with Unbox Therapy, and of course he's done it with broke versus pro stealing the whole cardboard box idea

– So once I get all folded in here, you'll see that I am running the game at minimum settings at 1600 by 900 thanks to my RX 570 look, I get like 20 to 25 frames per second It's usable, so why don't we race? I'm just going to take off now So I'll just see you later I can see each individual frame, Look how smooth it is out the window See frame, frame, frame

So I'm taking it off right now I don't know where you're at – You know, for someone that watches F1 religiously, you would think that he would know how to start a race No, he just he's just like, "I'll see you there "If I, if I get there first

"Cool, I win "Hope you load" – Are you, are you setting up your controls over there huh? – Well, you kinda didn't really give me enough time to do this So, this, we might actually have to change settings on this – Oh, no, that sounds terrible

– [Matt] Yo, it looks like he's playing a PowerPoint – Yeah, no, we actually have to change that Hold on, we need to actually set No, I'm actually being legit, we have to set these up properly One second

She don't really wanna record this – Oh, are there problems in paradise over here? – Well, you're the one that wanted to record this – Yeah, of course we need footage Are you taking off now? Can you hear me at all? Wow, what a great headset I'm look at this, I'm only 39 nautical miles away Are you reloading the game right now? What happened? What's going on over there huh? Oh, he's awfully quiet

I think he's getting tilted You know what's sweet? When you spend all this time building a broke setup and Mr Fancy pants, Ken, over here with all his gadgets and gizmos and newfangled technology, can't even get into his game You can't record something as simple as a little bit of gameplay on that system Look man, I'm feeling good? What, what, what can you possibly go wrong now? Oh, did he take off the other way? Wait, you didn't have to bank around? You're gonna piss everyone off

Old people who have houses right by the airport, you're gonna get it You're gonna get a fine for that one – That's not bad, the stick is actually giving me pretty good control The only problem, is that, there is a learning curve when you have been playing this game with a controller for quite a while, but at the very least, all of these buttons are programmable in the game and the game actually recognizes the stick completely So if I actually go into the settings real quick, you can actually see here, actually it shows up

So you can manually, based on the numbers out here on the diagram, program all of these buttons, which is kinda cool All right, I made a slight technical error I did not follow my path into the airport So I'm now currently, hard turning to get over to where I need to be – So I'm gonna start throttling down I can't do that

I legitimately can't slow the plane down besides adding more flaps Here we go, let's hit up my landing gear out here Oh, Oh, more throttle, more throttle – Are You already landing? – Yeah, man – What? I'm doing my approach How did you do that? – [Matt] You had to bank

– I did have to bank, actually did have to bank (Austin yells) – Wait, wait, here we go, here we go, here we go – Come on, come on – Ready? (Austin yells) – Oh come one, we're going in fast boys, we're going in fast (Austin yells) – How do I do negative throttle though? That's the thing (Austin yells) – It's gonna, it's gonna hurt

Oh, Oh, Oh, we're down we're down, we're done – [Matt] You put the landing gear? – I don't know, I think I did, but it doesn't sound like it Oh yeah Okay so landing gear, not down – So everyone died, is what you're saying So this being the first time using actual purpose, built peripherals for flight simulator, I had a lot of fun playing the game with the accessories

Even if you don't know how to use it, exactly Having the right gear can actually help you win I truly think that there was, an element of control that comes with using the peripherals a lot of better control, more finer control that comes with that versus using a controller I just wish I practice more, but it doesn't matter, 'Cause I won – The broke life was not, the smooth life

It doesn't run well even when you're on, minimum spec I mean this game is, demanding you need a high-end rig It might not have gone according to plan, but, I have a plan for next episode (upbeat music) nefarious right? Ah, nope I'm good, I got it Whew, see

– It's a very strong box – It's a really strong box Thank you very much for watching, this episode of broke versus pro Definitely be sure to subscribe not only to the channel as well as check out our wonderful sponsor, Micro Center and AMD and also feel free to watch some of our other, broke versus pro episodes right here (upbeat music) See, they're right there

You can watch multiple episodes in Benji, as the kids say (upbeat music) – Mh mhh

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