BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin and welcome back to Broke Vs Pro Gaming

You guys really seemed to enjoy the last episode, so this time we're taking it to the gaming PC realm – [Ken] I got you – What? – [Ken] Here, hold the camera – What? – Let's go, let's go – What are you doing, Ken? – Let's go

– Okay, so we are here at Micro Center to build the Pro Vs Broke gaming PCs What is the budget this time? – So this is a better time than ever to point out that this video is brought to you by Micro Center Specifically my part of the video where I get to buy all the stuff with an unlimited budget Thanks to our sponsor of today's video– – [Austin] Are you serious– – Micro Center! – [Austin] right now? You're a sellout now I'm fine, but you're the sellout

– Look I'm not a sellout, I'm just here to let you know that this is one of Micro Center's 25 locations – [Austin] Oh my God – We're here in Tustin, California, and if you want a link to any of the items that I bought today, – Of course – They'll be in the description or feel free to visit your local Micro Center – You know, it's exactly like Ken to get a secret sponsor and not tell me and of course that sponsor benefits him and not me I mean, I shouldn't be surprised

I feel like he has a lot of sponsors in Mystery Tech I'm just not aware of What are you– – This video is brought to you by Micro Center Go to Micro Center for all of your PC needs Okay so all good PC builds, especially ones that have unlimited budget, start with the PC case, of course Because this is the thing that everyone sees and it's the thing that signifies that you are pro

– [Austin] Because you care about aesthetics, – I do – [Austin] not performance Oh wait, this is a standing desk with a PC in it – [Austin] We're not trying to fit this in the office No

No No No! – Oh my God, what is this? – [Austin] What is that? – Oh my God, like it has the water cooling in the front – [Austin] Are you really just gonna buy a pre-built right now? – I mean, it's not against the rules, right? I'm gonna go see if there's someone that can help us here – [Austin] Really, how many water-cooled computers can Micro Center have? – Wait (laughs) – [Austin] Oh no

– (laughs) Oh – [Austin] Dude, are you serious right now? – I've always wanted a crazy RGB water-cooled PC And that, that's pretty crazy RGB – [Austin] That's a Maingear? – That is a Maingear PC, actually Cool

– [Austin] Oh no Oh, there's a remote for it? – So it has Core i9-9900K, 16 gigs of RAM, one terabyte SSD, and 2080 TI, with– – [Austin] 2080 TI? – Yeah, 11 gigs of VRAM (laughs) And this PC is running the best operating system for gaming, Windows 10, which is available in the link in the description below at MicroCentercom – This thing looks awesome

I have to do literally no work I'm also paying for labor But that's okay, I don't have to pay for it myself Because the gracious sponsor of today's video, Micro Center, is doing it for me I will be taking this one, because it doesn't look like it is here

– [Austin] Are you just gonna take the display model right now? – I will take the display model – [Austin] You're– – It's cheaper It's cheaper I know you like that I know you like that

– [Micro Center Rep] I can actually tell you how expensive it'll be – Ooh – [Austin] Are you getting a discount literally as we speak right now? – Thank you Micro Center – [Micro Center Rep] He also looks cooler Did you see his shirt? – [Austin] Did you just say he looks cooler? – (laughs) I love Micro Center even more now

Their employees know what's up – [Micro Center Rep] By the way Austin, the Apple section is over there (all laughing) – We couldn't make that up, even if we wanted to – So while Ken might decide to go and buy some pre-built, water-cooled computer, I am going to do it the old-fashioned way and build it myself I mean, I'm working with less than 10% of what Ken has, right? I mean, he has more money in his water-cooling than I have for my entire setup

So one of my thoughts is, "I can go with, like, integrated graphics, go super cheap, "Or, I could cut all the corners and try to squeeze the cheapest graphics card I can" Hey, dude – Just wanna say hi – Aw, thanks man, I appreciate it (laughs) Yeah, we're just shooting a video right now

As you can probably see – Yeah – (laughs) Awesome Hey, have a good one – All righty, Austin

– Oh Because you said budget, I went ahead and grabbed– – Why would you do– (laughs) what are you doing to me, man? – It's an open box – It's an open box for what– It's $700 – You're right, you're right So let's scale it down a little bit

– (groans) This guy, this guy right here One of the legit advantages of going to a store like Micro Center is that it's not as straightforward as, "Oh, I'm just gonna order this brand new part," right? I'm trying to take advantage of open box I'm trying to take advantage of bundle deals I'm trying to take advantage of the dusty thing they've got in the back that they totally forgot about Like, whatever I can do to save a few dollars and make my system remotely game-able

(stutters) game-ified, game-alicious gameatastrophe I need to game on a very small budget – [Ken] This is a very explosive value, might one say Right, Austin? – Look, usually it's a good idea to get a very nice power supply that will work for years and years to come, and give you excellent reliability

And sometimes, I'm trying to beat Ken and I need a 400-watt power supply Look, sometimes in life, you do as I say, not as I do That's it my friend Thank you so much, I would shake your hand but– – That's all right, I'll give you an elbow bump – I'm gonna do it very carefully

Okay We're gonna do this Thank you for the help – Of course – I am going to go and be victorious in my gaming exploits

(clears throat) All right, so it is time to build my Micro Center PC Now I see that you're already set up here – [Ken] I am – Like, how much work that took you – [Ken] It was very laborious

– Oh, yeah It was so hard to plug in the power cable, press the RGB button – [Ken] Dude, this thing is not light at all – Oh, boo-hoo You had to pick up your $3,000 PC

– [Ken] No, Matt had to, but that's fine – (laughs) You didn't even do it yourself – So a bunch of y'all complained last time that I didn't have a mousepad And the sponsor of today's video, Micro Center, just so happened to pay for everything, and they also let me get a HyperX FURY S – [Austin] Did that come out of my budget? – Probably – [Austin] It's on my receipt – Yeah We're done

– [Austin] (scoffs) That's yep Pro gamer right here, ladies and gentlemen

– [Ken] What are you doing? – Building my GPU Mining case There's a lot of components in here – [Ken] Wow That looks like a lot of work – [Austin] So, my graphics card should go something like here, – [Ken] Yes

– However, my motherboard down here Because I believe as a mining card, this is meant to be used with risers

Something that I did not think ahead about – [Ken] Hmm Team poverty not looking great today

So, I'm just gonna take this, I'm just gonna put it– no, I – Mine No

– [Ken] Okay, well– – [Austin] I need a power supply, Ken If you're not gonna put it next to the fire extinguisher, then I'm gonna take the fire extinguisher to you – Look, it's fine Don't worry about it – Look, I'm just trying to be a good friend

It's happened once before, I'm out for him Like, I know it's kind of a competition, but I've gotta keep it friendly, and I care about his business And I need to make sure that fires don't happen on my watch (laughs) Look, I wasn't hired back then, so, I mean (laughs) – [Austin] Ken, with all the fun you've been making of my PC, you missed the best part: my power cable

There we go, see? Power cable That's my power button right there, – Or as I like to call it, a detonator – No, my power cable– All right, you know what? So I think my broke setup is about done As you can see, we have our processor, our memory, motherboard, graphics card, SSD, power supply, as well as our case All set up, nicely cable managed, and ready for some gaming action

Hey, it works! I don't know what– – [Ken] (groans) Here, all right, take this, take this, take this, take this – My graphics card is spinning, my CPU is spinning – [Ken] Oh, Jesus (laughs) – It's all right Look

Once that this works, I will actually try to clean some cables My power supply is power supplying, and have I POSTed? Nope, I want DVI, I want DVI, give me DVI (groans) Okay I'm gonna need to do some testing But hey, this is a good sign

There's signs of life, my fans are spinning, my USB peripherals are USB-ing, I'm sure I can figure this out By tomorrow when we do the actual test-off (playful music) – [Ken] We've been here for, like, an hour and a half – No, we're doing it tomorrow, it's fine – [Ken] Okay

– So, after some minor alterations to my computer, it is fully functional, with some wonderful LTT store– Oh wait sorry, no (clears throat) wrong channel Some generic brand cable ties to make sure that it is all perfectly functional, perfectly wonderful, look It's– – It's very less bomb-like – Look, it's fine! Don't mind the thin gauge wiring, don't mind the fact that I don't have enough space to install games, so I might be using external– What are you doing? That's– You just turned off my– – It's on my side of the table, so – I just had all the games set up, I was all ready You're a (beep) (laughs) – (laughs) I mean, there's a power button How could I not press it? (slaps button) (slaps button) – Last episode, we took a look at the peripherals

So, monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset, and I pretty much showed the world that you don't need to be Ken Bolido and spend a giant pile of money on all your accessories So I think it only seems fair that because we are doing the gaming PC edition this time, we're gonna use all of those same peripherals Except that Ken forgot to bring his headset and I have already used my monitor for something else, so I'm seeing a downgrade and he's seeing an upgrade Again, story of my life Ken cheats, I get the worst end of it, it's fine

We have a full group of easy bots, I'm not cheating, my group's not better or anything Now, let's play, shall we? So in my great need of a graphics card, I picked up whatever I could And it is doing great for games What it is not doing well for is recording Which is why, even though I'm getting a very smooth, incredibly buttery frame rate, the recording's, like, 10 fps

That's fine He's got a graphics card with, like, Shadow Play and all this kind of stuff I'm doing the old-fashioned way, using OBS So, you know, CPU encoding is great, AKA, my footage looks better in real life Don't mind this terrible recording

– [Ken] All right, here we go Here we go – You have no chance, my friend, no chance – [Ken] No chance, eh? (gunshots in video game) Bye, Austin (laughs) (Austin groans) – [Austin] (beep) Run faster, run faster

– [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] No – [Ken] Look at all those kills (laughs) (Austin groans) – Hey guys, this is Austin Hey guys, I'm running away from Ken

(Austin mumbles) (laughs) – [Austin] What? – (laughs) Couldn't run away fast enough – This is bad, I don't like this at all Oh, no – All right, let's go play the objective Yeah

– [Austin] There we go, got one, got one – [Ken] Oh God (laughs) I'm almost dead I'm almost dead (Austin laughs) Not if he can find me, though, but

– [Austin] Look at that excellent objective defense What a great amount of teamwork from me and my AI buddies Where are you? – [Ken] Oh, God, I'm not telling you – [Austin] Oh, I see you, I see you, I see you (both exclaim) – (laughs) What was that? – [Ken] Oh man, so much is happening right now

– This is such a mess with all these easy AIs, like everyone, literally everyone, sucks – [Ken] All right Road hog, road hog, road hog next Road hog next Yeah

– Damn it Come on Come on, go (Ken groaning repeatedly) – Lucio, Lucio! The (beep) was that? Bastion The (beep) Bastion

You mother– (groans) – (laughs) You raging over there, Ken? – [Ken] (groans) No No Nooo! I was so close! – Victory for team Austin and the cheap setup (laughs) (groans) – Played the game though – [Austin] Whatever

(mocking) Played the game, my name's Ken, I can play the game – My bot team was awful I carried everyone – Care to 1v1 in CS:GO? – Oh, yeah, yeah, totally – I am running at a super smooth 78 frames per second right now, at 1080p

– [Ken] Okay Oh God Oh – (laughs) Already Already

– [Ken] This is bad This is bad, I don't like this – [Austin] Ha ha ha, I'm just gonna stay here – [Ken] There we go (both exclaim) Oh, RIP

– [Austin] Oh, God – [Ken] RIP, three – [Austin] I don't like this – [Ken] It was a three-piece! – [Ken] Oh my God, this terrible display This terrible display- – [Ken] Oh God

No No No – [Austin] (yelling) Yes, yes! – No, no, no, no, no! – Yes! – I was not ready! I was not ready! – I mean, it took me 30 shots to get you, but it's fine, it counts – [Ken] Oh, man

– [Austin] Someone's about to spawn in, I'm literally gonna shoot him in the back of the face Oh (laughs) Okay – [Ken] Oh, Jesus Christ – [Austin] Not the case Are you gonna get swept right now? Am I gonna beat you in both games right now? Is that what, that kinda seems what

Oh – [Ken] One – [Austin] Okay

– [Ken] Oh, that was a two piece Cool, I did not even realize No, That is Austin! That is Austin! – [Austin] No! – [Ken] That is Austin! – No! – [Ken] It's now a problem of, I'm trying to compete for kills with my – [Austin] With your teammates? – [Ken] Yeah Oh my– – [Austin] It's okay, they're bots, they're fine – [Ken] There we go – [Austin] Oh hi, it me – Oh my God, my bots are just too good

The robots are taking over the world, sure, whatever, but what the (beep), don't steal my kills, man Why? – I'm almost in last place right now This is not good I've died a lot of times in a row – [Ken] One

Two All right, yep (Austin laughs) Back in first place, what is up? (Austin sighs) – So what have we learned today? – Nobody won – Thank you very much for watching this episode of Pro vs Broke Gaming, and let me know in the comm– No

(groans) You're gonna break your headphones My computer will chew them up and spit them out Thank you very much for watching this episode of Pro vs

Broke Gaming And of course, let us know who won in the comments below? Is it Ken and his ridiculous overkill system? Or is it me? With the every man, practical system that anyone could build (wire rattling against computer) (both laugh) – Just having a little fun, sorry (laughs) – We'll see you guys next time

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