BROKE vs PRO Gaming Setup

– Before the video gets started, I do wanna give you a heads up that of course, this was recorded before social distancing was put into place, which means that, of course, you should stay at home like I am Or, stay in the office by myself, like I am

But, I do wanna give a huge thank you to Micro Center for still allowing us to share with you guys this latest version of BROKE vs PRO So enjoy Hello, welcome to BROKE vs PRO Gaming Last time, Ken may have gotten the jump on me However, I'm flipping the table this time with the good help of our friends over at Micro Center who are sponsoring this video

– [Ken] You did not – Yes – [Ken] Nahhh – Yes I did Yes I did

You have a 300-dollar setup That's all the money you get I get– – 300? – [Austin] Yeah, 300 So, the cool part about this episode is that I get to do whatever I want So, unlike last time, where I had to build my PC out of 10 dollars, I can go straight to, I don't know, what do we have here, Ryzen 9? Like, yeah, sure, Ryzen 9, lets do it

Oh, Threadripper? Why not, but you know what? To keep things fair, I'm going to really embody the spirit of BROKE vs PRO, and if I'm pro, I'm not building my own PC Who would? That's for losers Who builds their own PC? I'm just gonna buy one – [Ken] I mean– – You bought all your things – [Ken] I have, yeah

– You can have fun building your 300-dollar PC, or whatever you're gonna do I don't really care I'm gonna go and just pick a pre-built No big deal – [Ken] Okay, okay

By the way, that's our sound guy, Rich Hi Rich – Rich, you're in the shot again – I know, sorry – You're ruin– (laughing) – [Ken] Don't talk to him

What the hell – Are you okay? (laughing) Rich just starts scrambling, he's like (laughing) Cut

Hey Cody, okay, I need some help So, we're doing PRO vs BROKE again – Okay – Ken has finally been dethroned – Hi Ken

– [Ken] Hi – I get the unlimited cool budget, – Okay – So, can you help me find a cool desktop? – Yeah, no, for sure – I'm not building today – We have plenty of Dells, we have plenty of PowerSpecs

– Okay Oh, what's this? Oh wait, this is what we, Ken got this for the first episode, right? – He got the Lian Li variant – The Lian Li one, this is almost too cool I feel bad Unlike you, who goes completely overkill, I feel like if I get something like this, that's not fair because you don't even know what the rest of my setup is

I've already talked with the Micro Center guys I've already, this is all planned out I know exactly what I'm gonna get – [Ken] Wait, you scripted the video? – No, I know the other things I've got a secret– – [Ken] Did you script the video? – I have a secret weapon on the other side of the store, but I need my PC first

(laughter in background) I didn't script the video – Okay Okay – If I scripted the video, it would be much better than this (laughing) – [Ken] Okay

– Oh, I kinda like the gray – [Cody] This one? – [Austin] Yes – Strix GL10DH – Thirteen-ninety-nine, Ken Look at how reasonable that is

– Windows 10 Pro for all your professional needs – Pro? I'm a pro! I need, but, I'm sold Wait, actually, let me see what's inside Okay, I can't open it, do you have a screwdriver? – I can get a screwdriver over in the– – Can I open the– – service department – Is that gonna bother anybody if I open a system that's sitting right here? – I don't have a problem with it– – I mean, well, here

– But I just work here – I just (laughing) So this, this is my secret weapon

– [Ken] This? – No, not the arcade, come Ta-da! – [Ken] Ahhh – Yeah! So, I picked F1 for a reason 'cause this is a full simulator setup So, this is by Next Level Racing, and I've actually wanted one of these for a while So, this is the full seat, we have the pedals, we have the triple monitor setup, I'm just gonna, don't need that anymore

I will show you how it's done – [Ken] Hmmm – I knew what I was doing when I came here today – [Ken] Hmmm, I don't like this – My pedals are a little loose

(laughing) – No no no no no no no no, you go away – [Ken] This is mine – Let me have my happy moment, Ken We in there, boys, whoo! – [Ken] I hate to admit it, but that looks pretty good – It's pretty good, right? Oh, okay, well that (laughing) slight miscalculation there

– [Ken] Well, thank God this isn't a real game, or Austin would be dead I'm just, – [Austin] Yes! – [Ken] I'm just gonna, – Dude, I'm so happy right now Oh no, my controller disconnected! What'd you do? What did you do? Why did it disconnect? – [Ken] I get the point So what's the plan? – I don't know everything's out of my price range

– [Austin] Look, Core i9s Seems like totally the wrong spot to start – I mean, its always a good sign when Windows 10 is already more than a third of my budget (laughter) I will say, you are kinda right, 50 bucks for an Athlon– – [Austin] 3000G We just did a video on this

– [Ken] It definitely used it – [Austin] It's totally fine – What are the prices for motherboards? – Oh, go all the way down Keep going – All the way? These are too nice for you

All the way? – [Austin] Keep going, go, keep, go, okay, okay You really need an A320 Here, here, A320, right here I'll take pity on you and help – [Ken] Okay

– [Austin] That's what you need – [Ken] How much is that? – [Austin] 43 dollars, see? 'Cause you're like 90-ish dollars right now You can do this, I believe in you – Wait, but I, so wait, for 300 dollars, I also need to get a monitor and peripherals – Yes, yes

– Motherboard cost like 40, processor would cost like 50, a drive for it would cost like 20 – [Austin] Case, probably like 30 bucks – Well I, realistically at this point, I don't think I can even use a case Hmm-mm – [Austin] Well, what are you gonna do, an Xbox again, or something? – Maybe a laptop? – [Austin] A 300-dollar laptop

Okay, sure! – What options do I have, mister "I got sponsored by Micro Center and giving Ken scraps"? – [Austin] Oh, wow, I wouldn't know anything about something like that Imagine – So, a sea of laptops – [Austin] Yeah, look at that – [Ken] A lot of which are out of my price range

– [Austin] These will all be fine Look, see, it's only over double your– – Okay, yeah, yep Out of my price range, out of my price range, nope, too expensive, too expensive, too expensive, close, but too expensive, Chromebook, too expensive Whoa, hi there – [Austin] Oh! – [Ken] This guy

– [Austin] Does that say 299 dollars? – [Ken] 300 bucks! – [Austin] Okay, but wait, oh it's Ryzen – Ryzen 3 – [Austin] Its Ryzen 3200, 3200U Will you be able to play F1 on that, on Ryzen 3? – In a Vega 3? – [Austin] Not well – If I can get 20 frames out of this, I'll be happy

– [Austin] Oh, okay, you know what, okay I'm gonna take pity on you Since you got such a powerful system here, come with me I actually saw something earlier – [Ken] Man, everything looks out of my price range

– [Austin] Ahh, here we go – [Ken] What's this? – [Austin] Here, you need a laptop cooler This is a setup video I will graciously provide you this cooler, which, with 5 rgb fans, will give you at least half an extra frame per second – I don't think this is rgb, I think this is just g

I don't think this will help me, but it'll definitely make it look different and cooler – [Austin] Okay, okay How much is that, how much is that, 30 dollars? – 30 bucks – [Austin] You could also get you could get the red one, do you want red or green? No, get green You could pretend you have a Razer laptop

(laughing) – For the gamers, by gamers – [Austin] Rise up – Rise up – Ah man, I appreciate the help – [Ken] I don't know why I'm doing this

How heavy is this thing? – Its 100 pounds (groans) – Is this your PC? – Oh yes! – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Wait There's, there's a, there's a gap? – So, stock, it comes with a metal side panel However, metal is so 2011

So instead, I put on the clear side panel to see my RTX 2070 super, my Ryzen system, it's very impressive Look, its rgb, rgb up front, too – [Ken] Okay, so I'm holding the camera now – Yeah, because I have my good buddy Rich to help me out Nothing like a pro setup to have pro friends to help you build

– [Ken] I am also happy you were able to buy yet another friend to help you out – Rich am I paying you to be here right now? – No – Look at that True friendship This is probably one of the most important parts of the setup

This is our seat, this is were we will mount not only all three of our monitors, but also the pedals, the wheel, pretty much everything is built around this setup I've never built one of these before, so I don't know how this is gonna go Ah, you know what? What a nice box Here you go Ken, here's your desk You can game on this

– [Ken] I'll take what I can get – So we've got, oh, look at that, look how comfortable Look at my lumbar support here I'll just be chillin', like ahhh Oh, oh no! – [Ken] Look, meanwhile, I'm just gonna, – How's your setup coming? – [Ken] I'm gonna start my build

I'm just gonna flip this up, (mumbles) this – [Austin] Are you pretending to build a car right now? Are we seven again? (laughing) I'm not gonna lie, this is actually not that bad Look, this is actually kind of cool – Yeah, I didn't even need glue or tape – But, the real question is will the back of that box hold up with you leaning against it all day long? – I would hope so, if it held 100 pounds worth of stuff

– But, you're leaning against it – Yeah, I'm not at 100 pounds of force – You weigh more than 100 pounds, my friend, I'm sorry to say – I'm mean its not, yeah, yeah, yeah I didn't need you to tell me that

(laughing) (drill whirrs) – Where are you going, Ken? – So, while Austin and Rich are over there building Austin's play seat, my setup is actually pretty much ready Now all I have to do is assemble my racing wheel, which is really just this charity-case Xbox One controller that Austin was gracious enough to lend me, and my racing wheel that conveniently just sits on the Xbox controller We'll see how this works What do we got? We, I guess, put this girdle thing, then we put this thing on here The arm lines up with the analog stick, and all I have to do is put the cap on it

Ayy, I like that Look at that nice steering wheel So, now that this steering wheel's done, I'm gonna go ahead and see how Austin and Rich are doing And from the sounds of it, they're still heavily in build mode Hi, hi

– Hello – We're doing great, Ken – You know what, we're doing better than ever Soon as you left, we got a lot of work done We're almost done with the seat now – This looks almost the same as from when I left it

All right, well, they're still building I got bored, so I left, and most importantly, we're at Austins house, so we're gonna do what anyone would do when you're at your friend's house and they're not watching, is check the fridge This is like the saddest version of MTV Cribs If you thought Austin was livin' large, apart from his fridge, that's very stainless steel, he ain't livin' that big in his kitchen at least, that's for sure (drill whirring) They started 30 minutes ago

(driving game sounds) – [Austin] What, are you trying to format my computer or something right now? – [Ken] No, I'm just scouting the competition, and I'm so close, so close – Is my butt in your shot, Ken? – [Ken] No, you're fine, the screen's behind – And I'm lined up here Okay, so I'm just gonna stick a bolt through to hold it So, this is the Thrustmaster TS-XW, and it's 700 dollars

It is certainly not cheap However, not only is this a incredibly good wheel, but it is also a really solid set of pedals Ohhhh, what? – [Ken] It's like a real Sparco wheel – It's a real Sparco wheel that looks like real carbon fiber and that's all Alcantara Holy

(clicking) Also in the box we have a nice set of pedals, However, Micro Center and Thrustmaster have the hookup We have the TLCM pedals Now, this is actually, as far as I know, not even out yet, so they specifically sent this out so we can take a look at it

these are load cell and magnetic pedals So, this will run you about 200 dollars when it goes on sale, but essentially these are supposed to be some of the best sort of race sim pedals that you can get, as they are fully customizable Unh Okay, we need to clear some boxes out of here Now that, that is a set of pedals right here

Do you see the brake pedal right here? Look how much pressure that is Aww huh! Hoahh – [Ken] I'm gonna take this – What are you, stop taking my things – Upgrade

(laughter) There we go – For the displays, we are using three of these Asus VG278s Now, there's a couple reasons why I like this First of all, its a 27-inch display, which is about the maximum thing we can fit on this setup, but on top of that, they're 1080p, slightly low resolution, but it doesn't really matter because they're fairly far away and they run at a full 144 hertz, with not only FreeSync, but also G-SYNC At 260 bucks, this, I feel, is easily the best call to give us the most immersive experience short of something like VR or a projector

But, I much prefer using real displays I'm coming for ya (controller clacking) So, when you buy this cockpit, it doesn't come with any kind of monitor mounts Now if you just want to use a single monitor, you can do that, but we have the triple monitor setup right here So, yes, the triple monitor stand might be a pretty hefty 150 dollars, still 850 dollars less than the Apple display stand, and it supports 3 monitors, so

– [Ken] That means it cost 50 dollars per monitor – Yeah (bell dings) Okay, so our first monitor is set up, again, everything is pretty loose, so we can adjust it to just the right angle But dude, this is gonna be sweet Next step is to get the other monitors mounted There's gonna be a ton of cables here

So, we have monitor display cables, we have monitor power cables, we have the power cable and the turbo for the wheel, the pedals have to have cables run, but from there, we should be pretty close to actually getting the game up and running There will be a lot of tweaking and tuning once we have everything mounted, but it's starting to come together Dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun! – One more, I'm actually, – [Austin] One more? I just did– – One more, hold on hold on I'm not ready, I'm not ready yet, hold on – [Austin] What are you, what are you doing? – Okay

All right, one more – [Austin] Oh sure, I'll do it again Dun dun dun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun, blahhhhnh – All right – [Austin] Wasn't as good the second time

– So, Austin needed some help to install his bezel-free kit – [Austin] Story of my life So you can see, this is what it looks like Obviously, this is not fully aligned, but this is what it looked like before with the bezel-free kit, its not 100% perfect, I think we may have to do a little bit more tweaking, but you could see, especially when you're kinda sitting roughly in the seat, that actually looks to be pretty good Whoa, look at that, look at that

All right, how do I, what's my button, I don't know which button this is – [Ken] You can already tell the difference with the bezel-free and the not – Oh, holy balls, that's fast That's 90 frames per second? Oh my God That's ridiculous

Oh! I mean, I obviously need practice on it, but this totally works Whoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Yes! I feel good in saying this is actually going to work Right? I mean, the wheel feels good, I would like to tweak with a little bit more forced feedback, but you can see it's pretty accurate We're getting 80 frames per second or so, which on 3 monitors seems to be fine The pedals seem to be pretty much accurate

Oh, all right You know what, I'm gonna tweak this We're gonna put the other bezel-free kit on, but I think pretty close We're ready to start the BROKE vs PRO challenge I'm very excited

Very excited right now – [Ken] You're not allowed to turn off the halo, by the way – I'm not gonna turn off the halo – [Ken] Good – What do you think I am, an amateur, here? No assists besides the driving line because braking's hard

– All right, so it is five minutes to four, so we have approximately been shooting for about 10 hours or something like that – [Austin] That's not wrong – But the sun is going down, so we're gonna have to hit the lights here There we go And here it is, my setup

– [Austin] Wow, so impressive – It's great right? $300 Ryzen laptop with some kind of Vega Radeon integrated graphics I did have to make some slight modifications I have a door (Austin laughing) Yours doesn't have a door

– [Austin] I don't need doors I just jump right in It's fine – I could also jump right in And, and, and we're good, we're good, we're good, oh, I'm sliding

There we go Cool – [Austin] Okay, your door opens – [Ken] We're good, we're good, we're good – [Austin] You feeling good right now? – Yeah

Shut my door on you – [Austin] I think its time for qualifying – Sure – So, the rules will be very simple We're going to have, how long do you want to do, five minutes of practice? – [Ken] Sure

– Okay, five minutes of practice, one qualifying session, and then a five-lap race to determine: Is the broke setup really better than the pro setup? (light beeping) – That sounds like a bomb – Ha ha, all right Oh, look at this – Let's go, lets do it – What kind of frame rate are you getting? – [Ken] Oh, I'm getting 32 frames

– [Austin] Oh, I'm getting 80 – [Ken] Oh, that's cool, 50 frames extra – Oh man, I looked up and blew the corner – [Ken] Yeah, that's why I'm trying not to look up If I'm real, though, this wheel not doing much for me

– [Austin] Really? – So, the 3D-printed controller wheel thing is giving me more precise control, but I'm still only using one thumb to steer because my shift buttons are X and A, which is what I'm most used to on a controller, and I don't feel comfortable switching to shoulder buttons right now to change my gears So, the way this is configured, I might actually take my wheel off and just straight-up play with the controller I'll definitely feel way more at home, which is kinda what I need right now, considering I'm kinda at a disadvantage – I've gotta say, the best part of this is definitely the wheel I get so much forced feedback here, it really kinda tells me where the car's trying to go and where its starting to really fighting me

These pedals are also really nice I think I wanna spend more time with them and kinda actually figure out exactly the right sort of level I feel like the brake pedal could be a little bit firmer with one of the other springs So, with our practice laps done, and neither of us being a clear winner, the next step is to qualify So, I think we only get, do we only get one lap for this? – [Ken] I believe so

All right, here we go Here we go – Ooh, the sun's in my face with these giant displays – Luckily, I don't have that brightness, so I can't really tell (laughing) I'm not too confident my qualifying, just because I've missed a few beats, but

we'll see – Whoo, 1:406

Well, obviously I beat you You haven't even finished yet – [Ken] Yeah, there we go Yeah – I beat you by 3

4 seconds on that lap – [Ken] Wow – So it all comes down to this Should you spend 200 dollars and build your setup in a box, or should you get the, oh, 300 dollars, or whatever yours was, or should you get the ultimate racing pro setup, and see what the real pros do Ya know, pros like me

– All right This is for the 1% No, this is for the 99% I'm so used to being the 1% – Ha ha ha! Oh were gonna have to, oh

– [Ken] Wait, I have to actually clutch? Really? – Oh, we go Oh, you're right there! With my giant monitors, I can see you Oh, okay, you can have that It's fine I'm not gonna get in the way

– [Ken] (laughing) I started better than Austin – I didn't realize we were ready to go! Ah, why are you so wide? Ohhhh! Dive bomb, almost got ya Whoa! No, no, no! (laughing) – [Ken] All I have to do is drive carefully now This is great Wow, I'm really ahead

– [Austin] Yeah, I spun in a terrible spot, and I had to put it in reverse to get back going (Ken laughs) Augh! – Turned a little to late there, but that's okay, I have a lot of room for error now Ha ha ha ha – [Austin] Final lap – [Ken] All right, it comes down to this

Keep going, keep the push, keep the push, keep the push – [Austin] I need you to make a mistake I don't think I'm gonna catch you unless you make a mistake Ohhh! No! I almost spun I was, aughh, go straight! Go straight! – [Ken] (laughing) Come on, let's go again! – I saw you

Awwwwww! – [Ken] Yeah, that's it! (Ken claps) (laughing) (Austin exhales) – [Rich] Ken, how does it feel to get a win? – It feels great It feels really good Oh, man I beat the rich – [Austin] Dude, my fastest lap was 2

2 seconds faster than you – Yeah, but I was a more composed driver, which is all that matters (exasperated sighing) – Thank you very much for watching this episode of BROKE vs PRO If you'd like to check out any of the stuff we talked about in this video, the links will be in the description Again, huge shout-out to Micro Center for sponsoring my setup, and I guess part of yours

Until next time Ken, any parting words? – I won – You won without your dignity, at least – I won (both laughing) – [Ken] That was really good

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