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– Hey guys, this is Austin Now is the time to build a gaming PC

2019 has been a great year for gaming, however I think things are about to get worse Much worse So beside me here I have two of budget builds from last year, one $300 system, as well as a $550 system Today though, let me show you exactly why now is such a good time to build a PC by replacing some of our 2018 builds for some stuff which is much, much better Alright, so today I'm going to be building two gaming PCs

Or, well, more specifically, one and a half So there won't be any fancy camera angles because I'm by myself I miss Ken So, with third gen Ryzen around, I mean, there's a huge amount of value in the high end, but interestingly a lot of that has actually trickled down to low end Now, not necessarily because you should buy a third gen Ryzen system at, you know, five, $600, but instead, it's pushed the last generation of Ryzen way down

So, as you'll see in a second here, we're taking advantage of second gen Ryzen 5, which is only $130 right now Seriously, this is a six core processor, twelve threads, overclockable, and it's 130 bucks I mean, not that long ago, you would've had to pay five, $600 easily to get this kind of performance Now, it's in my $500 budget build Something that I think a lot of people are overlooking is the fact that memory prices, as well as things such as SSDs, graphics cards, a lot of stuff has actually come down a lot since last year

If you're looking at something like 16 gigs of RAM, it's nearly half the price that it was this time last year SSDs have come even farther So it feels like it was not that long ago that you were looking at three, four, $500 for a 120 gig SSD, whereas now, you could pick up one for $20 I've got a 240 gig BX 500 here which was $31 $31 for a 240 gig SSD

Like, what are you doing man? Like, it absolutely makes so much sense right now And then of course there are the graphics to talk about So this year we've seen pretty major launches from both AMD as well as NVIDIA, but, what I really care about is the actual budget side So, this has actually really driven a lot of prices down So, take this RX 570 for example

Now this is a couple year old card However, for only about $120, it is absolutely incredible bang for the buck In fact we did an entire video rounding up budget GPUs, and this is my ultimate favorite You just can't beat this priced performance Not only are memory prices likely to go up soon because there is a huge oversupply on the market right now, which is a big reason why we've seen such cheap prices, but, there's also the looming threat of tariffs especially here in the U

S, which could very easily drive up the price of pretty much everything on the table right now I mean, yeah, sure, things generally do get better over time, but they also tend to get more expensive And this is historically an incredibly good time to build a gaming PC just because so many components are so good and especially so cheap (upbeat music) Alright, so the first system is all prepped and ready to go

In fact, let me give you a little bit of a closer look So, the nice parts about this is that for just under $600, you're getting a lot of bang for the buck You've got the six core Ryzen processor, 16 gigs of RAM, you've got the 500 gig NVMe drive, we have our RX 570 Now at 570 bucks, this is pretty much in the realm of what most people would consider a budget gaming PC, however, we can go cheaper, and we most certainly will So, one of our most popular videos last year was on this, the $300 gaming build which was surprisingly solid, especially given that small budget

However, today, well today, we can do it just a little bit better Okay, so I have my systems done It's been a couple days However, we now have our new budget $300 build, as well as our $570 system So, last time I built this one, you guys are fairly familiar, but this one, this one's actually pretty cool

So, inside we're taking advantage of Ryzen 3 2200G It's a little bit older, however, at only $80 for an unlocked quad core processor with pretty decent integrated graphics, this is a killer deal So, this entire system with eight gigs of RAM, we've got a 256 gig SSD around back We've got a 430 watt power supply Everything here is just under $300

I think last I checked, it was like 285 on Amazon Just don't mind the lack of IO shield I lost it Oh, so, while Ken was moving this PC the other day, he dropped it, (clears throat) dropped it, and so now the front panel is very slightly loose – [Ken] Don't make something that looks like a handle

– (laughs) That actually does come off a little too easy, doesn't it? Surprising exactly no one, the new systems are a lot faster So it comes to CPU, while the new budget build is a decent step up, it is absolutely nothing compared to the new $570 system, which completely wipes the floor with all of these systems thanks to Ryzen 5 2600 Now, even bigger of a jump is going to the graphics side, where, yes, the budget build, again, is a little bit faster, but because we now have the budget for a pretty decent dedicated graphics card, the budget boy, well, it's budget no longer Benchmarks are one thing, though, but the real test is how do these PCs actually game? Well to start out with, we have CS:GO on the $300 system – [Ken] Did you just hit it? – I did hit it

It's fine, don't worry about it With maxed out settings at 1080p, we're at 45, 50 frames per second So, I might want to turn the settings down just a little bit This is very playable, though Literally, just by turning the anti-aliasing down a little bit, where it's 75, 80 frames per second, and we can easily, if I just crank things down a little bit more, get up to something like 100, 120 FPS

But, realistically, with a $300 system, 75 FPS is probably going to be just fine To the surprise of exactly no one, what? What? Why can't I shoot? Are you serious right now? No, no! Well, I was gonna say performance is better, except shooting at me was nice (laughs) How'd they do that? Okay, so, after fixing my control settings, this is a, well, it's a much better experience So, right now we're at 200 frames per second And this is with fully maxed out, 1080p

We've got anti-aliasing on, literally everything This is a more expensive system, but considering that we're only paying about twice as much, you're getting three, four times the graphics performance We've got more RAM, we've got literally everything Oh, wait, why am I playing with the keyboard? Okay, so, next we have Rocket League I forgot to plug in a controller

I'll be right back (laughing) I need a controller I literally made it like half a second into the video, I was like, "Oh, wait, no, this is bad" So, next we have Rocket League Again, we're playing at 1080p, but this time we are playing on quality settings

However, 60 frames per second is not too bad I mean, for a $300 system, I am legitimately impressed Okay, yeah, this is significantly better We're literally capped at 250 frames per second And meanwhile, we're also having the actual settings pretty much all the way set up to quality

Yeah, there's no contest here I mean, it's a more powerful system, but when you jump up to having that RX 570, it's not the most powerful graphics card in the world, but you're still getting a completely solid performance at 1080p, especially in more esports titles like this Next up, we have everyone's favorite, Fortnite Which, actually should be pretty playable, even on the $300 budget system So, we do have to turn the settings down a little bit here

So, right now I'm running at 720p on medium However, we're fairly close to a 60 FPS lock Well, frame rate's great Not having a gun, not great Yeah, this is totally playable, and in fact, I actually could probably turn the resolution up just a little bit because right now I'm actually averaging around 75, 80 frames per second

Dude, this system is totally solid for 1080 So, Fortnite, just immediately jumping in, we're in the 70 frame per second range, and this is with full epic settings at 1080p I knew we already went over the 570 in our budget GPU video, but this is a lot of card for 1080p gaming I mean, the fact that we're able to get 60-ish FPS in pretty much anything we play, even with maxed out settings, is a really nice feature Oh, no, that's bad, that's bad, that's bad

That's bad, that's bad, that's bad I'm running, I'm running, running, running, running Nope, nope Okay, all right Well, that's unfortunate

Wait, wait – [Ken] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Get him, get him! – [Austin] Okay, what? – [Ken] Oh, no – [Austin] There was nothing there! He was just shooting me! – [Ken] No, I mean, yeah – We at some point need just a montage of me sucking at Fortnite No, why? Oh! Oh, no, no you don't, no you don't

I got shot in the back Kind of speaks for itself, I guess I really do think that now is a great time to build a PC So, if you look at the budget end at the $300 option, you're actually getting a pretty decent level of performance So, you can play a lot of games, at least reasonably well, and importantly, it is actually fairly easy to not only build, but you also can do some upgrades later on down the line

Great for a first system However, if you've got a little bit more money to spend, I do think the mid-range option is well worth it I mean, you're getting a lot here, right? Six core processor, 16 gigs of RAM, a decent graphics card, 512 gig SSD, or 500 gig SSD I mean, there's a lot going for this, and for the bang for the buck, I mean, it's hard to beat But, regardless, if you're considering buying or building a new gaming PC, I really do think now is a good time

Especially once prices start to creep up, we'll look back on late 2019 and think, ah, right, back when you could get a system with super cheap RAM and a budget CPU And not like, oh no I miss the days of $35 RAM (chill music)

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