Building The Ultimate iPhone XS

– Hey guys this is Austin, and this is the ultimate iPhone XS So unlike when we usually do these videos in the studio I felt like why not take a little trip outside to the park and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air as I build really stupid things for the internet

To start out with we have the brand new Marshall Kilburn II Now, Marshall were awesome enough to sponsor this video because they too share an affinity for building really ridiculous things on the internet, and they have some some special speakers This, my friends, is how you do a Bluetooth speaker So now did you hear that? (thud) One of the main reasons why we choose the Kilburn II for this video is because it does support Bluetooth 50 Something shared by the new XS and the XS Max

Now this actually gives you a few different features One of the big ones here specifically with the Kilburn is that you can pair it with multiple devices (Announcer speaking in the distance) Oh, oh, we should leave I was about to blast the speakers, we can't do this in front of the Mayor Can we go back to the studio? – [Spongebob Squarepants Announcer] A few moments later

– Back in the studio lets give this a bit more of a proper try – [Speaker] Pretty cool So it's actually got a Scorpio on the front, which would make sense because it is Scorpio version of the console that now has a skin covering all that up – So that was eight (rapping) This thing is so powerful I can literally feel the air moving this far behind it

It has one twenty five watt amp and two fifteen watt amps inside This is ridiculous, and the cool part about it is that it is a fully wireless speaker You can get twenty hours of battery life So I'm going to be cranking it to ten here, and one of the cool parts about it is that it is multidirectional So that its not like Ken is only going to be able to hear on a very narrow kind of thing

I mean, this thing fills the room (hip hop music) Take one look at the Kilburn 2 and you'll see its got that classic Marshall style, but it also is fairly rugged Its IPX Seven water resistant so its not afraid of a day at the beach or something It does feel pretty sturdy, I mean, its ready to party If you want to get your hands on your own Marshall Kilburn II of course, the link will be in the description

Uh, I've got to say, this is the loudest, the best sounding Bluetooth portable speaker that I've ever tried Excuse me I'm gonna go back to the park now, and hopefully the Mayor doesn't yell at me for, uh, disturbing the peace Of course audio isn't the only component in building the ultimate iPhone XS Video also plays a huge roll which is where, well, some of our more creative accessories come in First off, we need the Casey Neistat special, and by Casey Neistat special I mean the knock-off Casey Neistat special

The Allsop Three Pod So this is a combo tripod mount and selfie stick, and that actually feels really sturdy Um, okay, so I guess this could be better than a tripod if I just was able to lock it down I'm sure this light is going to be very useful shooting outside in beautiful sunlight and wonderful shade with some cloud cover and everything we could ever want in life Dude look how much easier this is

Okay, so now we have not only tripod which bounces a lot and is kind of derpy, but we also have a light Do you see how, uh, revolutionary this is? So this is a test of what the video looks like on our super cool iPhone with the light which I don't think is making a difference Can we do some cool stuff now? So this, this is a slightly creative take on building the ultimate iPhone XS camera So first of all we do have the B-strip case as well as the lens adapter Now this is actually meant to work with a wide variety of smart phones and the idea is that you can attach a much nicer piece of glass such as this really nice L series 7820 Canon lens but we didn't really plan this out fully if you can possibly believe something like that, and so we had to be a little creative

Most notably there's a little bit of gap between the lens and the iPhone Uh, you know, flange distance and all that kind of stuff So using our three pod and our little mini tripod we were able to get it just about right to, um, sort of look decent This is what iPhone video really should look like if its shot by a true professional set-up And I mean, this is not a true professional set-up, but with a little bit of ingenuity and a whole lot of stupidness we've got ourselves a, uh, an ultimate set-up my friends

Next up its time for some wireless charging action So the iPhone XS actually does charge faster wirelessly than the X, and we're going to put that to the test Starting with this, the Appstronics VXX Max iPhone XS Max battery case (inhales deeply) This is a case for the iPhone XS Max which does have a battery built in that also supports wireless charging itself so you can make a wireless charging sandwich First step is to drop our iPhone XS Max into the case it will connect via Lightning and this is going to give us five thousand additional milliamp hours of charging capability

This is the Momax QPower 2 X Now we've actually taken a look at a couple of wirelessly charging battery banks in the past, but what makes this one a little bit special is not only does it have a massive twenty thousand, wait, twenty thousand? Twenty thousand, not two thousand, its twenty thousand milliamp hours of capacity, but also will support not only charging over USB as well as wireless but, it will support USBC power in place First of all let me see if this will charge the iPhone by itself Yes, okay, immediately it pops up that it is charging So the battery is working

Now this needs to charge, wait, does it charge upside down or something stupid? No Its got to have wireless charging on the back, right? How do I ever know if this charging though? There's no, like, the LEDs are on the back so if you put it face down, (plastic fumbling) So right now the battery bank is wirelessly charging the case supposedly which is then charging the phone which is definitely getting a charge from something in this stack right now If that's not enough how about some air power, or some knock-off air power So I guess part of this is for the iPhone and part of this is for the Apple Watch? I think Oh, so that's the watch charger which pops up

Wow, this actually might not be garbage I totally assumed it would be terrible Okay, step one, we have a wireless charging Apple Watch That's actually really cool as is Now can this monstrosity charge? This doesn't charge via wireless, does it? This is a, it charges the phone wirelessly, it doesn't actually take wireless power

Alright, I'm just gonna, we're just gonna move past that Don't worry about it, its fine, I'm just gonna put the iPhone on the charger and pretend that I totally knew that my wireless charging sandwich was going to work Okay, so, just do this Hey, look! Airpower! It actually works What? This stupid thing actually works? We've got the watch charging, we've got the phone charging

Don't worry about the case in the battery bank, that's all totally fine I'm actually really impressed with the air power, and no, this is not me just clinging desperately on to any small part of my contraption that actually is working today So if you guys want to check out anything that does work, including the wonderful Marshall Kilburn II Speaker which is linked in the description alongside some of the other slightly less impressive products You can go check that out, and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to some music really loudly and charge my things wirelessly I hope

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