Building The Ultimate Mac Pro

– Hey guys, this is Austin! And today it is time to upgrade Matt's 2010 Mac Pro? – Yeah, 2010 – Okay so, Matt has had an unfortunate incident recently in that his dog broke his iMac screen

So, to hook him up, we're gonna do a little bit of a project and see what we can actually upgrade with his original Mac Pro Also, if you guys don't know Matt, he's the one who runs This Is and makes fun of me on Mystery Tech – It's true – This is not a stock 2010 Mac Pro, right? It still works right now, but you wanna basically see if you can get it a little bit less garbage? – Yeah, like, I've done some modifications with it These are all USB two and there's no way to really change that

So then I needed USB three, so I got this card here, which has worked really well for me but it needed dedicated power It wouldn't run off the PC IE – Wait, so did you, this came with an optical drive right? – It has two optical bays The door doesn't like to close (laughing) Turns out, there's nothing meant to be right here

– So you've upgraded this several times over the years that you've owned the Mac Pro – Yes – [Austin] So what are you doing with the Mac Pro once we're done rebuilding it? – So I do video editing – When was the last time you cleaned this? There's literally like an inch of dust on your graphics card – [Matt] Probably never

– [Austin] Woo! – [Matt] This was an off road, uh – Off road? – Yeah, so when I– – So actually, you travel with this? – Yeah – So can you run me through the spec of this guy? So this is 2010, is it a quad core? – [Matt] It is a quad core, I think 26 gigahertz Xeon – The first thing is, we should upgrade the CPU

If you're rocking the quad core, this goes up to, what is it, like 10 cores, 12 cores? – It can do 12 cores maximum – You've already got the hard drives I think maybe we just swap out this SSD for something that's just a little bit more modern, a little bit quicker So we've got a task here So I think the next step is I need to do some googling and find some parts and let's see if we can get this upgraded and back to 2019 specs

So it has been about, what, two weeks now? – Two weeks – And we have everything we need for the ultimate Mac Pro – Matt Pro – The Matt Pro, apologies So, the way that the Mac Pro works, is that while you can guy the CPUs, you can also buy the entire tray, which essentially is the motherboard

– We could have gone to a six core with a little bit better clock speed, but the real upgrade is going to the dual socket – Yes, so essentially what we have here are a pair of six core processors Now it might not sound super impressive, thank you very much, in this sort of modern era where we have, you know, what, 32 cores in Threadripper, but 12 cores was a lot of power, especially for 2010 One of the interesting things about this is that the entire upgrade was actually not that expensive So we were able to get the tray, which of course, is the motherboard, as well as the two CPUs for a little bit over $500

Now this is like a what? Like a $6500 config when it first came out? – Yeah, and that's not including the memory we got with it – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah So we also had to get, we got 64 gigs as you can see by my giant pile of dents here I mean I guess you do have the limitation that single thread is probably not gonna be super impressive, but what we're using it for is primarily like editing – I do play the occasional game on it

– [Austin] Well you'll definitely be able to game – Oh yeah, I love my Civilization – Boom, so with that, we have upgraded from a quad core to a 12 core And this entire setup with the new tray, the dual CPUs, the 64 gigs of RAM, still cost us only about $700, which obviously is a fair bit, but considering that if you would have bought this in 2010, it would have been at least 10 times that Really not a bad upgrade

– So we went with a RX 580 AMD card This is pretty much the maximum that the system can handle – This is the original connector It's a pair of six pins – [Matt] Correct

– [Austin] And you've adapted the six to an eight, which – [Matt] Already is bad – Alright, let's pull the 760 out So this is actually built in support for a longer CPU – Mm hmm, yes

– Oh, interesting Actually, have we even measured to see if the Strix card will fit? – On paper I mean, it, I eyeballed it – It'll be fine – [Matt] It looked like it'll be

– It'll be fine Oh we didn't clean this out Why is there already a 14 terabyte hard drive in here? – I got excited – Well okay then, so apparently, Matt's stealing company property and installing a 14 terabyte hard drive in his Mac Pro – So when we started this project, it was running Sierra

And so we wanted to go to Mojave because we needed that for the graphics card support But it wouldn't let us upgrade it until we upgraded the firmware of the motherboard But there's a fun little problem with that, is the only way to update the firmware is if you have the original EFI graphics card So we found a guy in town who had one and let us borrow his just to update the firmware You're covered in dust right now

– I know! Why didn't you clean your dirty computer? – I thought that's what you were doing – No, I'm upgrading it with like 12 cores and stuff! I'm not cleaning Do I look like a cleaning service? – [Matt] Full service, man – What, that's (mumbling) So with that, we have our 12 core CPU, 16 gigs of RAM, and our RX 580

Next, let's upgrade your SSD So with that, we've got a one terabyte SSD I think it's time to see if this thing actually works Matt, would you like to do the honors? – Yeah! Oh, it'd help to take off my Powered By EVGA – Nah, it's fine, it's fine, it's powered by EVA

Oh! – See a little RGB going here? – Yeah – [Matt] Hey, it works! – [Austin] There you go! Alright So we go up to about this mac We see, there you go Two three gigahertz six core intel Xeons

Hey, 64 gigs, okay cool So all of our eight gig dems are showing up So for reference, we're going from a quad core Xeon all the way up to a pair of six core CPUs and we're going from eight gigs to 64 gigs of RAM Now Geekbench I think should show a fairly substantial difference, especially in the multicore 2734, 20,000 on the multicore! So single core obviously is not that impressive

I mean, it's essentially a 10 year old processor But 20,000 on the multicore for a 2010 system That's ridiculous – So for reference, before the upgrade, the single core was 2175 and the multicore was 7600 – Wow, that is a huge difference

Next up, we have Cinebench Now not only will this test the CPU, but I'm also curious to see how much higher the GPU score is So, especially when you consider that this started out with a 5770 I mean, a 580's going to be, five, six times faster, eight times the memory I mean, it's a massive, massive difference

So we're going from 43 to 59 That's not that good Oh dude, look at that! I never get tired of seeing like a million thread spin up for Cinebench So you know what's crazy with this? It's not actually that expensive when you consider it, right? So what do you think it would have cost to first of all buy your original Mac Pro chassis and just do the tray upgrade with the memory and stuff? – I mean, I've see the original chassis go anywhere from 250 to about 450 The six core CPUs you can get for like 180, which is bananas how cheap that is

And then the 580s I've seen for 175 brand new – So, realistically, all of the upgrades we've done to this system are about $1,000 Maybe a little bit more considering that we have the one, well okay, the 14 terabyte drive is like $500 – That's overkill – We're gonna ignore that part of it

To really put this to the test, we have our resident editing man, Jimmy Champagne – That's me! I'm here – So we are editing off of an external SSD So we're using this little Samsung T5 which is plugged into Matt's USPC card – [Jimmy] So that's pretty standard

– Yeah, which is what we edit all of our videos on But it seems to be fine – So now we're gonna try and sync the footage, see how quick that goes That went as quick as it does on the iMac Pro We'll do better quality

– This is unrendered 4k pro res right now Oh, we're getting your texts Uh oh, this is bad – Is this a woman? (laughing) – Oo, Matt got quiet fast – [Jimmy] Background render is a little slower than the iMac Pro

– Wait, so basically, you have a 10 core iMac – Yeah – Which is obviously faster But when you compare this to something like a MacBook or an iMac, this is still more powerful – I'd say it's noticeably faster than the MacBook, but noticeable slower than the iMac Pro

So it's falling somewhere between – Which is pretty impressive for a nine year old desktop which we just Frankensteined together with like less than $1,000 worth of products So that my friends is building the ultimate Matt Pro For something that's this old, the amount of power we were able to get, especially considering the price is super, super impressive So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to buy a lot more of these and have some fun

That actually sounded really ominous, like as if I'm gonna build some super computer out of Mac Pros I'm actually not gonna buy any more of these – [Matt] Aw

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