Building the Ultimate Nintendo Switch

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is the humble Nintendo Switch, and while some might want to use it in its puny, normal state, of course, here, we need to build the ultimate Nintendo Switch

One of the nice things about the Switch is that as a handheld console, there's actually a lot that we can do as far as the aesthetics, which is where this comes in This is the shell exchange, as well as a different shell for the Joy-Cons Now, if you know anything about the world of Joy-Cons, you're probably familiar with this incredibly handsome gentleman, Mr Kevin Kenson You've opened a Joy-Con or two, my friend

– A couple – [Narrator] Two hours later – That is a snapped tripping cable I've never done that – We basically destroyed this Joy-Con

– We should break the Joy-Cons – So, we'll be back tomorrow once we actually sort out this Joy-Con mess (laughing) So, a day later, we have a magically-completed Joy-Con swap – [Kevin] Never mind what happened in between – Don't worry about this part

That's not Not that we needed a replacement or anything I gotta say, this actually looks really cool

If you guys want to know how to do the Joy-Con swap for yourself, Kevin has actually done a full video showing you not only the different shells, but also how to do stuff like the d-pad swap – Yeah, so I actually did one specifically on the Atomic Purple ones, with the d-pad – So cool, dude – Just kinda just seeing whether it works or not, which it actually works great, so yeah, check that out – Out of the box, something the Switch doesn't really have a lot of is internal storage, especially with games like LA Noire, which require 15-20 gigs of storage to actually just install it, even if you have the cart

What you're gonna probably want to pick up is a micro SD card, and thankfully, you can even get 128 gig cards for 40 bucks Thankfully, this is pretty much the easiest thing you can do to a Switch Just open up the kickstand, and when you suddenly have 128 gigs of storage– After the Joy-Con swap, nothing else is exciting One of the things that makes the Switch interesting is the idea that it is a portable console that can be docked However, one of the problems is is that you can actually scratch the screen if you're not careful, as the inside of the dock is pretty much just hard plastic

That's where a good glass screen protector comes in I think these notches are actually gonna make it a little easier for me One screen protector, fully enabled! This is starting to look cool, but we do not have the ultimate Nintendo Switch yet Next, we have the wired LAN adapter to get this guy up on Ethernet Wow, that's actually a pretty big adapter

So, now that we're in here– Oh, there we go! We show that actually we're connected over Ethernet Something else you can use is the Power Plate The idea here is that only is this a portable charger that you can drop your Joy-Cons on, but it'll also charge your Switch The Switch has okay battery life, but generally speaking, the Joy-Cons actually do last quite a while However, it's nice to be able to have a little bit of a bigger battery if you really want to get some extra juice out of the Switch

This comes in a few different pieces There's the dock itself, which you will drop the battery on What you should do here is if we take off our Joy-Cons, it should just slide right onto the battery By default, they will start charging the Joy-Cons, and you can just use it like this, and then drop it into the dock to charge the entire thing However, with this tiny USB-C cable that it comes with, we actually can charge the Switch using our Joy-Con charger

So, if you plug this end into the Switch, and this end into the top, we should, in theory, get a charge Hey! Now charging If you want to use your Switch like this, you can get triple charge action, even though you might as well just put the Joy-Cons on here because it will charge it anyway, but, you know I don't really have anything to say, it's just This is a thing Okay, I will be the first to admit that our stand could use a little bit of work, which is where the Play Stand comes in

The way this is supposed to be used is that it's actually going to be a stand that you can use to fully adjust where the Switch is going to be standing while still being able to charge it Hey, it works! Okay, this is not the most ridiculous set up ever But say you want a dock that's going to be a little more portable than what Nintendo throws in a box That's where this comes in On one end, we have USB-C, then the other, we have not only USB-A, but we also have HDMI

Oh, look, we're even on Ethernet now! This is fully portable! Aw, dude, this is so good! And it looks totally the same Like, I can't see any latency or any real issues with this Look at this! This is not the most ridiculous thing we've ever built This actually is mildly practical! We did it! We actually have something that's not totally stupid! Well, at least yet Alright, Mr

Kevin Kenson, please come in here for a second We have our Switch going into a USB-C hub, which is being powered by a battery bank It's going HDMI out to the display And we have a USB Ethernet adapter, all in glorious 1080p This is super-cool, and that I'm really proud of what we just accomplished, even though it doesn't make any sense

– It makes sense It's just 1,000% unnecessary But it's awesome – Some say unnecessary Some say ultimate

– Ultimately unnecessary (Austin laughing) – But say you want to build the ultimate actually portable Nintendo Switch Well, that is where this monstrosity comes in This is a 10,000 milliamp hour battery case for the Switch (Austin laughing) Wait a minute! This weighs just as much as the Switch! So, I just need to plug this in, and then pop the cable in on the bottom, and then, okay, so now, we are charging with this giant battery bank

What's cool here is that not only do you have an additional USB-A if you want to run another accessory, but it also has USB-C power and in, so if you really want to get crazy, we can double up our batteries Oh, there we go! So now we have a portable setup with double batteries, and the kicker is– See, get it, kicker? We actually have a decent kickstand because this has one built in, and it kind of works! Right? Right, right You know, I think most sane people would see this and go, "This is a horrible mistake "You should stop" But not us, 'cause we double-down

This is the Clip Grip To be clear, this clip is meant for a smartphone Not only do we have our smartphone here with all the chats and stuff up, but there's also a small battery built into the grip which is charging the Joy-Cons However There is no way this is gonna work Oh! Oh, oh, it does, it does! Oh, wait, wait, hang on! I've gotta just bend it a little bit It's like literally maxed out on the lip Oh, come on, oh, come on

We got it It works Don't worry about the duct tape I can play really gently When you clicked on "The Ultimate Nintendo Switch" video, I hope this is what you had in mind

Also, we can't turn the volume down because we taped over the volume buttons We learned a lot today Most notably, some of this stuff is pretty good This Type-C dock is actually awesome But of course, if you guys want to check out any of this stuff, the links will be in the description

Let me know what you guys want to see next time on building the ultimate, terrible idea Anyway, guys, thank you so much for watching, and I will catch you on the next one

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