Building The Ultimate Thunderbolt Gaming Setup

(upbeat music) – Hey guys this is Austin and this is The Ultimate Thunderbolt Setup This is how our project started a few months ago when I had a conversation with Intel's Thunderbolt team about what really to me felt like a very obvious use-case for Thunderbolt

A single cable powering an entire crazy, over the top, gaming setup Luckily they agreed and alongside Dell, Intel was able to sponsor this entire setup and make it happen The setup is built around the Dell XPS 13 This is a terrific ultrabook Not only is it powered by the latest eighth generation Core i7 processor but you have great battery life, a good screen, all the normal kind of laptop stuff but what it lacks is some dedicated graphics for gaming which is where Thunderbolt comes in

The XPS is connected to the Aorus GTX 1080 gaming box This little enclosure here houses not only a full GTX 1080 graphics card but it also has a power supply to power not only the graphics card and the laptop but it also has USB ports for the rest of our accessories What's great about this is that with a single Thunderbolt 3 cable your thin and light Dell that you carry around all day long turns into a full proper gaming setup There are a wide variety of Thunderbolt 3 enclosures available most of which have graphics cards built in and those start at around 350 dollars or so But there are also other options without the GPU that you can add yourself

So these start at around $200 and one of the ones I recently took a look at was the Razer Core X This supports a full-size graphics card with plenty of power for pretty much anything you want to put in there The reason we chose to go with the gaming box is for a few reasons First of all the a GTX 1080 is a lot of power paired with an ultrabook like this but it also has some additional features So first of all we have a series of USB ports on the back which is helpful because we wanted to make sure that all of our accessories could be wired in with just that single Thunderbolt cable

And on top of that this does support a full 100 watts of power delivery which means we don't have to charge our laptop either It really is one single Thunderbolt 3 cable to make this entire setup work To take advantage of all this gaming hardware we have three full monitors And by monitors I mean TVs These are TVs, they're 55 inch 4K HDR panels so this in hindsight may have been a little bit of overkill but I mean come on we're building the ultimate Thunderbolt setup

Overkill's kinda what you're here for right? Paired with this are my favorite gaming peripherals right now First of all we have the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard I did an entire video about that you should definitely go check it out This is straight up my favorite keyboard that I've ever tried Alongside this we have the Zowie, what is it the BenQ Zowie, FK1 I knew it it's the FK1

This is actually the mouse I've been using for like two years now Not only do I use it for editing and general use but it is really great for gaming as well I probably should have know the the name of the mouse shouldn't I have? All this is backed up by my favorite game pad right now, the Xbox One wireless controller Now this has seen a few revisions over the years most notably it now has Bluetooth and you can also do a cool design lab version which maybe doesn't match with the setup but I don't care 'cause it's my custom Austin not Duncan one But the cool thing is this going to be a nice benefit for when you want to play racing games or stuff that doesn't work well with a mouse and keyboard

(buttons clicking) – [Camera Man] Don't do that, that won't Don't do that Stop – What's really cool about this is when you sit in front of it and you realize just how immersive it is I mean look at this we've got three displays all running in surround and it's so seamless

I mean yeah the TVs have a little bit of a border but I mean come on this is so cool It's almost like sitting with like a VR headset on as opposed to three giant TVs Oh dude, dude (laughing) are you serious? What? This is the point of the video where I'm just like freaking out the whole time So we're playing on full epic settings too So right now the resolution's set to 5760 by 1080 but it's full epic basically everything

And frame rate wise we're doing pretty solid I mean we're pretty much around 50 to 60 fps See I do a lot of videos with Fortnite right and a lot of the time I'm playing on like $200 PCs or like seven frames per second on ultra low settings but this totally feels like cheating I mean sure when I'm looking ahead it looks like a fairly standard field of view But I look left and right I could have such a competitive advantage

The only slight downside is that some of the information is all the way over to the left or all the way over to the right such as the mini map I mean sure you could go build an incredibly expensive gaming PC and get this sort of permanent setup going but the greatest part is as soon as I'm done with this game I unplug this single cable and I've got my normal ultrabook that's completely portable that I can take with me to school or work or whatever Wow dude this is like trippy (laughing) It's like almost enough to get you motion sick it's so immersive Alright let's do this

I'm comin' (gun report) There we go I can be helpful You have a very cool cape Dude this is so immersive I mean it's crazy just how into the game I feel This feels incredibly dangerous

I shouldn't be hiding underneath this tree right now I'm just gonna run, running is always a good option right? Oh yeah Ha ha, I like this (gun firing) (Austin laughs) No, no, no, no, no, no No, no, no, no, no, no, no

No, no, no, no, no That's not how this works That's not how thisalright well it's fine We came in number two I cannot go back to playing games on a mere single display or a phone or a switch or a $200 laptop Ken don't make me go back Can I just do this now? I actually might get good at Fortnite if I play on this setup

Next up we have Forza Horizon 4 Not only is this one of my favorite games out there but the PC version's actually really good this year Which is especially helpful when you have three giant TVs in front of you If you wanna be lame you can drive outside the car and I mean I guess that's fine but nah This is the way to do it

Something I'm noticing is that the mirrors in the game I never really paid that much attention to playing on like Xbox but it makes a big difference here on PC Not only are the reflections nice and high quality but I can really see especially with this right hand mirror when people are behind me It's a small thing but it really kinda goes to show just how useful a setup like this can be See nope, nope, nope that was too aggressive That was too aggressive that's okay I made it

Oh no you don't, there we go Little bump never hurt anybody right? I do have the same problem as I did with Fortnite and it's some of my information like the hud is way too far away but I mean come on it's fine It's like a real race I don't need my mini map I can just kinda drive by the seat of my pants and the voice of the GPS Of course Thunderbolt is useful for more than just purely playing games So not only are we adding a ton of extra graphics horsepower to our system but we do have all the extra USB ports and power and stuff and we also have the ability to hookup multiple 4K monitors

So that's something that's going to make a big difference in things like video editing and racing games But mostly video editing and creative professional activities like drifting And that is the ultimate thunderbolt setup A lot of work went into not only our brand new set but getting this all together A huge shout out to everyone here and of course massive thank you to Intel and Dell for sponsoring this video

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go do some real work on my tiny XPS 13 (hip hop music)

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