Building the Ultimate Xbox 360

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today, it's time to finally build what you guys have been asking for months

This is the ultimate Xbox 360 So, of course, to start with, we have our pristine, brand new, in box Xbox 360, 4GB with Kinect I mean, the last part was true When it comes to building the ultimate console, one of the most important things is to find something that is compatible with the most accessories And even though you can get some stuff with the original Xbox 360, as well as the Super Slim this is defintely going to be our best bet

Oh boy, what a wonderful packing job Okay, well, the first thing we're gonna find here is actually one of the weirdest Xbox 360 accessories, the original Kinect Man, this is disgustingly dirty Can you see the level of scratches on this? Does that come up on camera? It looks like someone's, like, rubbed this thing down with sandpaper But hey, at least we got it for a smooth $20

Thanks Ken Obviously, this is the way you've gotta play your Xbox Ugh! Why is it so dirty? Dude, there's like I can literally see dust, like, collected inside the fan here Could've found us a cleaner Xbox (sprayer noise) Okay, so now that we have a slightly cleaner Xbox, the first accessory has to be Kinect Now this is a really weird one Not only was this by far the biggest accessory available for the 360, but in some ways it was a pretty big success but in a lot of ways, it was kind of a failure

So it came out in 2010, several years after the Xbox 360 came out, and the idea here is that with the series of cameras and sensors it would basically turn you into the controller There was this famous demo at E3 before this was announced back in what was called project Natal, where they had this kid skateboarding in his room using nothing but his body as the controller, and it looked super, super awesome Of course, as with nearly all of these demos, it wasn't quite as good as it sort of seemed once you actually got your hands on it Thus, this was picked up for $20 in a bargain bin somewhere But, before we get to that we have to finish upgrading our Xbox 360, and the first thing we're going to do is put in a bigger hard drive

So back in these days, Microsoft sold internal hard drives that you could install yourself because for some wonderful reason, this Xbox 360 was shipping with only 4GB of capacity Mostly so they could actually bundle Kinect in the box Which as you can imagine, for a more modern console, not exactly a lot of storage So if you flip over the 360, there's a little panel here where you can drop in a hard drive So this guy is going to give us 500GB capacity, although, as always, we're gonna go above that

But, it's an easy way of getting a lot more storage in what is really a very difficult Xbox to use if you don't have at least some kind of SSD or HDD or USB yeah, that's all the things, right? HDD, USB, SSD So something interesting is, is that even though the Xbox One doesn't allow you to install an internal hard drive the 360 always did

So you remember the original fat Xbox 360 actually had the top-mounted hard drives, which were really easy to pop on and off, but with the slim they moved to the sort of cartridge design which realistically is just a two and a half inch laptop drive that you just slide in something like that And because of course we're trying to build the ultimate Xbox 360, near 5MB of capacity is definitely not going to be enough, which is where the Seagate game drive comes in

So this is a 500GB SSD Now this is typically meant for the Xbox One as it does have a USB 30, and it's actually going to be faster than the internal drive However, this is before USB 30

So instead, we're hooking up a 500GB USB 20 SSD So that'll be fast The Xbox 360 was the last of the major consoles to stick with only dual layer DVD support, and that was fine for stuff like the PS2, but when it came to the 360, while most games were able to fit on a single DVD quite a few actually did need to ship on multiple discs However, unlike the PS3 which had Blu-ray support, that was nowhere to be found on the 360 and thus, this wonderful ridiculous accessory was born

The Xbox HD DVD player So for those of you who are not familiar with the HD DVD format, this was essentially the competitor to Blu-ray back in the day Thus the HD DVD name Pretty clever, I know Are you serious? It looks like a mini, fat, Xbox360! Oh, I never realized that

I've never actually seen one of these in person Yo, I mean, it doesn't match with this at all, but that is so cool! Now it's time to connect this So we've got our power adapter, we've also got our second part of the power adapter, and then it connects via mini USB This whole thing feels straight out of 2006 So when it first came out, the HD DVD add-on was a pretty impressive $200

Which still actually probably would have been cheaper than a lot of the HD DVD players at the time, but of course it went absolutely nowhere and thus we have Blu-ray and I have a really ridiculous player that we have a game for Oh sorry, no, actually they didn't make games for it

Right, so this is only for movies, I forgot Do we have a movie for it? March of the Penguins Okay, so this is one of the very few HD DVDs that existed So, one of the only real issues with the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One of today still, is that they run on AA batteries Although thankfully, we have a way around that too

This is the Nyko Charge Base S So in addition to giving you two rechargeable batteries in the box, it's also going to be a little dock we can actually charge our controllers with It just feels so weird to be opening up all these old accessories that have clearly been sitting around some, like, Amazon back room for like five years But, it's okay, they're gonna have a better life now So, I don't think

that's not gonna fit Whatever, this one will fit So, you can see what this is supposed to look like if you don't have your giant Chatpad on Now, with all these accessories connected to our Xbox 360, one might worry that it might get a little bit warm, perhaps, get a little bit of a red ring of death perhaps, even though this is a slim and doesn't actually, physically have red rings to do that with, well in that case, we have an inner cooler

You know, that wonderful accessory that we've tried on many, many, many occasions and has never done anything Let's try it here! So the claim to fame with this one isn't so much to allow the temperatures to run a little bit cooler when you're normally using your Xbox 360, but for when you've got it in a confined space it's supposed to direct hot air away from the console Okay, so this is a pretty small inner cooler, I will say, so basically you've got one fan on the inside which actually kind of looks like a GPU fan, and then I guess it sort of mounts onto the sides, like that? (paper crinkling) Seems a little bit excessive Don't you just clip it on to the side? Yeah, you just clip it on the side There we go

That doesn't look like the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen And of course, because everything here is mounted via USB, I'm going to use up the last port on the back of the Xbox I gotta say, that is looking a little bit more like the ultimate Xbox 360 What fell? All right, so we've got some decent stuff here, the Xbox is going to be cool, it's going to have an HD DVD experience, we're going to have wireless rechargeable controllers, and a Kinect which is useful for all kinds of games that are not called Just Dance However, there's one last piece that I think is gonna really pull this all together

So this is the Vault for Xbox 360, and it's a little bit unusual So if you pop it open here what you're going to find is that not only is that all going to be branded with Battlefield 3, but it's esentially a case for the 360 It's a little bit weird So they use it as like a, "Oh, look, you can sort of mount a control on the side of it, make it look all cool" But I don't know why you want this

Oh, oh wow, okay Assembly instructions When I say I'm going to be building the ultimate Xbox 360, I didn't think I actually had to literally build it Okay (laughing) Well, this is a thing in multiple pieces, so it looks like a claymore and a smoke grenade? And so with that, we have the ultimate Xbox 360 in all its really ridiculous plastic glory

So after a quick battery change, we've got a, you know, the LEDs working on our super cool claymore so, you know, that's a thing Hey look, it's got me So this is what it looks like with Kinect when you actually have, you know, a working skeleton We also do have everything showing up so it shows our 500GB hard drive, as well as our 476GB SSD, and we also have the HD DVD player which has 191MB free So of course, we're going to have to play a game with this setup, and what better than Skyrim, which apparently is better with Kinect

Oh no, tray doesn't wanna open I think our tray is busted It just took three tries to open up That's fine, that's what you should expect out of the ultimate Xbox 360 It's really weird to put a disc in a system and not have to wait for it to download and patch and update, it just starts

Maybe this is the ultimate console after all So apparently I can use Kinect to shout voice commands in Skyrim, which doesn't sound particularly useful Wow, what revolutionary Kinect gameplay I'm really amazed at the power of this technology Super helpful

Actually here's something curious So I've got Skyrim in the DVD drive right now and it shows "Play Skyrim," but I also now have an HD DVD in the HD DVD player, so how do I actually get to that? My Video apps (gasps) Oh, we found it! There's an HD DVD app Oh no, "Can't read this disc, if it's a game CD or disc put it in your Xbox 360 disc tray" Come on, are you serious? My Xbox, my ultimate Xbox, it's all failing me So, that my friends is how not to build the ultimate Xbox 360 with lots of components which are of dubious value or don't work at all

So, hopefully you found this helpful If you did, please watch some of the other Building the Ultimate series, which I can assure you are much, much better

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