Can I build a HUGE AMD Gaming PC?

– Today we are going to build the ultimate AMD gaming PC So get your popcorn ready, this is going to be a big one

Now, this video is not sponsored by AMD However, AMD, CORSAIR, and Gigabyte were very kind in providing us all the components to build what is quite literally the ultimate AMD gaming PC 'Cause it's not one PC, it's two PC's in one case Powering the main PC is AMD's Threadripper 3970X with a whopping 32 Ryzen cores onboard Now if that wasn't enough, we also have a 16 core Ryzen 9 3950X for the second PC

And because we are trying to build the ultimate AMD gaming PC, each system is going to get its own Radeon 5700 XT, which is going to be water-cooled And who knows? We might just be able to upgrade somethings down the line What are we gonna call this thing? What should we call the back system? I keep calling it the second PC, but it's all in one tower – [Ken] Big Dipper, Little Dipper – All right, this is for Little Dipper

So this is the CORSAIR 1000D and it's a big boy So the way this case is designed, our main Threadripper Big Dipper system is going to go right here, and our ITX system is going to sit right here So essentially, what we'll do is we'll have our GPU right here and then we'll have a second GPU right here So that we'll actually have that sort of RGB water block Thankfully, CORSAIR have a configurator tool which should theoretically make my life a lot easier

So this is the CORSAIR Custom Cooling Configurator So lets design our loop Oh, wow, look at that So it immediately built us the set-up The problem is is it doesn't have our second motherboard "Expect quiet operation, even during heavy-duty tasks "and the ability to push your CPU and GPU to their limits

" So essentially, between all of this, we'll have some way of connecting all of our fans, getting all of the RGB to talk to each other, and essentially, it will all be running off of Big Dipper Yeah, we've got a lot of work ahead of us So we have made some progress So with our TRX40 motherboard, we have not only our Threadripper 3970X installed, we also have two of our SSD's installed, all 64 gigs of RAM, including our fake modules to make sure that we have the seamless RGB experience So as you can see, our table is not big enough for all the things

(laughs) Welcome back to day two, where things are progressing nicely So we have the first of our 5700 XT water blocks installed We also have our X570 board getting a little bit closer We're going to have one loop for Little Dipper So it'll basically go through here, it'll go through the graphics card, through the CPU, and then up, and it'll be taking advantage of one of the front 480 millimeter radiators

And then for Big Dipper, which is our Threadripper system, we'll be using the other pump and reservoir, and that will be running again through GPU, through CPU And then that will run actually through the 360-millimeter radiator and the 480 So we're giving the maximum amount of cooling to Big Dipper since obviously, that is the more power-hungry system So we do have all of our water blocks installed And in fact, you can actually see on our TRX board things are actually looking pretty good

But the main things that are really holding us back is that we're missing all of the hardware that came with the case and our ITX board doesn't actually quite fit So I think we're going to do is we're going to come back and try to remove as much as this plastic as possible, just so we have a little bit of extra clearance to slide it in The good thing is that's not really going to be noticeable So even if we have to do it in a slightly hacky way, the system should still be completely fine because we're gonna have all of the tubing coming out as well as our GPU to cover up any questionable decisions we make Welcome back, my friends, to day three of the ultimate build

So at this point, we've made some pretty decent progress today So I've spent most of the afternoon working on this, which is our massive dual 480-millimeter radiator for the system So I think it just lines up like here? I'm just gonna do it by feel Okay, so, roughly that's what our dual 480-millimeter radiators are gonna look like with the fans all lined up Meanwhile, we've made a little bit of progress with the rest of the build

So everything is mostly in position right now So we have our Big Dipper motherboard We have our 5700 XT connected here We have two of our Elgato 4K60 capture cards – So, I'm actually going to use the pump on the left, the pump and reservoir on the left, to run it to Little Dipper down here

So, theory, we should have a nice, clean, arching run like this For Big Dipper, a almost parallel run going into the 5700 XT up top as well So it is day, something, something, something, of this PC build (Austin laughing) We've waited for some parts to come It's been probably two weeks since we've touched this thing

And now I think we have everything in to get our water cooling done – [Austin] Do you have an idea of where you're gonna use the 45 and 90-degree adapters? – [Ken] I've already placed a lot of them in here – [Austin] Oh, okay, they're already here Okay, I see – [Ken] Yeah, if you remember what we did last time? – Dude, that was like three months ago, I don't remember

Okay, so, after further review, we've determined that we are idiots and we've forgotten one very key component, which is the fact that when it comes to mounting our top radiator it is the wrong size – I don't wanna do any other fittings until we have everything in here properly – So my friend Ken is trying to say is that we'll be right back after this word from our sponsor, YouTube AdSense – So it is a new day, and with that, maybe some more progress Hopefully

– Maybe? It will be more progress – Maybe – So we went from a single 360 mill radiator to push-pull 480 Which means that this is gonna be even more ridiculous once we get it up here and get the entire set up ready Dude, this thing is gonna be a monster

– And again, thank you to CORSAIR and AMD for getting this all situated I know this wasn't an easy thing to assemble in terms of parts list and whatnot – Well, yeah, 'cause every time we make some progress on the build we're like, "Hey, by the way, what about this thing?" They're like, "Yes, of course," and they send us another package And then we ask for more things and they send another package (laughs) – Because we're gonna be doing push and pull on the top rad, our biggest problem with putting the second pump above the first one is not only clearance for the tubes, but clearance for the pump as a whole

You gotta imagine that the top rad is gonna be essentially pretty much up to here So what we're gonna do is we're just gonna put the second pump here This might be the first day I have regretted working for Austin Evans – [Austin] This is the first day? Out of everything, this is the first? – I will speak the truth, today is the first day As you can see, Little Dipper is all plugged in

We have it going from our pump to our block on the GPU to our block on the CPU It is running out the back, as you saw earlier, into our back radiator over here, and then the radiator spits it out back into the pump and the reservoir And then I think now, well, what I'm gonna do now and next, is I'm gonna run the test run – [Austin] For Big Dipper – [Ken] For Big Dipper, exactly

– I have spent almost all day with this It is a monstrosity So I'm starting to label my cables based on whether it's Big Dipper or whether it's Little Dipper But essentially, we have all the fan headers, all the RGB Something just fell, probably not important

All the RGB We have temperature sensors All of it needs to be run through these Commander PROs which are very tightly wrapped right now 'cause I need to re-cable them And we also have all these RGB hubs which then go in So basically, each fan has a fan header and RGB hub

Then all our water blocks also have RGB That's actually all, but there's a lot of fans and a lot of hubs here It has been many arduous days of building However, we have finally hit a very key milestone in the ultimate AMD project Why is that on? – [Ken] It's the LG Velvet

– Are you watching another one of your virtual YouTubers? Anyway, now that we've made a very key milestone in the ultimate AMD gaming PC build, we are ready to fill our loop with coolant So we have pressure tested the first Little Dipper Wait, no we pressure tested Big Dipper And now, we've been pressure-testing Little Dipper for a while, and the pressure has not changed whatsoever So does that mean that we're immediately going to have a leak and it's going to spray all over the computer? Probably, but at least it can hold air

So it holds air, it's gotta hold liquid, right? Wait, are we really? Wait, wait, wait Hold on, hold on We're gonna fill this whole loop up squirting it one little bit at a time? – Oh, that scared me Oh, that's really scared me – [Austin] Ooh! – [Ken] But we're good

Look at that – That actually looks really rad Ha! Get it? Radiator joke? It looks rad So at this point, we've already pressure tested both loops They held up, no problem

And theoretically, Little Dipper should be easier because it's actually less of a loop since it's only going through one of our front radiators Now, the only thing makes me a little nervous I'm just gonna bring the light with me

Just bear with me for a second Look, this is intimidating This is not the mark of an expert PC builder However, all of these are going to be unplugged and rerouted shortly, once I can actually get into Windows and figure out which hubs are on which ports and that's gonna be a lot You know, we've been shooting this video so long that you now have a ponytail

– I do have a ponytail – [Austin] Do you realize that's how long we've been shooting this video? – To be fair, to be fair This is lazy Ken when he had to run out of the house today – [Austin] I'm glad you're much better at pouring than I am – [Ken] Look, I'm gonna get a little- – [Austin] Okay, Okay

Calm down, calm down Okay, you know what? That's fine That's fine That's enough Yeah! – [Ken] Keep going

– Woo! – It's going – [Austin] Yeah! Is that enough? Oh, almost Almost – [Ken] Oh, let's go Oh

– Wait, do I have to kill it? – No, no – Oh, it's just enough! It's just enough! – [Ken] Oh, we got it, we got it, we got it Let's keep going, let's keep going – [Austin] Dude, this looks so good! That should be pretty good for now It's gonna take a little bit for those bubbles to work out

– [Ken] I just wanna get everything out of this bottle – It has been a long arduous road, but we are finally ready with the ultimate AMD gaming PC build And by finally ready I mean, well, it's up and running We got a little bit of clean up to do But we have 32 cores of Threadripper, two 5700 XTs, a 16 core Ryzen processor, 64 gigs of RAM, plus 32 gigs

A double custom water loop Which, okay, look, yes, a little bit messy right now We're gonna clean that up But we finally have everything running There's so much lighting

Honestly, what we've had the most trouble is just sorting out all of the software and the wiring and everything to get it all to show up So if we come over to our 4K capture utility, this is actually the feed from Little Dipper So in fact, I can actually move the mouse over, if I can find it, and what you'll see is that essentially we can get the exact same feed from Little Dipper into Big Dipper So you can see right now, I am inside There may be a touch of latency

But now I could be streaming, recording, whatever the case is, off of our 4K60 So basically, we're going Little Dipper into 4K60 into Big Dipper I'm incredibly excited I am very, very happy to be done with this build It has been literal months to get this to this point

But for now, all we really need to do is tidy up the cables, which to be fair is gonna be a little bit of a job, and move everything over and get it all set up But beyond that, we have finally completed the ultimate AMD gaming PC build So thank you very much for watching Make sure to subscribe to the channel to see the conclusion to this finale Did I just say the conclusion to the finale? The conclusion to the trilogy of building the ultimate next-gen set-up

You won't wanna miss the last episode I'm really excited to see when it all actually comes together

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