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– Hello and welcome my friends to Mystery Tech Wow, way to cash in on the thing

So if you watch a little TV show called Shark Tank, you may be familiar with this product, PhoneSoap The idea is that this is meant to clean your phone with was it like UV light? – Yes – Yes – [Ken] Also yes It is a little dinged up

– Okay, is this used? – [Ken] Yes They're very hard to find – Was this sanitized Ken? Did you you sanitize this? – It's self-sanitizing, it does it on its own – No, it sanitizes on the inside, not the outside (laughs) – [Ken] I'll let you know that this was not only hard to find, we had to pay a little bit of a markup for it

– How much was, wait I saw it, $4499 – [Ken] No, we paid 90 bucks – [Matt] They paid $4999

– [Ken] Do you also know about this thing because another YouTuber did a video on it, by chance? – No – No? – No one did a video on this What are you talking about? Someone did a video on this? We're not the first video on YouTube on the PhoneSoap? Is this is not an original idea? – [Matt] I think Package Shrink, did it I think his name is Hugh? – Package shrink, Hugh from Package Shrink – [Matt] Yeah

– No one's gonna get that reference that was too cleverly disguised (laughter) Here's a question though This should supposedly not be damaging to phones However, I am dailying the Galaxy Z Flip with a plastic screen – [Ken] Oh, no

– I'm not gonna put this in there Wait, what if I put it in closed? – No, no – I mean — – It'll be fine – [Matt] You're only sanitizing half of it – [Ken] Does that fit? (laughter) – Oh, it does, it does

It fits, it fits How do we know it's working? Do I just close it? – [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] There's a light on – [Matt] Like it's not even making a noise or nothing I don't think you're supposed to look at the UV light

– I think we're just putting our phone in a box right now So while we let this sit for 10 minutes, which I think will automatically turn off, why don't we move onto the next product The X Game? So this is clearly a screenshot from Asphalt It's a happy family playing blue PlayStation controllers with a knockoff Xbox One S What? (laughs) It's a baby Xbox, (laughs) it's so cute

It's like a 2/3 scale Xbox which is by the way (knocks) 100% hollow So for reference this is the size of the X Game, side by side with Xbox One X It's 2/3 scale maybe, very strange and very light It's definitely empty, there's one little board in here somewhere – [Ken] You flip that like it was nothing

– Up front we have, where the Xbox button would be, just a button We have a fake optical drive, a couple of USB ports We have our HDMI and our RCA, our DC-in and our Compact Flash It also says X Game on it, not Xbox X Game, very different thing Does it really come with these blue PS1 controllers? It does and this is a straight like a DualShock

Look, it's a clear DualShock except it has ABCD buttons (laughs) – Great, great, great – [Austin] Is there anything happening? – The light turned on – The light is on – I could totally see that — – It's plugged in

Oh, oh, X Game, X Game That's an X Game Neogeo, GBA game SNES game, SMD game — – That actually looks surprisingly good – [Matt] That's a cool looking splash screen, I'm not gonna lie – We've got pretty solid selection

I thought it's gonna be so stupid like NES knockoff, this is actually not bad That scaling is atrocious, can I get some volume Oh, what that? There's like almost a half second between pressing a button and anything happening – [Ken] That don't look good – You'll see the screen tearing look

– It's aliasing hard – Yeah look We should like pause the frame somewhere You can see every part of the screen is moving at a different rate – [Ken] You can see it on the black on the right

– Yeah, exactly – [Matt] Yeah that's real bad – Why is Pocket Monsters in the Genesis game What is this? Oh, oh no – Oh, it's Ash

– Oh, no – This looks cool – [Austin] It's a side scroller Wait, what are those things? – Wait, wait, wait – What is this? Imagine you go, "Mom, can I play Pokemon? "I want the new Pokemon game," you get this

Like really? This is what everyone wants to play I'm impressed that most of these games do seem to be legitimate They're roms but it does have a lot of emulators sort of built in Well to be fair audio does not work though, it could be an issue where this monitor doesn't like the audio but we got no sound out of this whatsoever Oh God, wait, how does this work when I place it

What's the frame rate? What is this frame rate? – Wow! Nice Powerpoint presentation – (laughs) All that was like 16 frames in total This is not remotely playable, nevermind I take back everything nice I said about this thing So it has been 10 minutes, let's see if the PhoneSoap has been phone soaped The phone is still here, (sniffs) smells clean

– Does it? (sniffs) Smells exactly the same, what do you mean? – (laughs) Just want to get you to smell it (laughs) The NexDock, wait are we just jacking Lew videos now because I saw this on a Lew video recently too (laughs) So, the NexDock is a very interesting concept Essentially what you get here is a laptop We all know laptops, they're wonderful, they're great

However, this has no spec, no OS It is simply the hardware of a laptop that's a lot of cables You see that So this is the NexDock Now first glance, looks just like a laptop

It's aluminum, it's very cool to the touch and we've got a ton of ports We've got three USB C's, we've got an HDMI, we've got a USB A, micro SD card reader, headphone jack When you open it up, you'll see that looks quite nice but don't forget, this has no OS, this has no internals, there's nothing in this besides the battery, the screen and the inputs, because this is meant to be used with another device Such as a Samsung device such as my Z Flip So theoretically, if I plug this in via USB C, I can then use this as like my DEX machine

So let's just do it, let's find out – [Matt] There's a manual in front of you – Yeah, manuals are for losers Wait, wait does the Z Flip not not support DEX? No, are you telling me my phone doesn't support DEX? – [Matt] Austin, how much did you pay for that? – A lot, a lot Matt – [Ken] There you go, Samsung DEX on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the superior phone of the two

So let me do internet Just gonna open up all the last things Oh, look at that, it's my Twitch dashboard – Which you can follow me at twitchtv/austinevans

– [Ken] You should also follow me at twitchtv (beep) What is this for though? – Some of it is for the Raspberry Pi because another use for this is you can use this with the Raspberry Pi – Whoa this is heavy – It's aluminum, it's well built

– [Ken] A $250 shell with a really good looking screen, I wish the track pad was better, if I'm honest – But there is a new version of this, that's what I really wanna check out Which has a touchscreen and maybe by then my phone will have support for it – Or not Maybe just not

– Can you just stop flexing on me with your Ultra? Real talk, I'm mildly tempted Should I just try to put my Z Flip in the Phone Soap now? Now that it's dead to me I feel like I might as well actually clean it up – [Matt] Worst case next video is We Re-bought the Galaxy Flip at Best Buy – [Austin] (chuckles) – [Matt] Since you were so down about the Z Flip we gotcha a replacement

– The Vtech, KidiBuzz G2 Is this some kids smartphone? It says wifi – [Ken] It's not a toy smartphone, it's an actual smartphone – But it says mobile network subscription not required, it works on wifi only? – [Ken] Yes, it's an iPod Touch for the extremely young generation that doesn't have iOS for some reason – How much was the KidiBuzz? – [Ken] 100 bucks

– Yeah, I feel like a hand me down iPhone with parental controls is probably a much better idea (laughter) That's not Linusing it, it only dropped like two inches, it's fine (laughs) This is the S20 Ultra, look how big it is Oh wow, that is a bad screen, that's not good Turn on wifi, well, yes, I would love to turn on wifi

It's got five gigahertz wifi – Oh my god – What? – Five gigahertz wifi – That's not bad Wait, wait, wait

Hold on, hold on (phone plays ringtone) – [Matt] Why is this the marriage theme? – [Ken] It's to remind your parents of the mistakes they made when they had you – That's good Ken, I like that, good attitude So here comes the part when I registered my KidiBuzz, but I need to check my email on my Galaxy Z Flip Okay

Everything's fine on the back, no worries there Oh look, it works – [Ken] What a shame? – (sniffs) Yeah, it smells the same Say cheese guys – Cheese guys – Cheese

– [Austin] Is that sharp? – [Matt] It's kinda hard to tell – [Austin] (laughs) fair – Will it fit in the Phone Soap? – [Matt] Arguably that's what needs the PhoneSoap the most – That definitely needs the PhoneSoap – Oh god

– You need to censor the logo Look Josh is gonna be so upset with you What is the Aqua Tru? – [Ken] It is a gigantic water purifier – Okay, what's the gimmick? – That's insane, why is that thing water? Give it a shot here, what you're supposed to do is you're supposed– – I'm annoyed watching this video, I'm not gonna lie – And look at that, it turns straight into water

– Does it really work like that? – Do you see this right now? – That's why we got it – All right all right Reverse osmosis, pre carbon, what kind of filter, how much was this filter, Ken? – [Ken] $450 – It better turn Coke into water for $450 This thing is massive, you know we are gonna completely ruin this thing

If you're just filtering tap water, this seems maybe a touch excessive but if you're trying to filter Coke through it, let's give it a try Now it does say we're supposed to run four tanks of water before first use So we have run a couple of tanks of fresh water to get the filters up and running So now, let's just pour some Coke in and ruin this very expensive water filtration machine Wait, hang on, let me let me taste test first to make sure

Yeah, it's real Coke All right, let's do it Wait, we're gonna be a lot of Coke for this thing, I just realized how big this thing is (laughs) – [Ken] I should have got a two liter – Yeah, two liter would have a better idea

So we have six cans of Coke inside the water filtration machine So let's see what happens if we try to filter it I don't think this is going to go well Do you think it'll actually work? Real talk around the room, is it gonna work? – [Ken] I think so – [Matt] I think it's gonna work I just don't think it's gonna give you crystal clear water

– [Ken] I think it's gonna taste essence of Coke – Let's find out – Coke flavor LaCroix – Yes, if someone whispered the word Coke into a glass of water – (laughs) There's water coming out

Although to be fair, there's already water in the filter So that's probably like initially but if we start to see a significant amount of this Coke come across, we know it's gonna work – [Ken] I'll really believe it halfway through – How much water do you think could be one of those filters? I guess technically all three filters probably have some water in them – Yeah

– [Austin] Those filters are not that big though, there's no way that filters can handle that much Coke, no way It doesn't look like it's pulling very fast from this I'm seeing like blob, blob, blob, blob So this might take a while Do you think it's just broken? Do you think we just broke it? – [Ken] I feel like it's been at the same level for a while

– (laughs) – [Ken] Which is why I've been starring at it for so long – Did you want me to try that? – Sure – Let's try some of our supposed Coke water (sniffs) it actually kinda smells like Coke That doesn't actually taste like Coke that tastes like minerals or like filter or something

I don't think this is actually going to work Let's let this run overnight and see if it jams, see if we actually have all the water filled up or whether this thing is a complete and total scam Not necessarily the water filtration, mind you because they don't claim it but if some other videos that claim that this is a Coke into water machine are a real scam – [Ken] Best case it becomes Dasani – (laughs) That was a good one, that was a good one

We will be right back So it is the next day I got here to the office before everyone else and I, look I wanted to see if it worked (laughs) Let's take a look shall we? So I'm really curious to see (laughs) eeeww! This is it? After sitting here for over 12 hours, the coke has lost all of its carbonation and the filtered water is just

I don't know how much you can see but that is not clear at all – Oh, that's kinda sad – Oh no – Wait, wait – No it did a little work

– Wow, wait a minute – No, that did a lot of work That's way more than when Because let's remember this was empty – [Ken] Yeah, but now we have Cokie water, It's definitely not — – Smell it, smell it

– This definitely is LaCroix flavored coke but flat Oh, no (laughter) – [Austin] Ken, give me the taste test – The cups not entirely clean but it's okay – [Austin] (laughs) The water isn't either

– [Matt] It tastes like months old coke – [Austin] So Ken, for this episode of Mystery Tech, were are we successful in copying a viral video? – That tasted worse the second time (laughter) – It's not good, it's not, don't do this

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