Can Nokia Beat the Pocophone?

– Hey guys, this is Austin 2018 has been a great year for smartphones

The Pixel 3 is killing it on the camera side We've got the OPPO Find X, which might be the coolest design yet, and we have the good old Pocophone, which at $300 has kinda changed the game I just realized that this is a blue phone on a blue background Does that look weird? Wait, I'll hold it in this hand The Pocophone, it's changing the game

For real though, this phone has changed the way a lot of smartphones are being sold right now Previously the OnePlus really was kind of like the standard of the, sort of, benchmark phone at a much cheaper price, right? So you get all the flagship specs, but usually at a couple hundred dollar discount However, this year the Pocophone is doing the exact same thing, but it's something close to $300 While most phones at this price point have significantly slower internals than the flagships of the world, that's where the Pocophone definitely differs Inside, it has the exact same Snapdragon 845 processor as in the $1,000 Galaxy Note9

The battery, again, the exact same size as that Note9, and when you take a look at the design, it's fairly similar to the notch on the iPhone And while yes it is made of plastic, when you consider that all of this is coming in a phone that's just a little bit over $300, it is seriously impressive That's where this comes in The brand new Nokia 71, which at $350 might just be able to go head to head

The biggest difference here is in build So the Pocophone does come in a couple of configurations This is the Armored Edition with the aramid fiber back, and you also have the cheaper plastic But neither of these really can hold up to the glass and metal of that Nokia This looks so much nicer

Not only does it have that glass, but it's also made out of aluminum, and personally, as far as I'm concerned, it feels a lot nicer, right? Sure they definitely spent a lot more of the budget on the build quality versus the internals, but you spend all day holding the phone I do think that's an important consideration Of course, though none of this really matters too much if you put these phones in a case As much as I like the feeling of the Nokia, it is a lot more fragile right? If I drop the phone, I'm gonna shatter the back more than likely Whereas with the Pocophone, might be plastic, but if I scratch it whatever

I guess not whatever, but I don't have to replace the entire phone as apposed to this guy Considering that both phones are pretty cheap, the screens are not bad at all The Pocophone is a little bit bigger Although, they're about the same resolution The main difference here is with the speakers

Neither of these phones sound all that great So the main issue is that they both have a single bottom firing speaker, which is a little tinny and easy to cover But the good thing is that they both have our friend jack, headphone jack That headphone jack is useful for the sponsor of today's video, Massdrop and their excellent AKG M220 Pro headphones Do you see how smooth that was? – [Ken] Wow! – I know right

Headphone Jack approves These have quickly become some of my favorite headphones, especially when you consider that right now on Massdrop, they're only $35 With a wide soundstage thanks to the semi-open design, not only do they sound way better than you would expect for the price, but on top of that they're comfortable They're fairly lightweight They have replaceable ear cups as well as a cable

It's a really, really solid package Really, really, not just really solid, really, really solid Because I know adjectives and adverbs and thesauruses Massdrop wanted to make a deal just for you guys, so for the next 30 days, you can pick these up for only $35 If you've been in the market for some decent audiophile grade headphones, definitely be sure to go check them out at the link in the description of this video

The real difference between these two phones is in performance Run them through Geekbench, and you will see that there is a massive lead for the Pocophone It is really playing in a different league It also has the advantage of a heat pipe to help keep the phone cool while you're gaming, and on top of that, the Pocophone has more RAM, six gigs versus four There isn't as big of a real-world difference in performance as you might expect, but it is very clear to me that the Pocophone is a superior performer

And that goes a long way, especially if you wanna use this phone for a few years It should be able to keep up It also helps that the Pocophone has a significantly bigger battery 4,000 milliamp hours versus 3,000 on the Nokia Now at this point it might seem like the Pocophone is the very obvious winner, but there's one key area that the Nokia has over it, and that is software

So this is using Xiaomi's MIUI on top of Android 81, which is a little bit of skinned version of Android shall we say Whereas this is completely stock version of Android 90 Pie, and it is Android One compatible, which means that this is guaranteed at least two years of solid software updates Whereas the Pocophone, it's got an update so far, but who knows how long that will last

Now software can be a subjective thing, and maybe you might like some of the extra features or the way that they've skinned the Pocophone, but as far as I'm concerned, I will definitely take stock Android any day and the very least, I would wanna put a launcher on the Poco Around back, both have a similar setup with a 12 megapixel main camera as well as a depth sensor for portrait mode and for looking like you have two cameras on the back of your phone Honestly, both are totally usable, but I will give a slight edge to the Pocophone Not only does it consistently give really nice results right out of the box, but on top of that, I think a lot of people just will prefer these slight tuning of the image that Poco is doing The Nokia looks fine, but I do feel like I trust the Pocophone just a little bit more, and that goes especially in low light

The Nokia does have a little bit of an advantage when it comes to selfies, but as far as video goes, again, I'm gonna give it to the Pocophone That 4K video actually looks really impressive At least here in the US both of these phones are easily available on Amazon, links in the description

But the main difference here is that while the Nokia does come with a warranty here, the Pocophone actually doesn't have any US warranty Your results will vary based on what country you're in, but that might be a deal breaker for some people The build quality and especially the software is really impressive on the Nokia, but I have to give this one to the Pocophone

Not only is it a great overall package, but with the hundreds of dollars you're gonna save versus a bigger, more expensive flagship, you could even buy yourself a pair of shiny new Massdrop headphones, available right now (laughing) link in the description (funky music) Link in the description Go check (laughs)

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