Dad’s First Unboxing!

– Hi guys, this is Papa Evans – Is that really– You can't, you can't take my line

That's my line Hey guys, this is Austin – I just did – You may have remembered a few other videos we've done together, and back by popular demand is my dad (laughing) So, Dad, you watch a lot of video on your phone

– I sure do, sure do (laughing) – I can't take you seriously on video So you watch a lot of video on your phone – You just asked me that (dinging) (hand thumping) (laughing) – So you watch a lot of video on your phone, right? – That's right

– What are you using right now? – I am using– – The original Google Pixel, the XL – That's right, yep – Which, to be fair, Dad has great taste in smartphones But, this one's– It's actually in still pretty good shape, huh? – Yeah, it's fine – The only thing is, it's still a not huge display

– No, no – And you don't have a laptop or a tablet or anything like that right now (mouthing footstep sounds) So that is where this comes in This is the Dell Inspiron 5000 So, we've been doing a lot of stuff with Intel, who are awesome enough to sponsor this video, by the way

One of things that I really thought would be cool and they really liked the idea, is to hook you up with a little bit of a travel setup that you can not only take around and watch video on, but you get a little bit of work done So, there's a lot that you can do with a computer So, the main thing, obviously, is probably going to be video, but you can do some gaming on it It doesn't have like a dedicated graphics card It's not like a super hard core gaming PC

But, actually one of the things I think you might appreciate is it does, unlike a lot of laptops today, have a full DVD drive Now, I haven't used an optical drive in a computer in a long time, but I think this actually is a good example of why you would actually find it really useful Because you can put in CDs and DVDs You can do anything, basically everything with just this one laptop – So, I can get rid of this

– No, you can't get rid of your phone Do you wanna carry this around in your pocket all day? – No, it's a little big – No, I don't think so I don't think so What you'll find is that there is the 8th gen Core i7

It's going to give you more than enough performance for anything you want to do, especially when it comes to, say, transcoding video or whatever Do you know what transcoding video is? Sorry, that's probably a little– Have you ever transcoded a video, Dad? – Not on purpose – When you have a hard drive, you've got a lot of capacity, right? So, you can load this up with tons of video and everything like that But the thing is hard drives just aren't that fast So, Optane Memory is an addition to the hard drive

It will speed things up, like you know, when you turn on the computer and get Windows going Or, like you wanna open up your web browser or whatever the case is like that Optane Memory just speeds everything up – Which is good – It's definitely a good thing, because if you're running on a normal hard drive, it just takes a while, all right? You don't wanna wait three minutes for your computer to turn on

– Who's got three minutes? – All right, give it a try This is your new laptop I feel like I'm just like, selling you on why it's cool – Oh, I like the key function – The key function is excellent

– Is it mechanical or– – No, I don't think so Most laptops don't have mechanical keys, but it still feels pretty good, right? Have you ever actually properly used like a normal laptop keyboard? I know you used to use typewriters, which– – Yeah, 40 years ago (laughing) You know the funny thing? There was only two kids– There were two boys in typing class, and we all had to use manual keys They only had two manual typewriters All the girls got electric

(chuckling) – Are you complaining that your typewriter was too old compared to everyone else's? – Well, everybody else– You had to go bum, bum, bum (hand thumping) (laughing) – Well, can't you agree that this is much nicer? – Oh yeah, yeah (laughing) – So, the laptop itself is great This is definitely the main part of your setup But we wanted to get you hooked up with just a little bit more

So, first of all, Ken found this – Wow, Ken! – It's cool, right? So, the idea here is that this will be able to carry not only the other accessories we have for you, but also the laptop So, the next thing we got for you is a Logitech MX Anywhere 2 I'll actually let you do the unboxing on this one – Instructions, we don't really need those

– I mean, that's actually pretty much on point (zipping) – Yeah You know where he gets that from now (laughing) – There's also a carrying case for your mouse So, this is Ken's favorite pair of headphones

The Sony 1000XM3 So, do you ever actually listen to headphones? – Oh yeah – Do you? – Yeah – When? – When Mom's around (dinging) – Wow

Wow Wow (laughing) Okay – [Ken] She doesn't watch the videos (laughing) (dinging) – Okay

– Once I get it charged, how long is this good for? – It's actually good for– Actually, it says on the box I think it's like 20 hours or something 30 hours It's good for 30 hours It would be much more helpful if you didn't throw the box across the room, (dinging) but yeah, 30 hours

– Be nice if you knew the specs before (dinging) (quacking) – All right, so, toss 'em on That feel good? – What'd you say? – Oh, you can't hear me right now? – Yeah, I can (laughing) (dinging) Now, listen to your music It's pretty solid

Why don't you listen to mine? This guy's name is Logic – Oh okay, I've heard of him – Oh, well that's a good start, right – Normally I don't like rap – Uh-huh

– I still don't like rap (laughing) (dinging) – So that's pretty much everything you need for your main setup, but one other thing we wanted to throw in is something I've been using a lot lately Is this, it's the Anker PowerCore Fusion What it does, if I pop it out here– It looks just like a normal power adapter, right? You've got two USB ports But, the cool thing is, this is also a battery bank

– I definitely need this – Yeah, it's really, really good I love it Then, you've got a little carrying case for this, too – No, that's a sock

– It's a carrying pouch – We're gonna call this a sock – Why is that a sock? It's not even– – It looks like a sock – What kind of feet do you have? – Little bitty ones (laughing) – So, I've done a lot of talking in this video, right? Do you wanna take over? Do you wanna walk people through your new setup? – Not really

Okay, okay – Thank you – They spend a lot of money on all this really nice tanned leather, right? – Uh-huh – Why do they use nylon straps? – Oh – $400, I think this should be leather

Ken, they ripped you off, buddy Okay, and here we go Here's the new Dell, and it opens up (mouthing whooshing sounds) (laughing) – So you know how to use the C angle, it's great – I need two of these

– Why do you need two of these? – Okay, we're both going somewhere – Uh-huh – We're watching Back to the Future I got mine on You need a pair

– Look at this, Dad lookin' out for me right now Yeah, Ken, why didn't you get me another pair of headphones? – Yeah, Ken – Yeah, Ken – Ken – Dad, thank you for coming on the video

Thanks for being on the channel It's been way too long If you guys wanna check out Dad, sorry you can't, 'cause he doesn't Internet very well But, he's got a laptop, so maybe he'll– You could create a channel on this thing Oh, wait

You know you could make a YouTube channel on this laptop, right? – Oh really? – Yeah, like a webcam, you can edit video – There's a lot of comments saying I ought to start my own YouTube Competition – Whoa, wait – What? – Are you trying– What do you mean, competition? What are you, are you trying to steal my job right now? – No, no, no, no

Hey guys, this is Papa Evans I'm not stealing your stuff, no way (laughs) – You literally just stole my line That's my thing, that's, I say that – Sue me

– [Matt] You want me and Ken's résumé? – (chuckles) I pay more – What? – Oh man, oh, yo – Better hours, too – This video took a dramatic turn very quickly Hopefully you enjoyed the Dad setup

I guess he's got a channel soon I guess everyone's leaving me, so you should probably just go check that out – You want a job? (dinging) (laughing) – Anyway, big thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video and making this whole madness happen with the awesome Dell Inspiron 5000 Now, if you'll excuse us, I guess I'm gonna start working for Dad? (laughing)

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