Does Your Next Smartphone Cost $200?

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With flagship smart phones costing in excess of $1000 sometimes, it really got me thinking Is it possible to get yourself an actually decent smart phone for less than $200? Which brings us here So in front of me I have four phones all costing less than $200 So I just took a look at the Nokia 2 as part of my why does Nokia exist in 2018 video, and my verdict on it was actually really positive So for $100 you're going to be getting some premium build quality features like an actual aluminum chassis, a giant 4100mAh battery

So there's decent software, a nice screen There really wasn't a lot to complain about, besides the performance Move up to the BLU and for another $40, you're getting a much larger phone So this actually looks a lot more modern in a lot of ways I feel like the main thing that you're gonna immediately notice is the 18 by 9 aspect ratio on the screen

There's still going to be bezels but they're a lot smaller than on the Nokia One thing that is added on the BLU, though, is a rear facing fingerprint sensor Something that's really nice to see on a budget device like this Spend another $30 though and you can get yourself the Doogee Mix Now this phone easily feels like it could cost twice it's price

So the first thing you notice is the near bezel-less design Yeah, there's gonna be a tiny bezel up top And there is a fairly big chin but it looks very distinctive and that, combined with the heft as well as the nice metal build, the glass front and back, this really does feel like a phone that could easily cost $500 Of course it's not going to be perfect, so with that chin comes a fingerprint sensor that's going to be down here Unfortunately you still have on-screen Android keys which feels like a little bit of a waste

And also, very bizarrely the front facing camera is on the bottom right side But I guess they didn't really have anywhere else to put it? With the NUU G3, you're getting something that looks very, very similar to a certain series of Samsung Galaxy devices But that's actually not going to be a bad thing in my opinion So around back, it's got that same sort of curved edges, you've got the dual cameras as well as the fingerprint sensor But interestingly, you're also going to be getting a tapered glass finish on the back, as well as even on the display

It does curve a little bit on the edges And bizarrely, even though they did add a USB-C port, the only of these phones that actually does have USB-C They removed the headphone jack Which, weirdly, the Galaxy S9 actually was able to keep this generation As far as the screens go, all four phones actually do have decent displays

So the Nokia 2 has a five inch, 720p panel Step up to the BLU and you're getting that taller 18 by 9 aspect ratio, with a 1440 by 720 resolution However it's going to be stretched on a six inch display which does look a little bit soft sometimes The Doogee is rocking a 55 inch 720p panel and interestingly this is actually going to be a Samsung AMOLED panel

Now the colors, to my eye, are going to be a little bit over saturated But it's a good looking panel However, my favorite is actually going to be on the NUU So this is still a 57 inch 720p panel

Same as basically all of these However, the color, the brightness, the contrast, and especially the viewing angles really do set this a slight bit above the rest of the other phones When you're spending $200 on a smart phone, you shouldn't expect any kind of crazy performance However, two of these phones actually do perform pretty well One of the phones that does not, however is the Nokia 2

And this is honestly a case where I feel like Nokia made a lot of the right decisions when they were designing this phone, but I think they cheaped out just a little bit too much when it comes to performance So inside, you're going to find a Snapdragon 212 processor, which is a very old and very slow quad core chip And that is going to be paired with a mere one gigabyte of RAM and eight gigabytes of storage Now the eight gigs of storage you can kinda get around because you do have a microSD card slot But only one gig of RAM and that slow CPU just makes Android feel not great

Move up to the Vivo and you're going to be getting an upgraded Snapdragon 425 processor That's still going to be quad core, however there are going to be updated Cortex 853s, which is pretty much shared with the rest of these phones And importantly, you're going to be getting three gigs of RAM as well as 32 gigs of storage That's going to be plenty to run pretty much any kind of Android app or game right now And on top of that, what you're going to be getting is a pretty decently sized 3000mAh battery

Interestingly, both the Doogee as well as the NUU are rocking very similar specs So they each have the MediaTek 6757 eight core processor They're both paired with four gigabytes of RAM And they both also have 64 gigabytes of built in storage with microSD expandability The biggest difference here is that while the NUU has a 3000mAh battery, the Doogee is going to have a slightly bigger 3380mAh cell

That was a lot of words Use these phones in the real world though, and you'll see this is one of the best examples of why specs and benchmarks aren't everything So inside Geekbench what you're going to find is that the Doogee and the NUU are going to be significantly faster But in practice, that's actually not the case So the BLU actually feels really nice

Sure, on paper, it's not going to have quite the same spec and quite as much memory but it's fairly snappy It's going to be responsive And it is going to have the power to do some gaming However, when you step to the Doogee, what you're gonna find is something that feels really, really old school There's one clear reason for that

This software is straight garbage town Now I think what it is, is it's going to be a really poorly optimized build of Android paired with a pretty heavy skin So when I'm scrolling around here, what I feel is just the frame rate is slow It doesn't feel responsive It really feels like I'm using a phone from five, six, seven years ago, and that's totally not okay at any price, especially when you consider that cheaper phones are going to perform and feel much, much better

The best of both worlds though, is going to be the NUU, so not only do you have the on paper specs and the potential of those specs, but you also have a build of Android which is going to be fairly clean and you know, not laggy and slow Sure, if you put this side by side with something like a Pixel, it's not going to be able to hold up but for a normal person just to pick up the phone and use, it is going to be totally respectable And of course, what better way to take advantage of those awesome specs than by playing some Clash Royale, the sponsor of today's video Don't you love my super clean segue? I've had a lot of travel lately, which has given me a lot of time to play some mobile games And I've found that Clash Royale has legitimately taken up almost all of my phone gaming time

Clash Royale is a free to play game where you can duel players in real time while unlocking arenas, cards, and collecting treasure Now I gotta say, I'm not usually into freemium mobile games, but Clash Royale is really well done So it's really simple to be able to get into a match, and once you get in there, while it's easy to learn, there's plenty of depth to make it challenging And you can still play with your friends as well And if you really wanna get into it, they released a new feature called Clan Wars, where you could assemble a clan and compete against others in a series of battle modes to see who's the best

So if this looks cool to you, you can check it out in the link in the description Or you can just search up Clash Royale on Google Play as well as the App Store While it might be slow, the Nokia 2 has the cleanest build of Android here Now right now, it's running on Android 7 although it will be getting an update to Oreo pretty soon But even though this isn't an Android One device, it really does feel like it

There's essentially no bloat, and actually Nokia's been good with updates, too The NUU G3 isn't far off Now yes, there are a couple of apps and they've done a little bit of tweaking, but for the most part, you are getting a stock build of Android What you're not necessarily getting though is any real guarantee of solid Android updates in the future But, right now, seems to be working out okay if you don't mind taking the risk

Come over to the BLU and well, we've got some software issues First of all, it is a pretty offensive skin So not only do you not even have an app drawer, but there's a lot of bloat on this guy Now I get it, they've gotta make some sacrifices to be able to hit this price point, but if this is me, I would put some serious work into cleaning up as much as I could, changing the launcher because right now, yeah, not good Whereas the Doogee has well some straight garbage town software that I've already complained about

But, yeah, it's just not good But what could be good are the cameras on all four of these phones Or they might not be good, actually They are less than $200 So, yeah

So to start with, let's give the $100 Nokia 2 a try Now this guy has a single eight megapixel rear facing camera So as with a lot of things on the Nokia 2, the performance is not going to be fast when it comes to taking photos And to be fair, this is a really challenging shot, which it really doesn't hold the highlights well in That's a very white sky

There's some detail there, although it almost seems like the processing is a little bit soft Although I say processing, most likely it's the less than stellar optics on this tiny, tiny little camera Stepping up in the budget range to the $140 BLU we do get a 13 megapixel camera And well, it looks bigger so it must better right? Allow camera to phone Why, yes, I want my camera to phone

That's definitely something I want Alright so let's throw that really contrasting shot at it So there's definitely more detail with the BLU shot however, I actually feel like there's even less dynamic range It really does have a hard time with those highlights whereas the Nokia actually did a better job at keeping them in Here's gonna be a shot that's a little bit more normal

Get an excellent closeup of one of Ken's waifus Yeah, that's actually not bad at all It's actually fairly sharp The dynamic range really isn't as big of a problem here with the less contrasting shot I'm actually pretty happy with that, especially for 140 bucks

Now a lot of smart phones have some sort of beauty mode in the camera But something I've never seen is on this BLU we have a beauty video mode Alright, so this is a test of beauty video mode So you guys can be the judge for yourselves, on whether I am more beautiful or I look exactly the same and there's a stupid softening filter on my face Step up to the $170 Doogee and we're going to find dual cameras

Now here we're going to be getting a 16 megapixel main sensor paired with a 8 megapixel telephoto camera You know that's actually not bad So it does still have issues with the dynamic range, but there's a lot of detail, it's nice and sharp, and importantly, it kept exposure of the main subject pretty much all in here Let's try blur mode Oh, wow, let's not try blur mode, are you serious? That's a photo I just took in 2018

Some quality Doogee images right there That is wow Well last, but certainly not least we have the NUU G3 at $200 Now this guy's also going to be rocking dual cameras, however what's different about this one is that while they're not only going to be slightly lower resolution, 13 plus five as opposed to 16 plus eight, but that secondary camera actually doesn't really function as a telephoto option It's just going to be there for extra depth data, for stuff like the portrait mode

First thing I notice is that the processing seems to be a lot faster When you take a shot, there really isn't that huge shutter lag that there was on some of the other phones Oh man, this portrait mode's not good Oh, I can tell already this is not going to be pretty I think you could do something a little bit creative with this but, yeah, portrait mode, not really gonna be the strong suit of sub $200 smart phones

Comparing the selfies, the first thing that jumps out to me is the Doogee The color is just really, really washed out Sure there's detail there but it just looks terrible The Nokia actually has very vibrant rich colors I think it's a, maybe a little bit soft

There's definitely some sort of chromatic aberrations going on Or it looks like there's some weird filter almost It's passable The NUU doesn't do a terrible job of getting detail and there's plenty of dynamic range But the color just looks off

It just looks very sort of, cool, very de-saturated? I'm not, not a fan What should be no surprise is that the BLU takes the best selfie Now a big part of that is that not only does it have a front facing flash, but also has a 16 megapixel selfie shooter Something that's way beyond any of these cameras Alright so it is conclusion time

Now coming in at number four is the Nokia 2 Now don't get me wrong, there's a lot that I like about this phone The build quality is nice, the battery is going to be massive and the software is really clean However what really undoes it, is going to be the super low end internals Now I can kinda get by the low end processor, but with only one gig of RAM it really makes this almost unusable, especially when you consider that for only a little bit more you can get a ton more phone

A solid third place goes to the Doogee Mix Now there's a lot to like with this phone The idea that it has a nearly bezel-less design really does make it stand out I love the heft, the way that the phone feels And the hardware is great

But what undoes it is the software I said it before and I'll say it again, it is a straight up deal breaker for me A very solid second place goes to the BLU Vivo XL3 Plus Now there is a ton to like with this guy $140 price tag feels like it's right in the sweet spot

You're getting a solid build You're getting a nice size screen You're getting decent performance The cameras are decent, the selfie camera is great Really the only major problem is that the software is going to need some tweaking

Now if you don't mind putting a little bit of time into your phone to customize things like your launcher, then the BLU is really worth a look If you're buying a phone under $200 though, I really do like the NUU G3 It pairs an awesome build that really is very similar to phones such as the Galaxy S9, which costs three, four, five times as much with a really nice screen You're getting that taller aspect ratio The camera's going to be decent but importantly, the software is clean and the performance is top notch

It's a close one, I feel like a lot of people might be happy with the BLU but if it's my money, I'm going to spend a little bit more to get a much nicer overall package

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