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– Today we waste $1,400 on mystery tech Usually it's Ken who's doing the wasting

However, today he decided to let his Twitch followers spend all the money for this episode So if it sucks, you know who to blame, yourself (chill music) Hello, welcome to "Mystery Tech" Fish Belli Pet one inch pet apatosaurus I have a, wait, that's a tattoo! I get to put on a tattoo! – [Matt] Hold pressure on that for a couple minutes

– Okay, I'm thoroughly holding Okay, I think it's gotta be good, right? Ooh, look at that! That right there is some A+ quality – [Ken] It matches your Taco Bell shirt – Wait, can I make him fly? – [Matt] Wow, what a literal flex – With a fresh tattoo let's see what's in the box

(Austin laughs) Wait, that's it? Just a little dinosaur I'm not sure what I expected – [Ken] It's not tech, but it's nice – Are we changing the name of "Mystery Tech" to "Mystery Nice"? This is not Roboraptor, to be clear, that this is Roboraptor X, but he can have his little buddy there Thank you very much for watching this episode of "Mystery Tech"

You subscribe to the channel, right? I mean, obviously now that I've gotten a permanent dinosaur tattoo of Roboraptor's weird fourth cousin, twice removed, you know you gotta subscribe to the channel What are you waiting for? Hit the bell You're waiting for the tech? Is that the joke? You're trying to make fun of me 'cause I don't have any tech? Guess what? That's your fault because you didn't buy any tech That looks like tech Good job, Ken

That was very well-timed – [Ken] By the way, this item, you might be wondering – Was it really expensive? – [Ken] You might be wondering why it's not a box, first of all

Because it is not retail packaging, but the company that sent it to us is sponsoring today's "Mystery Tech" – We have a sponsor for "Mystery Tech"? We have a sponsor for "Mystery Tech"! We have a sponsor for "Mystery Tech"! Yes, yes! The years of wasting money are over What is this? – [Matt] That is the Duolink, your first speaker buds – Speaker buds? Wow, me and my buds hanging out with my speaker buds Is this the one that breaks in, oh

So essentially it's a stereo speaker that's magnetic, when you take it apart, and then you actually have the earbuds themselves Okay, so they sound pretty good So I think the thing that's interesting about them is that the buds themselves have a lot of really good passive noise cancellation So literally just putting them in your ears blocks out a lot of noise But on top of that you have the capacitive touch on the back, to play and pause, as well as change your volume

What I wanna do is, how does it work with the actual speaker? Do I just put them in? – [Matt] Yes – Okay (dynamic music) Oh! I did it Wait, how'd I do that? Wait, you just put them back in, that's it? Wait, what happens if I take it out? Oh, whoa, it's like instant Yo! Okay, okay, okay, that's actually pretty cool

Woo – [Matt] That's the, there ya go – Yeah Look, we're like filling the room with sound right now Yo, this is like actually stereo effect from all the way over here

Yo, this is pretty rad So how much is Duolink? – [Matt] At the time of shooting, you can pick them up on Kickstarter for $99 – This is 99 bucks? – [Matt] Yup, and when it goes full retail, it would only be 150 – That's actually really solid So even at $100, or even $150, but especially at $100

I mean the in-ear headphones themselves are almost worth that And that's not even considering that you have the speaker, which as far as I'm concerned is kind of the coolest part I mean, sure, there've been wireless earbuds around in the past But the idea of combining it with a Bluetooth speaker that can actually break apart, and it all charges and syncs together, that's really rad So definitely be sure to go check out Duolink at the link in the description and get yourself some sweet audio action

(upbeat music) Sweet audio action, is that really the way I said that? Sweet audio action – Yeah – Sweet audio action – [Matt] Those are words that came out of your mouth – Hm, well, thank you very much for sponsoring this video Duolink

And thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy your sweet audio action So I just doubled down on that one Just so you're aware I caught it Wonder Bread, oh, Ken

First think I see, best if used by weeks ago Is that another toaster? – [Matt] It's not just a toaster, it's a Revolution – Okay, here's the thing There was an episode of "Mystery Tech" a little while ago where Ken bought a very, very expensive Japanese toaster, which was touted to be the world's greatest toaster And after mercilessly making fun of him, I realized that it actually was a very good toaster, and I legitimately use it every day

How much was the Revolution Cooking Toast-o-matic 1400? – [Ken] $300 (chill music) – That's a really big screen Oh, you know what though? It comes up fast Oh! – [Ken] Fancy – So you know the one thing I actually don't like about normal toasters? We're all friends here, I can admit this

A little scary A little scary – What? – [Matt] Are you afraid of toasters? – Look, I appreciate some toasted bread But everything's fine, it's nice and quiet, all of sudden, bang! And then your bread pops up It's a very frightening sound

– [Matt] It's very silent (toaster beeps) Oh, how fun – Okay, yeah, this is actually pretty good This is pretty good, Ken You got me with a toaster again

It's very hot It's crisped – Oh that is literally perfect (toast crunches) Oh wow Whoa, whoa! – Calm down

Whoa! What, that's actually pretty good – [Matt] It's toast – No but it– – It's plain toast – The consistency – [Matt] Could you guys be any whiter right now? – The consistency

– [Matt] Yeah, I know who I'm talking to – All right, we're gonna go pastry, fresh, start – [Matt] Bold to say that's fresh, but Give me my Pop-Tart – Mm You get one Pop-Tart, I get the other one – Everyone knows you eat two, okay – Get outta here

You think I'm not gonna eat a Pop-Tart? I mean, I'm not exactly a Pop-Tart reviewer, but if I were to review the Revolution toaster, it may not be a revolution – [Ken] Would you pay $300 for it, with your own money? – Absolutely not Not a chance But, it does a pretty good job Also, I like Pop-Tarts

That's a lot of Pop-Tarts, imagine $300 in Pop-Tarts I think I'd rather have that Okay Not another one of these Okay so, so this is 12 inch HD mobile phone screen amplifier with Bluetooth speaker

What that really means, if you speak non-marketing, is it's a little piece of plastic in front of the screen to magnify it, and a Bluetooth speaker, and a little stand I can most assuredly guarantee you that it will not look like this It's gonna look bad Can we just take a second and acknowledge that these are a bunch of stock photos with it horribly photoshopped And look, there's these two girls, and there's like part of a phone

This guy who's on like a laptop and they put it in front Best gift for the old Like this one, which just doesn't even make That is some of the worst photoshopping I have ever seen Oh man, this is cheap, cheap This is like that dirt-cheap plastic How much was this Bluetooth speaker combination? – [Ken] $25 – That is about $21 too expensive

So here is our obligatory piece of plastic, which is going to quote unquote magnify our screen So this is what we used for the Switch, right? The Switch Lite? – It's similar, actually that is a very similar Oh that, yup, also as creepy as I remember Wow! Whoa! – Woo, woo There we go

Wait, here you can have this There we go – Psychedelic – This is Ken's new camera lens Oh, oh, oh, okay

We're almost there, we're almost there Okay If I look at it like this, yeah, this is a good view I think this is great I'm just gonna say, don't waste your money on one of these things 'cause they all suck

We've done like five of them on "Mystery Tech" But if you're looking for a really cool camera filter, boom, there you go See, boring HD vision, fun-o-vision Who doesn't want to have some fun-o-vision? Certainly not me Is that a Furby? – It is a Furby

– So before I even open up the Furby Boom, Ken how much was this? 'Cause I remember hearing stories that this was a very popular kid's toy and they were very expensive – [Ken] So I paid $55 for this – Like five-five? – Five-five – Oh, that's not so bad Okay

– Scratch that Add an extra $100 to that – It was $150? – Yes (funky music) Okay, all right Oh, that's that's disturbing, if you open up its eyes and they're just blank and soulless

Oh All right – I know that feeling – Are you okay, Matt? – No My cries for help are loud

(Furby chattering) (Roboraptor roaring) – Roboraptor, Roboraptor Roboraptor, Roboraptor (toys chattering) Are they talking right now? Wait, does Roboraptor like the Furby? (Furby singing) What, Roboraptor's all excited! – [Matt] This is the first thing he hasn't immediately attacked (beeps) The Furby has turned Roboraptor against us – No! Is this how we lose Roboraptor? – [Furby] No way

– Oh, yeah! – Get him Roboraptor! – Yeah! There we go, that's what I'm talking about It's okay, don't worry about that It's fine Okay, well Roboraptor's excited This is the collectable Good Tiger Electronics Wheel of Fortune

More toys? Actually, I like Wheel of Fortune though Okay, let's go, round one Okay Event, spin (upbeat music) $500

Can I get a Wait, E, what? I'm player two? Why would I not be player one? (toy buzzing and beeping) Oh, it's broken It's just the E button is being constantly pressed

– [Ken] Oh that's sad – [Matt] Give it a good whack (toy beeping) – Yeah, doesn't work Ta-dah, it's me, hello "Mystery Tech" time

Ooh, it's a big one A keyboard Oh, it's a bad keyboard! A bad keyboard! The Advantage Two ergonomic keyboard Ken, I've always looked at these and I always think they look so stupid So recently we took a look at some of the best mechanical keyboards that you can buy, or customize, and even build

And after that I have a much finer appreciation for this kind of stuff So, for reference, in this particular typing test I average around 70 to 90 based on the keyboard, words per minute So let's see how this one works Oh, that is really bad I have to look down 'cause I don't know where anything is

19 words per minute with 93% accuracy Okay, so look, if this is something that is helpful for you, I get the idea of this being very ergonomic Look, I mean, how I'm resting my wrists here, I guess it doesn't feel super comfortable right out the gate But I think that I am fortunate enough not to have really any carpal tunnel issues, but it's an interesting concept It actually does work

But this is something that you really need to commit to, you really need to get very much acquainted with, and then it might be all right But I don't think I'll be switching anytime soon Vufine, a heads-up display to integrate with your devices for a hands-free experience This isn't, is this the Google Glass except dumb? – [Matt] So you mean Google Glass? – I walked straight into that one Okay, so we have our instruction manual

And, is this it? Oh wow, that's just a Okay So I just do this

– [Ken] And most importantly, you can use it with your prescriptions, if I understand it correctly (chill music) – I don't think I'm using it right – [Ken] Definitely not, no – Uh, uh, this is very strange So I essentially can see what's on the PC screen

It's pretty sharp I think the display is only like 540p But because, to my eye, it's like, they say it's like a four inch screen, it's very, very small But I can very clearly read what's on the laptop screen right now I can see the zero, zeros on the fans

The problem is though, if you see, it keeps pulling my glasses off my face So you have to find some way of managing your cable It's interesting, it's cool I don't think it's worth 200 bucks Thank you very much for watching this episode of "Mystery Tech"

I'm very happy to report that we had some tech today And if you would like to see hot, spicy, "Mystery Tech" episodes directly to your sub feed, make sure to subscribe here to the channel And keep that bell tolling for the latest and greatest in Ken's questionable decisions Can I watch it, can I watch our new video on this? I bet I could There we go

Yeah, there we go

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