FAKE vs REAL Wish Tech Challenge

– Hey guys, this is Austin and welcome back to another edition of Wish Mystery Tech, this time featuring 100% more Amazon So today, every item that I pick on Wish, we need to find an equivalent version on Amazon, and see just exactly how good or bad the deal is

Consumers, prepare to be advised I have a Sennhei IE 800 for $27 here Shall we take another spin at the roulette wheel? – [Ken] Yes, original without box – [Austin] Original without box, okay, $32 (humming) Man, there's a lot of censoring we have to do on this one, dude

So this is interesting So a pair of Nike React 270s – [Ken] Ooh! – [Austin] You know what? 20 bucks, let's see if these are real shoes – [Ken] What's that look? – [Austin] Elastic shirt garter That's a good idea, right? – [Ken] I need a bunch of those in my life, yeah

– I mean, obviously it's gonna be uncomfortable and look really weird on your leg, but to keep your shirt nicely from being untucked – [Ken] Well yeah, but like, the five percent of your life that you're going to be in front of someone – Yeah, yeah, no, that totally makes sense Whoa, five percent? (Ken laughing) Five percent! What's five percent? What, Ken, what are you doing man? Five percent's a lot Oh, an iPhone

An iPhone 6s, unlocked, $140 So yeah, these are definitely used So we can pick B grade or A grade I mean, let's just get the cheap one, right? 16 gig B grade? Oh, what is this, an iPad? Fourth gen – [Ken] That's not bad, right? – For a hundred dollars? Should we try to grab some fake, or sorry, (clearing throat) some refurbished Apple products from Wish? I found an S10, an S10 Plus

– How much? – $153 Let's see the photos Oh wait, that actually looks like an S10 (humming) All right, let's buy ourselves the latest six point five inch, dynamic AMOLED screen, 4G unlocked smart phone Okay, so with a grand total of $480 and $82 for shipping, we have all the items we need for our Wish investigation

See exactly just how real and how good of a deal some of this stuff really is Hello my friends and welcome (dinosaur roaring) You almost took me out with that one All right Okay, so these are the supposedly real Sennheiser IE 800 headphones

Now this is actually the entire reason why we did this video was because we had originally taken a look at another pair of these on a Wish Mystery Tech a couple months ago And they were incredibly, incredibly authentic They came in the box, everything I thought we had bought this with the box This was supposed to come in the original packaging, wasn't it? Original without box

The packaging straight up looks real I mean, it's even magnetic And then we have the headphones themselves So, again, just like the last ones, these look very authentic However, I think to really, properly test, well, we're gonna need a, we need to do something a little painful I think

And by painful I mean, let's buy a real pair (woman screaming) (cash register ding) So, these are the real deal Ken, how much did we pay for the real IE 800s? – [Ken] Well, they would have been $700 – $700 – But, – But, – [Ken] So, they offered us the IE 800 S, which we turned down for the sake of accuracy

They sent us these anyway, which means they probably didn't have the regular 800s in stock – We spent this much money on something, which is now no longer useful for our comparison But I guess I'm gonna compare them anyway because (laughs) – [Ken] We're gonna do a non-scientific comparison – So, we've got a very similar looking carrying case Like, I mean, straight up, this looks the same

So they look very slightly different and the texture of them are a little bit different than the standard 800s So, I've actually heard rumors that part of the reason that these headphones even exist is because the original IE 800s were so thoroughly counterfeited across the spectrum that they were just like, let's just make a new pair So, they did this Oh, and just so you guys know, I am using the standard rubber tips, I'm not gonna use any of the comply foam or whatever because that's standard across all these guys – [Matt] You should plug it in for him! – Austin's like, "Oh, why don't I do the blindfold thing?" Like last second

– I just put a blindfold on Look, sometimes in life, you put a blindfold on first and ask questions later – [Computer Voice] Nut – Okay (upbeat music) – Okay, can I switch headphones? – Yes

– What's going on with these things? Like, I put this in my ear and it immediately rolls back Like whatever the deal is with these, like I don't know if they're the knock-offs or they're lower quality, but the tips just roll right back I've got a good sense of these, I think Let me try the next ones Oh, these tips feel different

Actually, this is immediately a better seal Bass seems a little less harsh on these, perhaps Not a big difference It was a little bit more booming on the last ones Ah, it's not the best seal in the world, but I think I can get away with that

These sound just like the first ones Like, the bass is slightly overpowering and the seal, also, they're a little bit better in this one, but it's just not as good as the second one You know what? To be fair, can we get the same comply tips that came with the real ones and just put them on all? I know it's gonna take a little bit of time, but I actually wanna have a proper seal with all of these, 'cause I don't think it's a fair comparison right now So, my same thoughts from previous While I have a better seal now, the bass is a little bit much on these

It's tighter The main difference here is the bass feels tighter Both sound good, it's only when I was really cranking it up that I could tell a difference between one and three, which I'm pretty sure are the same, versus two But I'm gonna say that these are the S's and the other two are both the knock-offs from Wish – [Ken] All right, so I've laid them all in order for you

Just a reminder, the orange ones were the first fake ones that we got, the blue ones are the new fake ones that we got, and the greens are the 800 S's – Okay, so I wanna see the green in the middle Otherwise I'm wrong (blows air) Ah, I (beep) it up! Aw, it's really bright (groaning) These, to me, sounded very similar

And the fact that we actually paid $700 for these, and we actually paid like $50 for these, and I could hardly tell a difference, that's wild So, I don't know what we really proved here, beyond the fact that– – We're bad at scientific tests – Yes, and that we should probably've spend more time and not done a single blind test, but um (clearing throat) I guess, buy fake headphones on Wish? – We are never getting that Sennheiser sponsorship ever (laughing) – Ay! These feel like fake shoes I believe these are the Nike Air React 270s? Or no– – Max

– Max 270s How much were these? – [Matt] $19 with $11 shipping – So 30 bucks Well, the first thing is (laughing) the logo, that looks like a slightly different swoosh Look at the little thing on the top

It also says fashion on them I don't think the originals say fashion (laughing) It just says fashion on them (laughing) Let's put these aside for one second I have, if you will be so kind, purchased a pair of real Air 270s at a grand total of $150

(laughing) It's like Potato Gaming versus real gaming So you can see that it's got like a Nike swoosh in roughly the same spot You've got one here, it says Air 270 The text on the back is very different So this actually has the black sole, which you can see looks really cheap and fake

I mean, that's really the real key right here – [Ken] The main appeal of the Air Max 270s are the bubble and that bubble's just not it – It has a bubble, no this is a real bubble – [Ken] No, no, but it's not the bubble – It's not the bubble, it is a bubble

Um, I mean, they don't feel like the worst thing It's a cheap shoe If you've ever worn a very cheap shoe, like I grew up for – What are those? – a lot of years wearing Then it's okay, I mean, the feel of it's not the big issue But the actual, legit Nike, it definitely has a lot more flexibility

I'm bubbling right now Wish, stop selling knock-off shoes These, they're just sad Oh, look, this nondescript white boxes that totally don't have something illicit inside Oh, it's an iPhone! – [Matt] (laughing) He pulled a Linus! – So unlike the things that we've taken a look at in the past, in the past, I mean, unlike the things that we took a look at two minutes ago, this is supposedly a real iPhone

I have no reason to doubt that But the main selling point here is that this is a refurbished iPhone So, uh, okay, it actually is in very good cosmetic shape There's some very minor, little scuffs by the camera, but, there's like a tiny chip on the top, I would say this is still in very good quality Yeah, there's a little bit of wear by the port

Matt, how much was this iPhone 6s? – [Matt] $135 plus $12 shipping – Wait, no, what? This is just not a good deal Like straight up, without even turning it on, assuming that it works fine, which I would hope it is, it's dead, cool 135 bucks is like, basically what you could buy a newer iPhone 6s, at least one from a more reputable retailer than some random person on Wish Let's get this charging and look at the next thing

So this is a fourth generation iPad So the first thing with anything used or refurbished, I'm always looking at the quality A little bit of wear, some very minor scratches, but again, I would actually say that the quality is pretty solid Man, I forgot how like, chunky iPads used to be Like, this is like (patting), it's a thick boy

– [Anthony] That's a thick boy! – Let's see if we can get this guy to power up for us No (laughing), well, lucky for us, they include the exact same accessories of a Jun Jun USB cable and the world's slowest USB charger for an iPad It'll be charged in about four hours Be right back (thud) That was an unsatisfying thump

(gasping) Oh, is this our fake Galaxy S10? I'm very excited This is gonna be bad I can already tell, look at the box It just says smart phone (laughing) (tranquil music) That doesn't look real

Well apparently it's a new 5G It has a questionable tattoo on it – [Ken] Is that a tramp stamp? – I was about to say that, but I didn't wanna be offensive – [Ken] It's like the tramp stamp on the back of the Porsche in "Cars" – (laughing) How dare you talk (beep) about Sally like that? So, may I first draw your attention to the fact that you can see, it looks like it's got the Infinity hole punch

However, if you look a little bit higher, you'll see a actual front-facing camera in the bezel of the phone So, we just remove that illusion right here Oh, I just realized, we look to have three cameras on the back and they all look identical Aw, this is gonna be fun Welcome! Oh look, it's our fake camera that's part of the (laughing)

I love this so much, it's so good! I can't believe they actually, legitimately put that in (laughing) So, putting the fake one side by side with the real one, obviously the bezels are much larger here I can't get over the camera So on the S10, if I open up the camera– – [Ken] It did the shining thing! – Oh, it does it! What, what? Touchscreen fingerprint This is not about to work, is it? Does this actually have a fingerprint sensor? No, this is not a real thing

There's no way they put a fake fingerprint sensor in Wait, is this just scanning my fingerprint data and uploading it some nefarious– – Yes! – Whatever, that's fine – Yes – Swipe up to unlock Okay, so it wants the PIN

If I don't wanna do the PIN, (claps hands) no! No way, no way, hold on, hold on If I do different finger (Ken laughing) Okay, phew, that scared me for a second That is definitely not a real fingerprint sensor That is all a fake

Now, looking around the phone, they actually do look very similar, right? So the camera bumps are pretty much in the same spot, it doesn't have the Samsung logo, but USB C, headphone jack, speaker, the buttons are all on the same sort of position This is like a legit fake Should you buy it? Absolutely not, whatsoever, like under no circumstances But I mean, they put some real work into this Like this looks and feels a lot like a Galaxy S10, but (grunting) So after a bit of charging and some set-up, we have our iPad and iPhone fully functioning

I can confirm, as far as I can tell, they look completely legitimate They're just refurbished The downside though, is that we paid a little over a hundred dollars for this, including shipping And that's like, not really any cheaper than what you'd get on something like eBay or Amazon And, if you want an old iPad, this is an old iPad

It runs iOS 10, so it's definitely a little bit behind, and apps are starting to not support this anymore The thing is like, the hardware actually doesn't feel bad I mean, like the way, if you want to use this as an eReader or something, like it actually feels pretty good in the hand The screen is actually just about as good as the current base iPad But considering that this is a hundred dollars and you could spend a little bit more to get a much newer iPad, it's kind of a harder sell

However, what I do think is a little bit of an easier sell, is the iPhone 6s, because this is actually fully up to date Okay, let me clarify If I ran a software update and didn't want to wait 30 minutes for it to install, this is still fully supported on iOS 13 What you're getting here is the most powerful iPhone with a headphone jack This was the last of the breed

You also get this wonderful pink color And the camera's pretty decent This is still a very usable phone here in 2019, 2020, 2021, wherever you're watching this video at It's 2020 right now though (clearing throat) It's December 4th, 2019

But, this is a future Mystery Tech, so it's fine If you enjoyed today's episode of Mystery Tech, you should definitely check out our second channel, This Is, where we have a brand new series, completely dedicated to testing real versus fake products and some of them are from our good ol' friends at Wish So, if you want a whole lot more of this, definitely be sure to go over and subscribe to This Is

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