Fermion $650 Gaming PC Build – May 2015

Building a gaming PC is great but not everyone wants a giant tower below their desk That’s where the Fermion comes in with a smaller chassis that still packs a punch

At the heart of the build is an Intel Core i3-4160 With a pair of Haswell cores running at 36 gigahertz you’ve got plenty of power for gaming and with Hyperthreading this works like a quad core chip It’s also power efficient which is a big help when working with a smaller PC Alongside the Core i3 is an EVGA GTX 750Ti

As the most powerful graphics card you can get that doesn’t need external PCI power the 750Ti is a solid choice for 1080p gaming with two gigabytes of memory It’s also a smaller card which definitely makes installing it into our case a lot easier For the motherboard the Fermion is using an MSI B85-I This is a Mini-ITX board that still has all the features we need like USB 30, SATA 3 and nicely laid out connections making it easy to work with

On the memory side of things we have eight gigabytes of Crucial Ballistix Sport Clocked at 1600 megahertz this is a single DIMM which leaves room to expand to 16 gigabytes later on and it’s low profile, again making it easy to install See a trend here? With a small and efficient build like this the Crucial BX100 is perfect for storage It’s a 250 gigabyte SSD that isn’t too much more expensive than a normal hard drive while delivering a huge boost in performance Since we’re working with an ITX build we’ve got a 300 watt Silverstone SFX power supply

300 watts is more than enough to power the Fermion and this is small enough to easily fit inside our case while delivering a solid 80 Plus Bronze rating The final piece of the build is the Silverstone RVZ01, also known as the Raven Z This is capable of packing all of our hardware into a 14 liter case that isn’t that much bigger than a console It’s a bit tricky to work in however Silverstone provide decent instructions on putting things together Having a cool looking gaming PC is nice but how does the Fermion perform? Load up Grand Theft Auto 5 and things are playable on Normal settings at 1080p at 49

6 frames per second Move over to Shadow of Mordor and we can notch the graphics up to High settings and we’re getting over 44 FPS With Metro: Last Light Redux we’re also able to run things on High at 1080p at a solid 57 frames per second Even under full gaming load the Fermion is pretty easy on power compared to most gaming PC builds and even the Xbox One and PS4 With plenty of power for 1080p gaming inside a compact ITX chassis the Fermion is a solid PC for gaming or even as a Steambox

As always I’ll have all the links you need in the description of this video Anyway guys thank you so much for watching and I will catch you in the next one!

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