Fixing My WORST Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin This was not my finest work

Now, less than $300, it is a powerful computer However, it leaves a little bit to be desired, which is why today, I'm going to be fixing it Well, actually not today I have one more thing I need to do first – [Pilot] Welcome to Australia

The local time here in Sydney is 18 minutes past (upbeat music) – Asus recently sponsored my trip out to Australia where I got to attend the launch of the ZenBook Pro Duo It's very loud here! I did a full video on this a couple months ago, but it is ridiculous Not only do you have a 4K OLED, but you also have a secondary display right below that Both screens support touch, and since Windows sees a dual-screen setup, everything just kind of works

You can throw your editor across both displays or have tons of notes open at once I mean, these ScreenPad Plus is seriously legit Inside, it's rocking, well, pretty much everything, including a Core i9 processor, RTX 2060, WiFi 6, Thunderbolt 3, you name it So if you're interested in one of the coolest laptops of the year, definitely be sure to check out the ZenBook Pro Duo in the description And huge thank you to ASUS for having me out for their event

All right, so we are back at Micro Center to do a few upgrades Yo – Welcome back – Thanks man, appreciate it – Good to see you, man

– So I think number one thing I wanna do is get a slightly better board 'Cause last time, I went with A320 I was thinking like maybe an ASUS B450 – I know I got the B450M-A right here – Oh okay, the Prime boards, I like these

Okay cool – What else? We got your board – Easy Board, so maybe we should go to power supply – Possibly, yes

Which power supply did we get last time? – [Austin] Don't worry about it, it's fine – [Cody] Is it doing okay? I got the EVGA right here on sale – Love it, done – For $3999

– That is so much better – 500 watts, all power – Honestly, I think that 590 actually might be the best call – Best call? – I mean $180, yeah, let's do it – I do like this one a lot, this is the Q300L

– I love the front of that – Yeah, that's sweet man – [Cody] It's actually mesh so you can dust it out easy – Yeah – It's just a metal front

Put that back on – I feel like the only thing that's missing, and I can't believe I'm about to say this – RGB? – RGB – [Ken and Cody] RGB! – Do you have like a couple strips that we can easily add to the top and the bottom? – Let's take a look So that guy's only $15

99 – Okay Oh it's magnetic – Exactly – [Ken] Oh, no need for adhesive

– I've never used a magnetic RGB strip Now I think we have everything we need to rebuild my worst gaming PC ever – [Ken] Wait, I got something though – What, oh no Wait, where are you going? Oh no

Ken, stop – RGB mount, oh no – Oh no (laughs) – Oh no (laughs) I don't know if I should be saying oh no or oh yes

You don't get the full grasp– – [Ken] Until you actually see it Oh yeah, there it is We can make the PC case blue like RGB – Oh no, oh, I regret everything now This is supposed to be about fixing my worst PC build, not ruining it even further

– Ruining it? – How is this ruining? – I feel like I'm getting out numbered right now – [Ken] I like him (everybody laughs) – And so it is time to upgrade my worst gaming PC ever So if you guys are not familiar with this build, well I mean it's not bad for the price I mean we've got a Ryzen 5 1600

Perfectly respectable six core processor We got GT 1030, little bit on the weaker side As well as we got like a 120 gig SSD My main issue with this system is that, well, it doesn't have a case It has a detonator

And also the power supply is questionable at best So let's do a little fixing shall we? And by fixing I mean, forget that this is what it used to look like I'm going to make it look much better now So with everything we're looking at about $600 including all of our RGB accessories Not too bad considering that I think this should be a much less explodey looking computer

(laughing) I forgot how lightweight this thing was It literally weighs nothing That can stay over there – [Ken] Take this I'm just gonna throw this in the garbage

Where it belongs – So with that we have our Ryzen 1600x processor Now this is not the most powerful chip in the world However, we only paid $80 for this and at that kind of price it's actually not that bad So first thing thing I'm gonna do is start getting our new board together

Look at that What an excellent thermal paste application And so, easy as that, we've got ourselves an upgraded motherboard Next, let's toss in the, are you on your phone while you're filming? – Yeah – Are you literally one-handing the camera so you can like browse Twitter

Are you on the Roboraptor account or something? – [Ken] I got DM's so I needed to check that – You got DM's? Well, I'm making a video right here I don't know if you noticed, this is real work, not DM's – [Ken] Yeah, this just all looks the same to me We did this once already

– Now we did opt to stick with the same eight gigs of RAM from the last system Mostly for budget reasons This was pretty cheap and it is super easy to upgrade this guy to 16 gigs when we need it But at least for what we're doing right now this should be plenty of an upgrade Also, especially for a build like this, I just like going with like a slightly smaller case

It doesn't really make sense to waste a ton of room on your desk when you can have something a little bit cleaner Oh dude look at this! Look how much room we have for cable management back here – [Ken] Oh look at that, you can tuck in your mess – Man, do you know what the funny part is? I went through all the hassle of building that stupid mining case This is only like $10 or $15 more

– [Ken] Probably should've just done that instead – I should have just done this from the beginning, man I think all of these are mounting holes – Wait, what? – I can put it up and down in any orientation Dude, this is such a clever design

So we'll leave the fan there for right now Next let's go ahead and put the power supply in I didn't even notice, it's actually, it's sunk Wait, what? It's like sunk in, that's weird Look, so when I actually mount the power supply

Oh, wait is there a bracket? No What? – [Ken] No, that's a– – [Austin] Oh you know what, because it's not flush here, so you have to, right? – It's not, yeah – I think the power supply has to be sunk in a little bit, right? That's gonna be the final – Yeah that's it, yeah – Oh I don't about that

That's weird Okay yeah, that's the first thing I don't like about this case Oh no, wait Is that (sighs) Do you have to take the PCI covers out before you put in the motherboard? That's really dumb

Wait, let me see if I can do it the lazy way – [Ken] Looks like it's barely clearing – No it's like scraping the side of the board Don't try this at home ever There we go

That's how to fix it Just bend it the other direction So at this point we have pretty much all of our components in the case Our Ryzen 5 1600 Eight gigs of RAM, the RX 590

As well as our B450 motherboard The 256 gig NVMe SSD The 120 gig SATA SSD As well as our 500W power supply And now really it's just time to do some cable management and start thinking about how we're going to run our RGB

(upbeat music) Wait, what are you doing? Wait, wait, what did you, wait, what is that? What are you doing? – Don't worry about it – What is that? – Look, I set the colors appropriately – [Austin] I asked you to finish the RGB What are you doing? – I made the colors really great and I'm like I had an idea We color matched everything

It's like Miku colors, got Miku figure We got our very awesome mouse pad from the wonderful Micro Center – [Austin] They are not sponsoring this video – They are not sponsoring this video but they let us shoot there again Thank you

And we also got this mousepad Which I needed everything to match so we made everything match (Austin groans) – So while Ken's over here tuning his RGB and playing with his little figures, I have gotten the PC all set up and ready So I was able to do a little bit of tuning It's not really pushed all that hard but I was able to overclock the Ryzen 5 to 3

9 on all cores I was able to overclock not only the memory but also the core frequency of the GPU We're getting somewhere about 10% more CPU performance and about 15% GPU performance compared to stock And the nice thing is before you put a figure in my way, everything was running nice and cool But now my airflow is impacted by that

– [Ken] There's a significant amount of volume in there for air to flow still – You're literally blocking It's like almost directly in front of the CPU – No, it's fine – I don't know why you, I left you alone for like five minutes

– It's fine – I'm just gonna finish up the RGB – It's fine – It's almost touching the fan – [Ken] Here, here, here, here, I got it, I got it

Okay so that didn't work for you Alternatively, just put it there – [Austin] That's better Not blocking my airflow that I've so carefully overclocked – It's fine

You're thinking about it too hard – [Austin] Well, actually I will say, from the front, it does look pretty cool – [Ken] No, actually, no, real talk though – [Austin] It actually does look pretty cool – With the LEDs that we put in here, you can actually see them a little bit through the mesh design which is nice

This is a great case Really, really good case – Now that the Fortnite apocalypse is over, let's see how it runs here So one of the nice things about this is that not only do we have that six core processor, but the RX 590 is not a bad card especially for 1080p We should have no problems

And because we're using a 1440p FreeSync monitor, we can actually get a little bit higher than that Look, it's the Rewind video I'm happy that there's a new Fortnite map 'cause that means that everyone else is just as clueless as I am Okay so right now, we are getting 1440p at like 45 frames per second So I probably wanna lower things a little bit but because we're using a FreeSync monitor, it actually looks pretty nice

Let me just quickly bump that down 1440p high and we're getting pretty much 60fps Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, chug Oh no Wait, I don't wanna go down here

I just need to kill someone with my super cool PC That way, everyone will know just how cool I am What? I can hide Yo, what? This is great I'm just gonna hide in dumpsters in Fortnite from now on

I made it so far and I still haven't found anyone This is great Come on, fish Come on, fish Come on, fish

– There you go, get him – No, I don't like it I've actually never made it this far in a Fortnite match – [Ken] Well you gotta confront him – [Austin] Do I though? – [Ken] Yeah, you gotta put the pressure

– [Austin] What if everyone just dies? – [Ken] You gotta put the pressure No, don't shoot the wall Okay, yeah there you go There ya go, you got him Yeah, there ya go

– Yeah, what, what? – Woo! – Did I just kill someone in Fortnite, and there's only eight people left? – [Ken] Well, pay attention to the screen, and let's see if you can get your chicken dinner, or whatever the Fortnite equivalent is (Austin hums) – [Austin] Don't mind me, I'm just healing in a corner – [Ken] Oh, there you go (Austin cheers) Wow – Yeah! What's up, what's up? No you don't, no you don't

Yeah! What? Why is everyone bad right now? This is great What the hell is going on? – Are these bots? – There are only three people left right now No! Damn! I got multiple kills I was third place, do you see that? I've never even gotten like top 10 before I've gotten like one kill max

I got three kills in third place Yeah, yeah, what's up? – Congrats – I'm gonna be like the kids – Jesus Christ (groans) – No, it's like

Is this it? Wait, no, you gotta do the leg thing, right? – [Ken] (groans) Nope Nope Nope, hard no – Look I was gonna play some more games but I think this really all you need to know about the wonderful PC that has come from the ashes of, well, this It was a questionable decision

It was something that didn't work well but thankfully it's been fixed entirely and because of it, Fortnite is now back You're welcome, everyone Thank you very much for watching this episode of Austin Fixes (bleep) that he shouldn't have done in the first place – That's the video? – Yeah, I think that's it

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