Girl’s First Time Building a PC

– Ready? – Yeah! – Yeah, I'm so ready – Hey guys, this is Austin, and today we're here for something a little different

So I got my friend, Alyx, here, and we're gonna be building a computer So, I'm gonna be blindfolded – Okay And together we're gonna see if we can build this computer – Okay

– Like, have you ever built a computer, have you? – (laughs) No! – Wait, how much can I cheat here? Oh no, I can't see anything – You look cool, though – Yeah? – Yeah It's a look – 'Sup? – So start with getting the big brown box, it should say Corsair on it

– Yup, yup – Okay – Hey, hands off! – [Austin] Oooh, that sounds like a good sound – [Alyx] Yes! – Alright! – Let me strategically not break anything I wanna put your finger here and just like give it a feel

Right, down, down, down, yeah, no, up, up, right there – So is this the back of the case? – Yeah – Okay, so this is where the power supply should go – Okay (clunking noise) Did I just get it? – That's not going anywhere, is it? – Yeah

– Okay, cool, so that is actually step one The case is actually kinda done for the moment – Is this even right? – I don't know, let That feels right, does it have a bunch of like computer stuff (gesturing) is that? – Yeah There's directions but I'm guessing I don't need those – We don't, we don't need directions Pretty much everything in the computer hooks up to this somehow (grunting) – There we go

– That sounded like some mad gains right there – [Austin] Are you looking at the back of the case? – Yeah – [Austin] Okay, now – Oh, is it on the side? – Well wait, what do you think is the side? It's actually gonna be really tough because you gotta like make sure it pops So just make sure it's like fully, like, popped in there (scoffs) – That was easy! – Oh wow, you actually did get it – Yeah! And so there's two notches – There's two notches, yeah, like on (cross-talking) – Oh, like little curvatures

– Umm-hmm – Okay, yes – You see those two? – Yes – [Austin] And so they should go straight in, no pressure, it should just rest there even So I can't help with this one, it's gonna be all you

– I think I did it! – [Austin] Perfect, good job! (high fives) – Thank you, thank you, hire me, thank you – Do you see four little holes? – Yeah – Okay, so line it up and just kind of gently set it down to make sure it's lined up – [Austin] Got it? – I believe it is This is fun! – Isn't it? – Yeah! – So we're actually almost ready to put this in the case

– Okay – There's only one step left here and that's finding the memory So basically what I would do is like just line it up in the slot kind of like above and then use your thumbs and kinda like press it in place

(snapping sound) – Ooh, that made me nervous (loud thud) – Owww I don't know what I just put my finger in but that was not pleasant Those ports basically, set them down so like those ports are sticking out but you'll see inside the case there's like one – Hold this for a second – Yep – Yeah, keep going – So inside the case there's like one metal standoff in the middle that's kinda like taller

– Uh-huh – You see that one? – Yes – That's like the center point, right? So like if you rest the motherboard on it then it'll kind of like center everything else Is it not fitting, or (grunting noise) – Oh, wait, wait, wait (mumbles) (screeching sound) – That should not sound – That didn't sound good – [Alyx] This is the hardest thing – [Austin] It's hard to get it aligned up right So the motherboard, does it look like it's lined up back here? Do you see all the ports? – Yes, uh, okay I think it looks good

– We're in? – Yeah – Now, comes the next bit which is the graphics card – Okay – [Austin] Got it? – [Alyx] White box, got it – [Austin] Okay, cool

Alright, so open it up and there should be a graphics card inside [ripping sound] – Slide it in, pop it in place and we're good I'm not doing this right – Okay, so it goes in like this – Let's show the viewers at home

– [Austin] Show the viewers at home – Ahhh, oh, yes! – Yes! – Ohhh, that was so satisfying! – High-five? (hands slapping) Okay, so after a little bit of fast forward, I think we're about set up? – Hopefully – Yeah, what's your confidence level right now? – Um, you know, I had a good day I think that's a good sign, – Good sign – that I had a good day

– It's like Ice Cube said, it was a good day and everybody's happy, so Alright, blindfold off time (doubtfully) – Uhhh, good? Ah, yeah Good – Make me feel better about (cross-talk) – It was amazing! It's the best build I've ever seen in my life! This is perfect, perfection! You ready? – [Alyx] Yeah

Crossing my fingers Cross your fingers, three, two, one Oh, we didn't plug it in

(laughing) (wailing) – Oh, no! Ahem, now – Now let's try that again Okay, go for it

– [Austin] Life! – Oh! – [Austin] This is actually real high-five time! – Wow, I feel like we need to like do something now – Dance break time! (clapping and dancing sounds) – We did it! – [Alyx] Whooo! – Alright, I feel like we should do another video now – Oh, yeah, you know I had a pretty good idea – Okay, go for it – Uh, so I do a dating series on my channel

– [Austin] Okay – First off, would you go on a date with me? – No No, you built a computer I would absolutely go on a date with you – Yes, like I think that was your date test for me

– Okay? – Right right now I have mine for you Um, I like to feel comfortable with people – [Austin] Ohhhh Okay So I thought the best way we could feel comfortable with one another is if we watched virtual reality porn

– Thank you so much – Yeah? – For building this amazing PC – Of course, of course – And, see you guys over the air

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