Google Pixelbook – I Bought a $1000 Chromebook

– Hey guys, this is Austin This is a $1000 Chromebook, which begs the question, why does it even exist? This is the Google Pixelbook

Now this is actually not the first time that Google has made a high end Chromebook A few years ago they made the Chromebook Pixel, which is very much an earlier version of what they've got here To me, spending $1000 on a Chromebook doesn't make a ton of sense, so really the sweet spot for these is typically in the $200-$300 price range There, you're getting pretty decent hardware And while yes, it's not going to be quite as usable as something like a Windows computer, for a lot of people, Chrome OS is all you actually need

Pop open the box, and the first thing we see is the Pixelbook itself And actually I will say, this is really unique hardware for a laptop Unlike basically all other high end laptops these days that are made out of aluminum or sometimes stainless, instead you have this sort of glass finish on the both front as well as back of the computer Now if you look at it side by side with something like a Pixel 2, you'll definitely see the family resemblance So port wise, there's not going to be a ton

Essentially you have one USB-C port on the side as well as a headphone jack And on the other side you're going to get one more USB-C port So one of the nice things about the Pixelbook is that it actually does share pretty much all of this with the Pixel 2, so in theory you can use the same charger for your phone and your laptop Pop this guy open and we see that yeah, that is actually rubber? This is such a weirdly designed laptop Say what you want about Chrome OS and whether it belongs on a $1000 laptop, but this hardware, it is really nice

Man, I'm doing a 180 on this computer way too fast So when I'm here at work, a lot of the times I will be using a Windows laptop to plug in to a USB-C monitor, but this hardware is so nice, I actually might give the Chromebook, or sorry, the Pixelbook a try While this guy updates, something else you might want to consider is picking up the Pixelbook Pen So if a $1000 Chromebook isn't enough, you can spend another $100 on a stylus Sometimes it's hard for me to justify using a stylus on a computer

I know a lot of people like to be able to take notes and do sketching and stuff on a computer, and especially with this guy where you can actually flip the screen all the way around it might be helpful But I just don't find a ton of use for it Although, this actually does look nice Touch pad firmware update in progress Keep your hands off the touch pad

This will take around two minutes I've never seen that in my life What happens if I touch the touch pad now? – [Ken] Do it – Oh, it crashed! (laughs) Ken is a bad influence, okay? A bad influence Inside the Pixelbook is a seventh generation Core i5 processor, eight gigabytes of RAM, and a 128 gigabyte SSD

Those are the specs of the base model that I have here If you want to upgrade to the model with the Core i7, 16 gigs of RAM and a 512 gig SSD, that's going to run you $1650 And of course, if you want the pen, don't forget to throw another $100 on that So what are you getting with a $1000+ Chromebook? Well, the hardware, like I said, is pretty nice So you do have a fully flexible hinge, so not only can you use it in sort of a display mode, but you can flip it over to tent, or if you want, you can use it in tablet mode

You can tell they optimized this for tablet mode, because the bezels are kind of huge Now to be fair, when you're using it like this, it does give you a little bit of space for your thumbs to sort of rest on the screen, but when you're spending this much money on a laptop, smaller bezels would have been really nice So it is a 123 inch panel with a resolution of 2400×1600 As you'd expect, it has a touch screen and it looks really nice

Today is the launch of the iPhone X, which could be the most hyped phone of the year Not only do the speakers sound good, but it is a really sharp screen This is a very high resolution for a 12 inch panel I had nothing but good things to say about the typing experience either The keyboard feels good with solid spacing and it just has a nice sort of tactile feel

And the track pad is surprisingly good Not only does it have a glass surface, but it has some of the most accurate scrolling I've ever felt This is right up there with a lot of MacBooks The real question here though is what exactly can you do on a $1000 Chromebook? Well first of all, you have Chrome And while yes, that doesn't sound like much of a selling point, for me I actually do spend a lot of time in stuff like YouTube, Google Docs and Gmail

And for that, this works fine What newer Chromebooks like this have is the Google Play Store Now this essentially will give you access to a ton of different Android apps that will run straight on Chrome OS Oh my god, recommended for me Love Life School Idol Festival

– Yes – No – Yes – No – Please? – No

– Please? – I touched the track pad for you, I'm not doing anything else (laughs) of course, the first thing I have to try is Super Mario Run Because this is not ridiculous in any way Oh, oh, oh! This is so huge! My hand kind of hurts from holding the laptop like that, but I mean, that's one way you can play games on your super cool Pixelbook There are some slightly more practical benefits of having Android apps, such as things like Photoshop Sketch

So this combined with the Pixel Pen means that you can actually do some pretty decent drawing Having access to Android apps like Instagram and Snapchat on a laptop can be really cool, but the problem is is that while some of these apps are pretty decent and do support Chrome OS, a lot of them are either just stretched out versions of the phone, or worse yet, they're just running in a phone sized window The Pixelbook also has Google Assistant So there's a few different ways of launching this, but one of my favorites is with the pen So when you hold the button, you can just draw on a particular part of a web page and it will use Google Assistant to try to figure out what you're looking at

So here it figures out that I'm talking about the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 It gives a link to the actual page as well as to my channel, and it will also transcribe any text that I select So should the Google Pixelbook exist? I'm sure there's a market out there for someone to spend $1000 on a Chromebook, and yes this is some of the nicest laptop hardware I've ever tried, but it is really hard to justify buying this when you can get a great PC or MacBook So what do you guys think about the Pixelbook? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one

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