Hey Questions, This is Austin

– Hey guys This is Austin, and today for the first time in over a year, it's time for Q&A

Talk about your first PC build So, if you go back through the channel, you'll see that I've been doing PC build videos since 2011 or so And a lot of the reason why I started doing those was because when I wanted to build my first PC, there were a lot of good tutorials showing you how to do it, but I couldn't really find any good resources for finding what parts I should actually use So, I started making those guides myself, and then I finally built one So yes, I actually made the first couple of PC videos purely based on theory, and I actually didn't build any of them

Jif or gif? This is not a debate It's very obvious It's GIF Getting a nod of approval from Jimmy over here – It's GIF

– It's GIF – Yeah – Ken? Ken? – [Ken] GIF – Okay, I was about to say We were about to have a problem

GIF What are your favorite pair of headphones right now? I'm going to sound like a giant loser, but I actually really like the Apple AirPods Yes, they don't sound that great Yes, they're kind of expensive, but I've never used a pair of wireless headphones that were so seamless jumping between your computer, between your phone, between your tablet It actually does really work pretty well

First car and favorite car? So, my first car was a 2000 Mercury Cougar, and it was less than amazing, but it was my first car and I loved it I remembered I picked it up for $1500 It had bald tires Someone had hit it, and then they repaired it with Bondo and stuff But I didn't care

It was my first car and I loved it What music are you listening to? I have been listening to a ton of Everybody by Logic So, it dropped a few days ago, and I'm a big Logic fanboy, I'll free to admit And I think Everybody is really good Besides that though, I've actually been listening to Starboy a fair bit

I think that I've never really been that into The Weeknd, but that's been good And I've been listening to a lot of Cole lately When are you collabing a video with Ralphy? I actually did a video with Ralphy just a couple weeks ago, so it's over on his Lego channel, Build Play Repeat, where we built a F1 Ferrari monstrosity What starting camera would you recommend for kids on YouTube? Smartphone Seriously

This is what I recommend anyone to start with on YouTube Sure, it's nice to have bigger and better cameras as you get more advanced, as you want to be able to do more things, but for pretty much anyone starting out, unless you're doing something very, very specific, the smartphone's totally good enough Why did your parents give you the name Duncan? Stop, stop (Ken laughing) You don't even have to do this right now, okay? So, my name actually isn't Duncan That was an old internet name from when I was like 10

However, my parents actually did end up naming their dog Duncan because you know, they thought it'd be funny Favorite non-tech YouTuber? I actually watch a lot of science YouTubers, so people like Smarter Every Day, CGP Grey, Veritasium I think these are some of the channels that I actually really enjoy because even though I make tech videos, after a while, I kind of get tired of watching them, so it's nice to see something a little different What phone did you have when you first started YouTube? I actually didn't even own a phone when I first started on YouTube, which is why it was such a big deal when I had my first iPod Touch 'cause even though it didn't have a camera, at least it was something I could use that had apps and things My first smartphone was actually a Palm Pixi Plus

When do you want to get a baby? No Have you been affected by the YouTube ad crisis? Thankfully, no So, I know a lot of my friends, especially in the gaming side, have been kind of hurt, people who make more controversial content, but as far as I'm concerned, tech is pretty neutral And so, no, I actually really haven't seen any major difference, plus, negative It seems about the same as it was beforehand

How many anime series/movies have you been forced to watch? I will give Ken full credit here I've been forced to watch exactly zero anime of any kind How long is the process for a video, from planning to filming to editing? It depends Some things that are a little bit more simple, like an unboxing, can sometimes be done in a day if we're really going quickly Usually, it's a little bit more like two days between getting the product and shooting it, then editing it and getting everything else done, but then there are bigger projects, for example, when we went to B&H up in New York City, where it took a couple months just to plan out kind of getting up there, getting clearance to use the store, all that kind of stuff

Then, the shoot itself only took a couple hours, but then the edit took like five days Any plans for coming to India? It's funny So, we did Team Crispy a little over a year ago in Los Angeles, which was easy because a lot of us are based here But if we ever do a Team Crispy two or even just a meetup, I actually would probably do it in India There are so many of you guys who are so hardcore that, I mean, it's a little bit of a flight but worth it

Maybe, we'll see Did you drop out of college? No, I actually never went to college in the first place Because I started doing YouTube a couple years before I ever made any kind of college decisions, by the time it came around, I was like, I'm already doing what I want to do Although, you should stay in school, kids Just not me

Who makes your thumbnails? Why, Mr Kenneth Bolido of course, thumbnail extraordinaire No, but for real, you can look at some of Ken's thumbnails compared to when I made thumbnails, and you should probably be able to see the difference PS4, Xbox, or Switch? It's funny you mention that because I did an entire video comparing the PS4 to the Xbox One to the Switch Spoiler alert, I think the Switch totally wins if you want any kind of portability, obviously

And as far as the actual console you want to use, well, you have to watch the video because I'm not gonna spoil it Were you into technology at a young age, or did you discover it later in your life? I was into technology the second I got my first Game Boy Color, so I think I was about six or so And as soon as I had that and realized how cool it was and what all I could do with it, I was pretty much hooked Would you ever date a fan? Asking for a friend Well, my girlfriend might have something to say about that

Can you call Ken, Savage Kenny, for the rest of your videos? Yes, I can call Savage Kenny his real true name of Savage Kenny (laughs) Yo, you win Question of the Video, my friend That was pretty good So, that is it for this Q&A Don't exactly get used to these as I probably won't do another one for like a year or so, but hopefully you guys had some interesting questions answered

And of course, if you have anything else you want to know, hit me up on Instagram and especially Twitter Anyway, thanks for watching this video, and I will catch you guys in the next one

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