How Fast Is the $4000 2018 MacBook Pro 15

– Hey, guys, this is Austin In front of me is the brand new 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro and with the new Core i9s inside it promises to be the fastest MacBook ever

With a $4000 price tag, (cash register ringing) and that's not even the most expensive one, I'm curious, how fast is it really? This is the first time that you've been able to get anything more than a quad-core MacBook, well, pretty much ever So across the line, you're going to be getting at least 6-cores on the new MacBooks This guy is going to be the Core i9, which is going to be clocked a lot a higher, but even the base model of the 15 is still going to be a 6-core Core i7 Something else new with this generation is going to be more memory So, previously, the MacBook Pro would top out at 16 gigs of RAM

A fair bit, but not really enough for a lot of creative professionals, whereas this guy you can option it all the way up to 32 gigs of RAM, finally Wes! So Wes is currently using a (bell dings) Lenovo ThinkPad workstation and even though they're actually about the same price, you can see there's a huge size difference Dude, look how much smaller this is – Yeah – Like that's not even close

Another change is going to be with the SSD So, by default, this will come with a 256 gig drive, however you can option it all the way up to a 4TB SSD The only issue, it is gonna cost you $3400 (receipt printing) You know, if you don't wanna spend as much as a nice used car, well, I guess a somewhat nice used car, as your SSD, there's your option For real, though, I mean, if you really need that extra space, by all means go for it, but as far as I'm concerned, a 1TB SSD or even a 512 gig drive should be plenty unless you're on Ken Bolido's phone texting instead of running the camera

Oh, wow, great, I've already got a beach ball That's really wonderful The system's been on for 35 seconds and it's already frozen and beachballing Another new feature is going to be the Apple T2 chip inside and that's also going to be shared with the iMac Pro Essentially, it's going to be like an iPhone processor that's dedicated to handling all of the background tasks of the laptop

So think about trains outside, your speakers, your webcam, and especially things like security issues, like making sure that everything is correctly assigned ahead of time So to really see what this new MacBook is capable of, I have a couple of other laptops here to compare against So, first of all, I have a 2016 MacBook Pro and this is going to be the high-end of that year so we're getting to Core i7, 16 gigs of RAM, Radeon Pro 460 graphics, as well as a 1TB SSD To give you a good idea of what an equivalent Windows workstation is going to provide, we have a 2016 Lenovo P70 This guy's going to have a Xeon E3-1505, which is going to be a quad-core Skylake CPU, very similar to actually what's going to be in the 2016 MacBook

You're also going to be getting 32GB of RAM, a Quadro P– M4000, M4000, I almost said P, it's an M4000 GPU As well as a 512GB NVMe SSD And last but not least, we have the 2018 MacBook Pro Now this is going to be maxed out with everything besides the SSD Core i9, 32GB of RAM, the Radeon Pro 560X

The only thing we're missing here is a 4TB drive, but with one 1TB of capacity the price difference between these three is actually only a couple hundred dollars So let's see how fast the new MacBook really is The first test we're going to be running is Geekbench 4 Now, this is going to be a pretty solid test of the CPU capabilities of all three of these laptops Oh, wow, whoah, that's so fast! Okay, so, the Lenovo and the MacBook are very well-matched

So single-core is slightly ahead on the Lenovo, but multi-core's going to be a little bit behind, but the 2018 absolutely destroys them both With 5595 on single-core and 24765 on multi-core That, that's fast Of course, there's more to it than just CPU power though So here we're going to be using the Geekbench 4 compute test to give us a rough idea of what kind of graphics capability are going to be on all three of these laptops

So here the Lenovo definitely takes the win with a score of 79000 compared to 58000 with the 2018 Macbook and 49000 with the 2016 MacBook Now, the graphics side is definitely going to be a big win for the Windows-side just because you're going to be getting so many more options, and so many more powerful cards available in a variety of Windows workstations Next up, we have Cinebench Now, this is going to be a little bit more of a multi-threaded workflow as it is basically going to be Cinema 4D just rendering a single test scene And, again, anything CPU-related, the Core i9 MacBook is absolutely going to crush

Not only is it going to be a fair bit faster on the single-core score, but even on the multi-thread with those extra two cores available, it is going to be seriously fast Next up we have the Aja Speed Test This is going to be all about how fast the SSDs are in all three of these systems Okay, that one's not particularly fair So, it looks like the Lenovo is using a SATA-based hard drive, which means that the read speed's topping out at less than 500MB per second and the read is only about 133

Compare that with the 2016, which is over 2GB per second on both read and write, and the 2018 model, which is actually going to clear 3GB per second on read and 2700MB per second on the write Just like the iMac Pro, a lot of the speed has to do with the fact that it is using a T2 chip to handle all of the stuff including actually running the SSD So when it comes to writing and reading at almost 3GB per second, that's actually really cool I've gotta admit, that's really fast Next up, let's put this all together and do a little bit more of a real world comparison

So we have DaVinci Resolve running on all three of these systems So we're starting out with some 7K RED RAW footage, which is then being heavily color-corrected with power windows and it is going to be exported as a 4K H264 file Okay, so it looks like Resolve is definitely a big fan of the Core i9 on the 2018 MacBook Here, the '18 MacBook is going to be a full minute faster than both the 2016 MacBook as well as the Lenovo P70

Now, the P70 does have other advantages beyond pure performance So not only is it going to run a fair bit cooler if you take a look at the thermal shots I got on the MacBook, which is running pretty warm especially on the keyboard area Compared to the Lenovo, it is a huge difference, but, on top of that, the Lenovo has a bigger 4K display and, you know, actual ports, which is kind of helpful when you're doing video or anything that's not using USBC So, conclusion time

If you pick up the $7000 steal of the MacBook Pro with the 4TB drive, it's not going to perform any better, but if you're looking for a system that is going to give you a ton of power and a pretty small and thin form factor, I've gotta say, this actually is a lot faster than I was expecting

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