How Real is Virtual Reality?

Hey guys this is Austin and today I’m here in Southern California to find out how real is VR? Castrol EDGE motor oil invited me out to the set of their latest project at this closed military base A real driver will be racing a real car in a completely virtual world

He’s going to be using an Oculus Rift headset which will make him totally blind to the real world So the cool thing is this is a project, it’s not a commercial All of this tech that Castrol EDGE has designed is actually real It’s all about Castrol EDGE taking technology and driving to the limit To get an idea of what riding in the car is going to be like I first got a chance to check out the tech behind it all

So here is the helmet with the Oculus Rift DK2 built in so let’s give it a try The helmet itself looks straight out of Daft Punk but inside it’s all about the Oculus I couldn’t drive the car with the helmet on which I can’t say was a huge letdown but I could still try the experience seated Being able to see a virtual version of the interior of the car while actually being in the car was surprisingly cool Putting the tech side of this together are Adam and Glenn

These guys went all out, they built a solution to read the inputs from the car like steering and throttle, got the RTK positioning to track the car and even put together a monster i7-5960X and GTX 980 rig that fits in the backseat So when did you actually find out that you’re good, you didn’t have to like tear the whole thing down, hey guys actually this doesn’t work Honestly? Day before yesterday That’s the right answer! So we kind of go into like a tandem battle in the mask with another car and then I drift right and then all of a sudden the ground is like there’s a huge cliff end so I stop then in front of me the cliff is falling away so I go in reverse and I do a reverse 180 into a right hand turn So sick

And that feels really cool because you’re like this Just spin it around! So it’s the very end of the day and I finally get to drive inside the car with the Oculus helmet on so pretty excited, just a little bit Yeah! We’re flying now! Oh dude, oh man, this is so cool! This is so cool, I’m all over the place man! So I just did the ride along and that is completely insane Being able to like sit in the passenger seat, first of all I wasn’t driving so like I didn’t have any control over where I was going But then being able to just fly down and spin and stuff it’s, it’s unbelievable how like, I, I don’t even know what to say right now that is one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, wow

This video started with a question about how real is VR Think about this for a minute You’ve got an Oculus Rift connected to a monster computer inside a 600 plus horsepower Roush Mustang that is tracked with millimeter precision and all of the data is being fed into a game engine that’s running in real time It would have been the easiest thing ever to just fake it to make a commercial but instead Castrol made the coolest virtual reality setup I’ve ever experienced If a pro driver can drift completely blind to the real world using VR, I’d say the future is looking pretty bright

Definitely be sure to check out the full video on their channel to see how this all came together

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