How To Waste $199.99 on Amazon…

(thudding) – Oh no What? It's just a bunch a, (gasps) Yo! Hey guys, this is Austin

And today, we're doing a video on how to waste money on Amazon at $200 Although, this, my friends, is definitely not going to be wasting any money at all So if for some reason you guys are not familiar, the Sony Walkman was essentially the iPod of the day Although, actually, kids know what iPods are, right? You did a good job on this, I'm already excited and we've just gotten into the video 1984, so we used a Visa, and this cost $105

47 I have not listened to a cassette, since I was probably like 10 years old I know our car, when I was growing up, only had a cassette player in it, and my mom used to play all kinds of cassettes So what's kinda interesting about this, is if I actually open it up, very gently from the side here, not only do we have our cassette player, but if you actually see here on the door, this guy's actually going to have a full FM radio and all the electronics built into the door, because of course it does Close it up, and then if I plug the headphones in, oh

(static hissing) I mean, all right So, oh, we should turn on the tape And then we need to pick out normal tape type, and then, does this have any Dolby? I don't think it does, right? I don't even think they make tapes with Dolby noise reduction anymore (snapping rhythmically) Yo, for a cassette, that sounds really good I'm really loud, aren't I? Look at this thing, I mean, this thing is 10 years older than I am, it's actually even more than, no it's almost 10 years older than I am

And yet it looks basically flawless and you pair a decent pair of headphones with it, it really does not sound bad (thudding) – Yo! Wait a minute, hold on, hold on, hold on So, the Porta Pros I've taken a look at What I've not seen are the wireless edition And then a new Walkman

You really planned this out well, good job sir So first of all, how much are these? 'Cause I know the old Porta Pros are fairly inexpensive, right? – [Ken] $80 – $80, okay If you guys are not familiar, the Koss Porta Pros are legitimately retro headphones I mean, they've been selling them for years, and years, and years

And this is essentially the same headphones, they've just added Bluetooth, too What I'm not familiar with, is the Sony NW-A45 Walkman So unlike our cassette Walkman, this is going to be able to play MP3 files, FLACs, AAC, and its all going to be running off of a microSD card And it does support Bluetooth as well, so we've got full aptX Which, I'm guessing this supports aptX, right? Oh wow, yeah, Walkmans have definitely changed

This actually does look a lot like an iPod It's funny to sort of talk about iPods, because Apple doesn't make them anymore And is that a proprietary connector? Course it is Of course Sony can't ship microUSB or USB-C They have to use some weird PSP-looking connector

Pop these guys open, and we see, oh, it actually comes in a carrying case These are our Porta Pros Now when you're talking about 80s-looking headphones, it's hard to imagine something that looks that much more retro than this And this is really well built It feels nice

I'm really just surprised that they still make Walkmans Boom, okay, we are connected via aptX and Bluetooth All right, let's go straight to the retro zone Let's go to our track list, folders, SD card, Hotel California, give it a try I will say that the bass is going to be a little bit heavy on these guys, so it's not going to be a super neutral sound, you're definitely gonna hear a lot of the punch

Especially with a song like this, I can hear there's a little bit of a lack of, sort of clarity on the high end But, you have to keep in mind that we are using Bluetooth This is sort of a more retro style sound I will say that this is goofy These headphones are great when you have them wired

The wireless option, it just feels like an afterthought I mean, yeah, sure they didn't wanna ruin the look of them, so I'm sure they didn't wanna, like, integrate it somewhere else, but I feel like these could've been like, put inside here, or something, like this just feels, I don't know Rokform, beyond protection Rokform, that name sounds familiar What? This is, a bumper? Wait

The predator case All right, we just went from being super cool and like, having some really awesome stuff, to what is, I'm almost positive, a waste of our money How much is this? – [Ken] $120 – $120, I'm guessing this is an iPhone case? – [Ken] Yeah – Back to reality

How is a $120 iPhone case ever actually going to be worth it? So, with that, we have a protective case for my phone? So I don't get it, I mean, it's magnetic But it keeps the sides of the phone completely unprotected I mean, all right, let me be real here It's metal, it will probably protect your phone It will not protect your phone from scratches, but maybe a drop? It looks kinda cool, you're definitely showing off a lot of the phone? Wow, mysterious

A totally black box A 101-inch portable Blu-ray player? What? Wait, they make these? Wow Okay? That looks super high quality How much was this? – [Ken] $180

– $180? Dude wait, hold on, okay So the idea with the portable DVD player, is it's going to be something that you can watch like, sort of on a crappy screen when you're like, in the car or something, but a Blu-ray looks much nicer And if you're paying this much more, this had better have a nice screen There we go, that's, yep (laughter) 1024 x 600 high resolution

You know, barely above what you can get on a DVD? Cool, great, uh this is gonna be terrible Ew! Ew! What, wait (ripping plastic) Oh man, that's what my favorite thing is Cheap glossy plastic What? Why? Why? I, aw man

Okay, I kinda get it, that if you're watching the video, you're gonna, like, swivel it But that, that feels really wrong I mean, I will say one thing Speakers are actually not terrible, the sound's okay This looks like a super cheap tablet, like a $100 tablet or something

I mean the screen's not unusable, I wouldn't mind sitting and watching a movie on this Especially with the speakers, but it's not gonna be super impressive I'm also really curious about the battery life I think with a Blu-ray drive, it's probably not gonna last that long I'm afraid what's coming up behind me right now

Oh, it sounds heavy, what is it? Oh, okay, this is much more confusing, 'cause this what I first saw, what is this? Now I'm actually asking, what is this? Solar powered tiki Why did you get this? I will say that because you got the Walkman, this is forgiven, but this is kind of up there with like, the ball bearing, and the robo dinosaur, for some of the dumbest stuff that we've ever taken a look at on Mystery Tech Okay, another mysterious-looking box Okay, there's some Fuji Instax film Okay, I think I know where this is going

Oh, it's a printer Oh, I don't know where this is going at all So last time we had Instax on Mystery Tech, it was for that weird, like phone scanner thing, where you put your phone on top of it, and like, basically took a picture of your phone screen But this is a printer, but on instant film So the setup on this guy is pretty straightforward, you just need to turn it on and connect it over wifi to the app, and in theory, we just need to add this film, and it will be good to go

And you can also zoom in, you can set filters, but I just wanna print it like that All right, so, we have our printed film? Actually, I don't know how to describe that I'm really kinda curious how something like this works Typically with a lot of these mobile printers, it's just going to be something like ZINK, but this is printing on actual film So I'm curious if maybe there's like, a, a screen inside or something to expose the film with? I mean, you can see it's obviously gonna need a little bit of time to finish processing, but it actually looks pretty good

It doesn't look anything like that last printer we looked at, which was literally just taking a photo of your phone screen This looks to be a little more high quality That's pretty nice, and I like the square film too, it's gonna be a lot bigger than normal Instax It's a little expensive, it's a little pricey, but this is actually pretty legit I gotta say, good job

Oh! You got us Labo! Dude, I think for the first time, this is actually going to be a rain check I really do feel like Labo deserves its own video, as opposed to a quick little look on Mystery Tech Anyway, as always, if you guys wanna check out any of this stuff, links will be in the description And if you really wanna see a Labo video, tweet @kenbolido, please make a Labo video He'll really love that, and he'll definitely encourage me to do a whole video on it asap

So yeah, tweet Ken Let him know your full thoughts and everything you think about, life, and stuff

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