How To Waste $258.34 in Taiwan…

– Hey guys, this is Austin And today we're taking Mystery Tech International, with a certain special guest

– This is Saf, from Super Saf TV I was gonna say hey guys – I wanted you to do it So we're at the Gang Hua Digital Plaza here in Taipei and I think inside this giant, seven story, enormous tech mall we might be able to find a couple weird things – I think so

I've not done this before so I'm excited – 7700 New Taiwan Dollars equals $258 in the United States So that's actually a pretty decent budget – That's not too bad That's about 200 pounds, so it's not too bad

I'm sure we can find some weird stuff for that amount Let's do it – This is interesting It's a bunch of little stores in here – Everything looks familiar right now so far

Like, where's the weird stuff? – We need to get out of the cool area and we need to find the weird stuff I think that's where we're actually going to be able to afford some things – We need to, I don't know, like maybe some funky cases, funky accessories – I wish we had more money I feel like, oh, there's an ATM

Oh, did our budget just magically increase? – [Saf] Does ATM mean something different here? (laughter) Unless it's inside there – I'm not going in You go for it Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Look at the door, look at the door, it's locked

– Is it locked? What's that? – Yeah So, we're almost causing it That would have gotten us demonetized – That would definitely be demonetized – Uh oh, that looks promising

– HTC Desire Does that look like one of the Desires, right? – I think this is just a generic thing saying what's upstairs But look, PC games and video games Vehicle video records, so I'm guessing like dash cams This seems like more in our price range and our budget

– Let's go – [French accented voice] One minute thirty seven seconds later – It's out of our budget That's why – Everything's out of our budget

– Here, have you used one of these? – I have not The Wacom with styluses – Absolutely, that's all I use, absolutely love them – Really? – Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh, look at back here, this is cool

– Oh, yo, does that actually work? – I think it's probably got something like Tetris on there or something – Oh, that's awesome, so– – That is pretty cool Oh, aha, that's actually even better That looks like a proper Game Boy – Oh, this, which is this? – iPhone (foreign language)

– iPhone 7? – That's better – iPhone 7 and 8 – Seven and Eight? – Eight as well? – Yeah – Have you seen this, check this out This is like a, you know one of those Olloclip? – Oh yeah, yeah – Okay, let's try it on the selfie

Let's take a wide selfie Okay, okay It's working, it's working – That's pretty wide, oh, the selfie light The selfie light

– We're buying this, I'm not even gonna look at it, we'll take it (laughing) All right, so we've– – Update time – How much do you have left? – Saf just spent all of our money and we've been here for five minutes – So so far we've found cameras, we found processors, a lot of computers Seems like the further up we go, the weirder stuff we found But not really anything that is all that crazy

It reads a SIM? What is this? So it reads SD, micro SD, XD, compact flash but it reads SIM card How can you possibly read a SIM card? – I don't know, I'm really curious to find out so I think we should take it I'm too easily convinced – No no no, for 350 I'm down with that – Okay, we're going to try this out

All right, we're going to find out what it does when we put a SIM card inside – How does it connect, it's just USB right? – Yeah, I don't know if there is some software checking contacts or something, but – I'm really curious, maybe it is a contacts thing – Possibly, do they have a SIM card reader here? Oh, they do Wow

– I wonder if some of these stores are connected – It's also 350, so we didn't get ripped off – We've got Ken's girlfriend – Should we ask how much– – Could we buy the girlfriend? Could we buy the girlfriend? – Will it fit in your suitcase? Will she fit in your suitcase? – It looks like a carryon right? So the thing with this place is not only do we have all of these floors but there's also like an entire separate building too I wonder how many actual stores are here

– Yeah, I think we need to be a little more careful with our spending – Yeah, I agree, careful, that's why the phrase This looks promising, so it's like giant Airpods? The I7S? – TWS – All right, let's see if we can get this – Okay – [Store Clerk] Hello – (speaks in foreign language) this, how much? – 999 – Oh, 999, that's in budget

That's probably the coolest thing that we've found so far – I've never seen these before They look really cool – Yeah, I mean– – They're big, they're like very large Airpods – They're bigger than Airpods

– All right, so with our Airpods in hand things are looking much better Now we are down to 4000? We had 5000 before right? – 3500 – 3500, okay Just every single cable you could ever ask for Oh, hang on

– Do they have any dongles? – Oh, dongles my friend, we've got dongles Does this actually spin? – [Store Clerk] Mhmm yes – It does? – [Store Clerk] Bluetooth speaker, one spin – Oh, okay, one of them is a speak, the other two– – We can do that – But it still a fidget spinner speaker

– Yeah, yeah – Okay, let's do it, what color do you want? – We can do blue, right? – Okay, cool – Can we get this? We've got our fidget spinner in hand This is coming along pretty well – Fidget spinner, bluetooth

– I like how you saw it You're immediately like "I have to have it" – What is that? (laughing) – I think that was pretty successful – I think so, we've got some pretty weird stuff – I think we also didn't spend all our money right? What do you have left? – Let's have a look

I think it's maybe couple thousand, I've got a thousand, I've literally just got a thousand – I've got a thousand fifteen I've got sixteen hundred So we've got 2600 left, that's actually not too bad – Not too bad

– Let's see if any of this stuff is complete garbage or not – Yeah I mean looks quite interesting – 6000 miles later, we have our mystery tech in hand This should be fun or really lame, haven't decided yet Our first item is the ATM 101 digifusion

Which again, I don't understand how it's supposed to read SIM cards It's got to be the contacts? So, here is the reader which is actually kind of small, although it actually does have a captive USB cable Oh look at that, we're setting up a smartcard Whoa okay, so it shows OL, so smartcard and USB2 CRW Okay, well if I open up a files I see nothing

Kind of disappointing I thought it was going to be really cool but it, I dunno Still don't understand why you would actually want to do that Next up, we have the GameBoy case So this, I am kind of curious about Does it actually, wait, did you ever actually see if this thing turns on? The game machine design and mobile phone case, which has been taped closed, so yeah

All right, well, it's actually not that thick Oh, we need a battery for it Okay, that explains why it wasn't working in the store Do we have a watch battery? Oh, it keeps coming out The battery is not in there very securely at all

Wait, it just keeps resetting now, what's going on? Every time you hit a button it just resets You see this? No matter what I do it just resets Oh, I got it, I got it, I got it I don't know how I just did that I'm doing a game, okay

Oh, I can shoot them Oh, that makes so much more sense Arghhh, okay, so once you actually somehow get the game working it is kind of fun I would say as a case, this is actually not that bad It's not going to be that much thicker than a standard Iphone and even if you're not using it as a game, this kind of looks cool in the back

Next up we have the beauty speaker, which I'm very, very deeply skeptical of So, I guess the way this is supposed to work is that it plugs into your headphone jack? And this is the whole thing So we've got a headphone jack on the bottom, a speaker on this side, and a light on this side? Oh, wow, okay, that's a selfie light Start taking a selfie here, see how beautiful I am now I guess it makes a little bit of a difference

It's, you know, if you really gotta up the selfie game, you can get a little bit of action, but I don't think it's that great I think it is a little too bright and sort of in your face I want to see if the speaker works though So it's not very good, it doesn't sound any louder than a phone speaker and it's way tinnier and plus, I don't like the idea that I have to unplug it and replug it in every couple minutes just to get it to, you know, not sound like garbage Next, we have the one and only wireless music spinner

This is gonna be probably not very good (voice coming from phone) Okay, connected successfully sounds good to me (upbeat hip-hop) That actually might be one of the worst sounding speakers I've ever heard in my life It sounds like it's not a high quality bluetooth device but, most importantly I can unplug it and do this This is still cool right? Now this actually might not be that bad

This is a flashlight and three in one camera lens So in theory this should pretty much clip on to any smartphone Open this guy up and it's actually kind of nice packaging So, I forgot we got the pink one Allright, so I don't know how you get three lenses

Oh, there's actually, so, there's point four to point 6 magnification wide angle lens or you can take it off to get a macro lens If you want a macro selfie, or you can take the whole thing off and get nothing There we go, that looks about right Wait, can I turn the light on? Oh, wow, that's actually kind of bright So if I hit, oh I can, oh wow Okay, so you can actually crank it

Oh, shouldn't have looked at that Alright it's not the sharpest thing in the world but you definitely see a difference with the light versus not, although, I don't know, maybe my selfie game isn't strong enough Yeah, you know what, something that is not terrible, I'll take it, that's actually kind of cool Now this is what I'm kind of excited to try The I7S, the cable

Actually don't know what the full name of it is What I do know is that this is pretty much a straight Airpods clone Oh wow, okay, so the first thing to notice is that that is much, much larger than the normal Airpods case I will say one thing, these are significantly bigger than Airpods, they're a lot sort of chunkier But, the actually ear tips themselves look to be fairly similar and they do have a button on each side so let's give this a try

Oh, so they both connect as independent speakers What, wait, hang on, what happens if I try to play music, which one does it play out of? Oh, it plays out of the right one now Real Airpods are in a completely different league, this is kind of barely usable Assuming that I can get them to actually pair together correctly, they just don't sound that great, I mean, it's kind of cool to have wireless headphones that aren't on a very sort of similar form factor to Airpods, but I think I'm gonna stick to the real thing on these

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