How To Waste $275.62 on Amazon…

– Hey, guys, this is Austin and today I'm eating lunch Uh, how is this mystery tech? (whines) What, the HAPIfork? Eat slowly, cut calories, and improve digestion? I thought a smart fork was a spork? Can I ask how much this was? – [Ken] 65

– $65! At least I get a delicious salad out of the deal so I can't really argue too much – [Ken] $5 for the salad – The fork has a USB port on the bottom because, naturally Should I clean this before I eat with it since it just came out of the package? Nah Alright, so I would like to start eating

So I'm gonna grab a nice bite of salad here (crunching) Mm, great timing I agree Mm, take another bite Oh, just vibrated at me

Not happy In like five more seconds Okay, let's do it I can't really test the HAPIfork because it takes so long to chew salad (laughs) Let's see if I can trick the HAPIfork

Oh, look at that! It's actually not falling for it What if I actually grab something though? I have something on the fork Oh, wow! (laughing) I'm legitimately impressed I thought this was gonna be total (bleep) Wow, that's quite loud

This, my friends, is the Smartphone Magnifier Wait, what? (laughs) Oh, wow, that's, that's a magnifier Wait, so this whole thing is cardboard? I mean, I appreciate that they're trying to make it look all cool, but this retro TV definitely didn't have S-Video in How much was this? – [Ken] 30 – $30

Oh, wait, stuff's falling out Oh Oh, that's pretty cool Alright, I'll give them props They've got their retro vibe totally on point

So I guess what you do is you put your smartphone in the tray and then just drop it in There's also gonna be a little rubber mat maybe? Okay, so if I slide it in like this There we go That's the look right there As far as actually using it, you can see absolutely nothing until you're looking at it directly on point

Besides that, it gets very sort of warped and you're sort of looking at the top or the bottom But it doesn't even sound that bad, too Listen to that [Austin's Voice] And now there's gonna be a second generation version of that which supposedly, again– This is kinda cool, I gotta say It is a lot better than I expected

Now, it's a total novelty, but it kind of sounds alright I mean, there's some holes for the speaker to come out Alright, man, alright I'm aboard Oh, man, what? (playful music) Ken, why do you just have a giant pillow? I think I actually know what this is though

Is this one of those sequin pillows where if you move it, oh, yup, yup It creates something? Oh, no Oh I don't like where this is going Is this a pattern? What is this? It just all looks brown

Oh, no, wait a minute Oh, no, this is my face! (laughs) Oh, wait! No, it's Nick Cage's face! Wow! Where did you find this? Oh, well, let me guess, Amazon? – [Ken] Yes – Of course, it is So you've got your Nick Cage face when it's party time When it's not party time

Don't worry No Nick Cage here Now you see him, now you don't Now you see him, now you don't (laughs) If Jake does not own this pillow, we need to give him this pillow

Jake Roper, my friends, has multiple Nick Cage shirts I've seen him wear at least two of them I don't even wanna know how much this is 'cause it's just gonna make me upset that money was wasted, but also $10? Oh, okay, I feel much less bad about this Yeah, not really feelin' it

Kinda Kinda hard Um, but it is nice to know that I'm laying on Nick Cage's face so – [Ken] You're actually not (Austin clears throat) – How 'bout now? Headphones? Okay, wait, what? Headphones that have a detachable cable like earbuds? How much? – [Ken] 150

– $150, not a lot for Ken Bolido Don't worry about it So these are the Final E4000 Hi-Fi earphones Can I take a wild guess in that you are going to be the proud owner of these headphones as soon as the video is over? – [Ken] Maybe – That's what I thought

They're very lightweight They don't feel particularly premium, the cable, the actual headphones themselves But they do have this kind of weird shape Why, did my phone just slide off the table? – Yeah – It literally just slid off? Okay, okay, that's fine

(laughs) Okay, bass, it's there Damn! So it is going to be a little bit more optimized for hip hop so if you have something that does have an accentuated bass it's really going to punch here, but I've never heard headphones that have this kind of bass that are so small, and they also have such a wide soundstage You're not getting these back These are mine now, you realize? Piggy Pro, the premium phone stand It's razor thin and infinitely adjustable

Why is it called Piggy Pro? There's a mirror on the inside so if your phone stand also wants to function as a mirror to see like a postage-size stamp of your face Postage-size stamp? Postage – [Matt] Stamp-size – Stamp-size postage? No, wait – [Matt] Nope, just stamp-sized

Just stamp-sized, yeah The postage is probably not necessary, is it? – [Matt] Stamp is postage – Stamp is postage It's maybe not the most color-matching thing in the world, but let's see how this actually works as a stand Oh, look, my phone stands up

(laughs) Nerf? The Zombie Strike Crossbow This isn't tech I know a pillow wasn't tech, but this definitely isn't tech – [Ken] It was an office recommendation – Oh, so I just get to shoot you with Nerf darts now, that's? – Yeah

– Okay I mean – [Matt] Therefore nothing – This is not a normal mystery tech item But, I gotta say, at least it's not a robot dinosaur

Can't really complain about that Where's Roboraptor? (Roboraptor shrieking) My nemesis has arrived Wait, actually, should I be shooting Roboraptor? I feel like Roboraptor should be my ally in this particular fight Roboraptor, are you ready? (Roboraptor roars) Yeah, you are Oh! (laughs) No, go away! Ah, I missed! It's okay

High five (laughs) Wes would not be happy you just let me do that (laughs) [Austin's Voice] Wes would not be happy you just let me do that (laughs) – Are you happy, Wes? (Austin laughs) – No

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