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– Hello and welcome to Mystery Tech The show where I unbox Why, what are you doing? – YEET (phone clatters) (drum intro) – Is that an iPhone SE? (cases clatter) You almost got me with that one

You almost knocked me out Why do I have a RhinoShield Solid Suit case and screen protector and iPhone SE? Is Mystery Tech today just me abusing an iPhone SE? – Thank you very much to RhinoShield for sponsoring this episode of Mystery Tech and allowing us to continue our ridiculousness So I know that with a standard glass screen protector, it's usually the way to go, right, because you do get that sort of very smooth glass feel but the downside is, if you've ever used one of these, you've probably cracked it chipped it, whatever the case is and as soon as you do that, it's sharp You just gotta get rid of the whole thing So this is what it's like if you have a standard glass screen protector

So if I go to break it – [Ken] No, no, no wait, wait, wait no, that's not what I got that's not what I got the – What do you want me to do? – Dude Dude, dude, dude You protect your hands Protect your hands – Oh

– Dude That's, oh my God – Right Okay, okay (crack) – Is everyone okay? I definitely saw glass fly all over the room

So this is our RhinoShield 3D Impact screen protector, which I can already tell is not anywhere near as bad because it's super flexible This is made of some kind of polymeric material which means that it sort of feels like glass but I can bend that That's not breaking No, no, no Here's the difference

So, why don't we actually see how well this works in the real world And by the real world, I mean an incredibly contrived drop test to see if I can break it (tapping) That's pretty good So to really put your RhinoShield to the test, on top of the screen protector you should also take advantage of one of their fine cases or bumpers In this case, I have the Solid Suit with my name on it

Now this is good for up to eleven feet of droppage That's more than eleven feet but why don't we give it a try? See if it actually survives? You ready? Three, two, one (phone clatters) Whew, that was a good bounce Let's go down, let's go see it (slow-mo clatter) How's it look Matt? Don't touch it, I mean I'm not really stressed

I'm sure it's fine right? I mean it's a little dirty but it's totally fine Look at that I mean the case has definitely eaten up the abuse, but I mean that's a pretty decent drop – [Ken] Oh look at that Just as new

– Look at that, no problems whatsoever It's a little dirty but that's fine So if you would like to check out RhinoShield I have a link in the description where you can pick up not only one of their excellent screen protectors, but also one of their wonderful cases or bumpers Stop Stop

Just, okay we get it It works Okay Can I ask why there's a monitor and a Thunderbolt GPU on my desk? – The MagSafe Type C adaptor So, if you're familiar with Apple's wonderful MagSafe this was a magnetic charging cable for MacBook that was unceremoniously tossed aside in favor of USB Type C, which has many advantages but one of the advantages it does not have is the fact that it will not actually disconnect when you trip over it

I mean it looks like it's machined well by Upmely Oh, wow that's a lot of pins So basically they have to be really on point with the signaling here So let's try the most simple version of this: charging a phone So if we plug it in right now (plays note) Hey, okay so at the very least it will charge your device and then if I pull it out boom, stops charging

Plugs in, charges Okay so let me get my MacBook and actually see if this works via Thunderbolt So if I attach this to the MacBook theoretically everything will light up You ready? Oh, it's getting some power Is my GPU on? No my GPU is not doing anything though

Oh, dude the cable is too thick Hold on, I actually need to put it here The cable is so thick that it's thicker than the MacBook so when I set the MacBook down it trips out So it is, oh, oh! – [Tech Crew] Whoa! – It works! – [Tech Crew] That's cool – So the cable is pretty thick so if you're using with most laptops you have to be pretty careful because while the magnets are strong it's a little bit of a tight fit

So I don't know how much I can speak to the longevity of something like this and realistically, you're probably not gonna be using it for Thunderbolt all the time You probably want to use it more for like charging and stuff At the very least, it actually is unbelievably a real, fully magnetic Thunderbolt three connector (box thuds) (laughs) A mini electromagnetic rail gun What is this? What does it shoot? Excellent

Okay, so I got some flags Oh! With China, India, and Spain Let's see how this works I've actually gotten really excited about all this What's wrong with India? India is a wonderful country, Matt how dare you try to talk (beep) about India

No! I'm giving shout outs to countries Shout out to India, yo Shout out to El Spain (tech crew laughs) Yeah Not suitable for children under eight years old

Shouldn't have given me this one So I think I just press the button that works Do you think it will work if I press the button right now? Ready? Three, two, one Whoa! Oh that was cool That was really fast I wasn't really expecting, that was the rubber one

All right let's try one more time, shall we? Okay, I see you, I see you Save Japan while you can Oh, that was a little bit more power in that So, look This is a fun little toy

It is not as dangerous as it seems It seems quite dangerous and if I had a more powerful power supply I'd be able to turn it up a lot more but as far as your electromagnetic rail gun needs, it's hard to argue that the Towelie mini electromagnetic rail gun shooting toy is not exactly what it says on the box They always do Okay A generic brown box

How exciting is this? Happy Hacking Keyboard How much did you pay for the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional Hybrid? Mm That is, as the kids say, a lot of (bleep) money, Ken (all laugh) All right, all right, all right Let me actually try this one

So that is an interesting stand So we've got feet for it What is this? Oh, is this where the batteries go? 300 dollars and you need double A batteries Ken? What, what is this layout? Wait so this is a Mac layout? – [Ken] Yes – So it's, wait shift, alt, why? Where's my arrow keys I just have blank spaces

So let's see how my Happy Hacking Keyboard works This is a little bit of a weird layout so I don't think I'm gonna be super fast Ready? – [Ken] Yes – Oh god Oh god

Oh that's bad Oh! It's so weird Oh, Jesus 69 words per minute, nice, and 87 percent accuracy So the keyboard actually feels really nice

The layout though is maddening My delete key is right above my return key whereas a normal keyboard, it is two keys up I know it's legendary I know a lot of people like it This, to me, is a little bit hard to swallow

As is 300 dollars So, you know I'm not gonna swallow money don't even think about it (box rustles) Is this, did you get a bunch of Beyblade stuff? – [Ken] I did This was actually recommended by our viewers

– I've never felt older in my life – [Both] Three, two, one Let it rip! (quack) – [Ken] Oh god Mine went off – [Tech Crew] Austin wins! That's a point for Austin

– [Ken] I almost destroyed his MacBook – [Austin] Don't do that – All right ready? – [Both] Three, two, one Let it rip! (quack) – [Ken] Oh, I killed myself – [Austin] Am I two and oh right now? – [Ken] I killed myself on that one

You know what, I need to be on the other side of this – [Both] Three, two, one Let it rip! – Go, go, go, go, go! – Oh no you don't (quack) – [Ken] Oh, I won yay – [Austin] Attack! – [Ken] Keep going

Yeah Keep hitting him Keep hitting him Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – [Both] Three, two, one

Let it rip! (quack) – [Austin] Excellent Thank you very much – So you don't seem exactly thrilled by Beyblades – Beyblades, no I'm old – All right, I got something else

I got something else – Okay The Koss Pro4 AA Headphones So why my dear friend, do I have a pair of Koss headphones on the table? Okay Oh those are very nice looking

Wow, that's pretty cool You're gonna take these home right Yeah (laughs) They look like pilot headphones You're totally right

I'm gonna be a pilot today Oh wow those are, oh these are so heavy Oh Is there no adjustment? There's no adjustment is there? Is that a suitcase? Why'd you just bring a suitcase over? Yeah, it's got all the, look It's got Paris on it, explore the world, Tokyo

Oh wow, yeah, that's Flight Simulator, all right So a professional access lever simulation controller This is a whole Flight Simulator setup Whoa! Hold on a minute Can you see this? Holy

Thrust master, the PA linear pendulum Okay, I can't read Hold on, Hold on, Hold on Thank you very much for flying Air Austin today We hope you are having a pleasant journey and we hope you are not particularly seasick because we are about to get a little crazy on this one I'm a true pilot

I fly on instinct There we go Okay here we go Gonna bank a little hard on this turn Sure it'll be fine

Whoo-hoo! All right, all right We're killing our engines Okay, hold on Hold on, we're coming in We're coming in It's okay

It's okay Okay it's fine It's fine! We're going down! Hold on! Hold on! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP A PLANE! NO! Hold on! we're going down! – [Ken] I think we're just dead now Yeah, I think we're just dead now – No, no I got it, I got it We're good, we're good

We're good – [Ken] No, you're not stopped yet – It's okay, we're there We're there We did it

Thank you very much for flying Air Austin Please give us a five star review and until next time, thanks for flying the friendly skies

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