How To Waste $569.97…

– Hello and welcome to a very special episode of Mystery Tech, now featuring Roboraptor's bigger brother? So as you can see this episode of Mystery Tech is a little different It is the holiday extravaganza

We decorated just for this video The fireplace was a little unnecessary, but you know So unlike usual Mystery Tech where Ken wastes all the money, instead everyone in the office got a single pick So I'm gonna guess Who would have gotten Roboraptor 2

0? Matt, did you pick this item? – [Matt] No – Ken, did you pick this item? – [Ken] No – Josh, did Josh pick this item? – [Ken] No – Did Wes? – [Ken and Matt] No – Man, Jimmy picked it? – [Ken] Yes

– How much was it? – $25000 – two– (chanting) We already had one Roboraptor Then we got Roboraptor's weird cousin Now we have Megaraptor, which is Whoa Okay, it just came alive Can you hear this? (dinosaur rawring) Easy, okay, it's okay This one's like scary

Like Roboraptor's like a friendly dinosaur He's like oh no, ha ha And this one's just like blinking at you and it looks like it's about to do that Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea No, no, no, no, no, no, no

(toys crashing) (box banging) X-Bass SuperSonic Four-Band Radio and Cassette Player Well this doesn't look very good Wait, wait, wait, hang on Now that I've said that, who chose the four-band radio and cassette player? (Christmas music) Matt? – Nope – Damn

(buzzer) – Wes – Nope (buzzer) – Josh – Yeah, there you go – Okay, thanks Josh

This is really hard I have no idea who has what Oh, oh I have the Logic cassette Oh, yes All right, all right

Josh, Josh has got me on this one That's a good call That's a very good call So not only does this have a cassette player with a four band radio, but we also have USB input and an SD card slot 500 watts

Um, I don't think that's accurate You know what, it smells like 1985 Man, I haven't seen an antenna like this in a long time I remember my dad used to yell at me because I would do this with my radio He's like, oh, you're gonna break it

And you have to bring it in from the side Otherwise, you're putting too much pressure on it I feel old (laughing) ♪ You know I'd do anything for you ♪ ♪ Stay the night ♪ ♪ I don't wanna lose your love tonight ♪ (foreign language) – [Man] Damn man, we been walking forever – That actually sounds surprisingly good

– [Ken] Do you wanna take a guess at how much this was? – [Austin] This, $60 – 35 – $35? Yo, actually, I mean it's not like the greatest tape player in the world or the greatest radio But considering at how it looks retro, it feels retro, it doesn't sound that bad, 35 bucks, this actually might be one of the better deals on Mystery Tech Wow, I feel so loved

Wait, actually, Josh didn't even waste money (horn blowing) (clapping) Okay, so this is a mysterious box Who got shoes? (gasping) Heelys? Oh, oh okay, all right This is Matt – [Matt] No

(buzzer) – I'm never gonna get this right I'm just gonna guess you every time Is this Wes? – Yes Okay, excellent Second try

I'll be real, I've never owned a pair of Heelys in my life So I should probably lace these up, it's fine right? Whoa So you can walk normally, but if I want I can be like, whoa Whoa, wait a minute How do you do it? Wait, I need the instruction

How to heel? Find the balance point Find a rail, counter, or friend you can hold on to in order to keep your balance (grunting) This is hard How do you Heely? Help, Matt, Matt help, help Matt No, no, no, no, no, no

I'm trusting you (laughing) – [Matt] I killed Austin – It's been a long fun ride Had a lot of great Mystery Tech episodes But I see the Festivus pole and I don't have the strength to continue

(box crashing) A Pokeball speaker? (rock music) Is that Pokemon? (rock music) I'm going to guess that the person who picked this is Ken – [Ken] No (buzzer) – Out of all the things that you got, this is the one? I'm assuming this was not all that expensive – [Matt] $30 – All right, $30 Bluetooth speaker, I can get behind that

♪ I wanna be the very best ♪ ♪ No one ever was ♪ ♪ My destiny, Pokemon ♪ ♪ Oh you're my best friend ♪ ♪ In a world we must defend ♪ – Wait, am I making a TikTok right now? ♪ Pokemon gotta catch 'em all ♪ ♪ A heart so true ♪ (Lavender Town theme) What? Hold on a second, hold on a second Is this the original Pokedex? Yo, I used to have one of these Wait, is this your choice (ding ding) This is still sealed, too, I just realized Oh I can't open this

$150 on eBay right now? (exhaling) It's okay, never listen to mom All right, here we go The Pokedex This thing is 20 years old I'm old

Do you think these 20-year-old batteries are gonna work? No way, right? What? What? 20-year-old batteries work? Are you serious? Who did we look up? Staryu Error You have to type it in exactly? What is this like a spelling tool as well? Hey look, it's a Staryu It's two foot seven inches, 76 pounds Wow, that's really dense

It knows Tackle, Water Gun If you're a Pokemon master in the field, you have to be a little patient Here's the test What happens when I try to out in Mew – [Mew] Mew

– Error? Error? This is factually incorrect Professor Oak, get on it man What are you doing? You don't even know the first 151 Pokemon How are you ever supposed to keep up with the Pokerap huh? ♪ Gotta catch 'em all ♪ ♪ Gotta catch 'em all ♪ ♪ Pokemon ♪

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