How to Waste $714.66 on Amazon…

-[Austin] Ken Bolido – Yeah

– [Commentator] Happy birthday my friend – Can I open my eyes? – [Commentator] You can open your eyes (squeaking) (laughing) – [Ken] Here, I'll do you a solid – [Ken] Wait dude Oh no

Great, great, great I already hate it Oh, it's balloons! Oh, it's balloons! Oh, I thought it was something else – [Man Throwing Box] I'm not used to throwing items This is very strange

I'm gonna throw them from over here – What is this? DEMA! Wait more? Wait stop burning all your- Wait are you throwing literally everything to me right now? Wait, what? Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on one at a time, dude

Have you ever seen Mystery Tech before? Let's see What do we got here? These look like gloves, but I'm going to just guess that they are not ordinary gloves (upbeat background music) Okay What the (laugh) These are shiny! Wait, wait, knowing, knowing you guys, cause we did this once before Do they light up? Are they supposed to light up? – [Man Behind Camera] They are – You would think that it would be intuitive enough to have a power button somewhere apparently obvious That

The button is where your inner ankle would be Inner ankle is it? Your- – [Man Behind Camera] Yeah – Yeah Oh it turned on! It's red Wait, can I change the color? Red, red

If you just have red and a flashing red That's uh, that's handy So continuing the trend We have these shining glasses – [Man Behind Camera] Yeah

It's looking awfully dangerous right there – These look very awful I'm in the future ladies and gentlemen Wow Why is the nose bridge completely part plastic? ♪ Around the world ♪ ♪ Around the world ♪ ♪ Around the world ♪ ♪ Around the world ♪ – [Man Behind Camera] Yeah I'm not really good at being on page

or tone or key Whatever the music- – Or talking All right

What is this? What can this be? It's a hooded thing Oh my God It's Kiryu Coco – Who? (laughing) So what's your, what's your basically making me do is wear a V tuber thing over my other V tuber thing – [Man Behind Camera] Uh, yes

– [Ken] This is like, if someone told me what people wear to rave and I just, (laughing) but I was blind and I just bought everything That's what this is – [Man Behind Camera] Oh, look at that Look at that – [Ken] I look like every one of ASUS' products, Republic of gamers

– [Man Behind Camera] Well! I'd like to formally apologize to ASUS for Ken's comments I do not condone them in any way whatsoever – Hi, my name is Ken Strix Bolito How's it going? God, what am I doing? – [Man Behind Camera] So, Ken, I think it's actually time for mystery tech, now that you have your wardrobe – Wait that wasn't mystery tech? – [Man Behind Camera] No, that was just uh, your wardrobe

– I'll keep the bow- Oh wait no I can't- Ah! Austin actually bought tech for mystery tech – [Austin] Yeah I know, pretty novel concept huh – It is a novel concept I wish I learned it Okay

So Austin got me an, A-1 headphone adapter, which is a USBC deck Literally know nothing about this- – [Austin] So let me tell you, it is very highly reviewed on Amazon It's like the best step up from like the headphone adapter that comes in the box for you – Ah! The NBRZX 1-10 Of course! Powerful high quality sound Sure

Let me take a look at this deck first That's a really excessive box for what is a normal size looking dongle It passed all of its reports Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass No fails

Must be good I mean, I went to art school, so I didn't really matter You went to art school too And that was my professor fun fact – [Austin] And look where you both ended up

– Well, I was going to say like, I'm upper management for Matt So look at, look at where we- (yelling) sometimes, sometimes your professors just end up being your subordinates Sometimes, sometimes life just works out like that I don't know (crinkling) – [Ken] As expected of these plastic Sony cans, they feel very lightweight

They feel very plastic-y But honestly, I feel like that's what some people want because you're going to be using this when you're running, you're going to be using this on the train Sometimes not everyone wants to wear expensive headphones out for whatever reason that might be, but these should actually sound pretty decent I believe I've used a version of these before Like these have been around for quite a while

– [Austin] I can definitely confirm I used to use a pair of these headphones These are a classic – [Ken] The volume is pretty loud Even at around like 80%

I probably wouldn't Jack it up higher than that So there's a lot of headroom with this DAC, for these headphones, which is really nice to see It sounds fantastic What I really like about these Sony headphones, especially for a lot of Sony headphones in this price range is the base response So it's not incredibly Boom-y, but there is a lot of basic detail there, but it doesn't compromise the mids and highs as much as I thought it would like the treble actually sounds pretty good

The vocals come out really well on this This is a very well rounded pair for, you said less than 20 bucks, right? – [Austin] The deck was $15 and those headphones are only $999 – Are you serious? These headphones are 10 bucks? – [Austin] Yup – Holy crap

– [Austin] So $25 for the pair of those – This is a really good set Holy crap – [Austin] So Kent are you trying to say that when I incorporate tech and mystery tech, I do a good job? – I would hope so The expectation is that you know about this stuff, not me

You almost did the Z-flip – [Austin] Good catch – Now, if you're wondering how Austin is paying for all this mystery tech stuff, it is thanks to the sponsor of today's video mint, mobile, who has been working to slash phone bills down to $15 a month since 2016, by cutting out the in store retail experience, putting it all online and passing on the savings to you I think that was a pretty good sales pitch I try my best

Try my best You might've heard of mint mobile from a thing that happened last year, but they're days away now from launching a brand new plan that is unlimited talk, text and data for $30 a month 30 bucks, Austin 30 bucks, which is less than half, of what the big carriers charge And on top of that, you get the same reliability

With that, you get 35 gigs of high speed data, which you can access on 4G or 5G depending on which one's stronger And in addition, if you have other devices, you have five gigs of mobile hotspot included I've really been liking the speed and reliability of mint mobile So if that's got you curious, definitely go check out the link in the description Or go to mintmobile

com/austin and huge thanks to them for sponsoring mystery tech What is in here? Oh, I already know I already know I see it peeking This is the Sony 1000 X Mark four

Active noise canceling headphones – [Austin] The question is, do they sound better than the $10 pair of headphones? – Probably – [Austin] I'm gonna think so – So I will say, probably something I shouldn't say about my present from Austin Evans and company, but I think I'll actually like the older ones more – [Austin] What?! – This is saying them before even trying them

But, let me explain One of the main reasons why I think I would like the thousand X Mark threes more, is just because of compatibility So on the Bluetooth side, this does have LDAC compatibility, which is a Bluetooth Code that's supported on Android and a bunch of Sony products, but the Mark threes were compatible with Aptx, which is very important if you want to use it on a PC, because otherwise you're kind of stuck with very low end codex And I tend to use my Bluetooth headphones on my PC So these probably won't work though

I'll have to try them to make sure though I don't think I have a PC here to try them, but um, we'll see – [Austin] Try them on your Z-flip – I will try them on my Z-flip because at the very least that has LDAC compatibility Oh wow

Already the active noise cancellation is heavy on these Wow I can barely hear my own voice Holy crap The Sony ANC headphones

Always really bass-y, I love it Ooh It's just the noise cancellation is so aggressive Again I can't hear myself talk, which is a very- I don't even know what to think about that actually

It's very weird Play a song that- play a song that you like, just type something in Test, test, test, test, test Austin, Austin, Austin, Austin Yeah

It's low It's really low – Like you can barely hear what people are saying around you You can almost kind of tell they're talking but you really can't hear them It's very oppressive

It's like yeah you really- your head's like in a vacuum – It's enough to zone yourself in You can still hear a little bit around you, but that is the most aggressive that I've heard any wireless headphones, for noise cancellation It's crazy Wow

Okay What is this? All right So this is the robotosaur He looks very derpy (laughing) It's okay

He looks like he has brain damaged already I don't think that would have added or detracted anything There we go Oh That looks stupid

He looks really dumb [Person Behind Camera] Why are his arms so long? (roaring) (laughing) – Do you want to do something about this? Go, come on, yeah, go Uh-huh uh-huh That way, that way, that way (crash) Not even mad, not even mad

God Why? Why? All right, well Back in the pen All right What did Austin Evans get me

What the hell is this? The Bob Ross toaster I like how Mystery Tech has just become both toy dinosaurs and toasters – [Austin] Happy little trees Ken, happy little trees – Oh, Wes is here with the fire extinguisher That's all right

Oh, Austin just threw some bread It's okay Whew very (censor) at holding bread When your bread doesn't fit in the toaster – [Austin] I mean, that is Artesano bread

Like it's high quality bread – [Ken] It's not that high quality It's good This is actually the brand that I buy – [Austin] Excuse me

Artesano Get that bread – It's art-e-sano Not ar-tees-ano, you dumb asses It's art-e-sano

All right, let's get that bread (laughing) Okay So my main problem with this toaster is that, you know when toast is done, and it's just supposed to (clicks tongue) right? The thing that scares Austin every morning? Yeah It didn't do that Which means I'm going to have to either hand fix this, which I'm not going to do

Cause I like my fingers – By the way, in this drawer where we hide all of our important things to do videos like screwdrivers, and I fix the kits and whatnot We also have our (laughing) Naruto kunai's – [Austin] I mean (laughing) – We're good

My legs are intact, I didn't stab myself, This one is uh- – [Man Behind Camera] Oh, Ken! – [Austin] Those aren't chopsticks! Oh – There you go Bob Ross ladies and gentlemen Bob Ross – [Man Behind Camera] Can we try and do this to one more piece of bread? – Why? – [Austin] A higher temperature

– [Man Behind Camera] Yes, please Not zero – IT did not go down any more This is the (censor) toaster I've ever seen See some smoke

– It is actually- I think it will actually combust and light on fire It has a lot of smoke – [Austin] It does look a little suspicious Cause that doesn't look like the nice like steam that looks like actual fire – [Ken] No, it's it's fine

I'm monitoring it If it catches on fire, I'll let you know Okay Actually that is burning the bread – [Man Behind Camera] Oh, pumped out

– Perfect timing (laughing) Look at that! It actually looks like Bob Ross Ladies and gentlemen here, we have you versus the one she tells you not to worry about – [Man Behind Camera] Is anyone worried about him though? – Something's coming up behind me Isn't it? – [Man Behind Camera] Happy Birthday Ken

– Well enjoy cleaning this up, Matt Wait, there's another thing? What is even up there on the ceiling? There's a bucket, Oh, there's more bucket stuff Oh, I see You just have to keep doing it and undoing it until more fall down Okay

That's a lot I know this is the end of mystery tech because this ruins all of our continuity in the edit So thank you very much for watching this episode of Mystery Tech I hope you enjoyed, If you liked me being on Mystery Tech instead of Austin, please let me know in the comments below, otherwise check out our secondary channel This is where Matt

does something unless Austin's on camera? Because he's usually on camera more than Matt nowadays, which is kind of sad Give Matt all the love and support he deserves it And otherwise, thanks for watching

He does (squeaking)

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