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– Wait, did you surprise us with mystery tech? Is it already hidden somewhere? – Oh, what is this? Austin? What could this be? Austin Evans, this is the right thing, right? – You did not! I know exactly what this (ecstatic gasp) Ken! – [Jake] Aw, you even got a letter from Susan (excited Laughter) Also, could I give a shout-out to Clark, who inspected the package with great care (laughter) Thank you Clark – Okay, I'ma tell a story

I'ma tell a brief little story about why this is on mystery tech So, I hit a million subscribers four years ago? Something like that

It's been quite a while but I never got the option to claim my play button And so, I didn't wanna be that weird person who's like, "Hey gimme shiny trophy" So I never asked for it, and never got one But Ken has been determined, he's been single-handedly on-board with getting a gold play button And now we have it

I'm glad you're here to share in this moment – I'm very excited for you I can't believe you hit a million subscribers That's so big! Actually you know what, that's bigger than Las Vegas, that's bigger than Venice, it's bigger than – [Both] Vancouver! (laughter) – Also this Mystery Tech is a little different 'cause my buddy Jake Roper's here – Hi! – I wasn't ready for the thing

– I'm Jake Roper, you might remember from such things as Vsauce3, your dreams, and also your future step-father Good to see ya – Alright, thanks Ken for finally making me get the play button – Hey, thanks Ken (clapping) thanks, hey, thanks, Ken

Hey, thanks Ken That's so cool, you should just have a projector set up, like showing it constantly going – That's what we did for the Intel thing Oh, what? Are we supposed to get underneath the blanket together? – Do you want me under the blanket, Ken? I'll get under the blanket – What's going on? I'm very confused – Oh cool, hey, what's up? I feel like we're in Harry Potter

– [Austin] Audio is so much better Oh yeah it's the invisibility cloak Ken, why is it so awkward? – [Jake] How long are we gonna be under here, Ken? – [Austin] Yeah can we please leave yet? It's really warm underneath here – [Jake] It is really warm – [Austin] This is such an elaborate episode of Mystery Tech

– [Jake] I'm gonna get out of here, and there's gonna be lipstick all over my collar, gonna be so weird Don't look at the ground, Austin! – [Austin] I wanna know what's going on – [Jake] Look at my eyes, (both laugh) stay focused on my eyes Can we get out? – [Austin] Ready? – [Jake] Okay, here we go (laughing) – Why? – What's it look like? – Wait

Oh, Wait a minute, Wait a minute, hold on This is the deepest of deep cuts So, back in 2012 I did a video with Samsung on the Galaxy camera I had a way too large white shirt, which is where this comes in I would blend-in with the background

It's an amazing video Did you really need to get an entire, like, mannequin for this? Also, why is he so tall? I feel so short now – [Jake] What are you doing to him? It'll flag for review – [Austin] Hey guys, this is Austin And today I'm doing a video on the Galaxy camera

Oh boy! – You know what's kinda funny, is that he has more movement than you usually do (both laughing) JK! – Oh sweet is it a pizza? – Oh that's – Nice! I'm glad that you kept the tag on it so you can return this later (slow jazz) – Whoa Wow Okay

We got a little wardrobe malfunction – Definitely demonetized Come one, I thought you go to the gym – Yeah, but he's falling apart Like, I don't even know where – [Jake] Oh no! Here, don't worry I gotcha

– [Austin] Ready? Okay, up – [Jake] Where does it go in? – [Austin] I dunno just stick it in there Just stick it in – [Jake] I need to find the hole – [Austin] It's fine, it's fine

– [Jake] It's not fine, there needs to be a hole, Austin – [Austin] It's okay just try harder – [Jake] Okay, hold on Where's his hole? – [Austin] That's the wrong one – [Jake] That's your hole

(both scream) – No! (both laugh) – [Jake] Where's his hole? Does anyone know where this goes? Want me to just grab it right there? – [Austin] There we go, there we go – Ah, perfect – [Austin] That's much better – [Jake] Okay, let me just Are you doing the That's okay

– Why is he such a giant There we go At least the figure's accurate Ya know, this is exactly what I look like Don't worry about it, it's fine

– Yeah, that's about accurate Okay I think I'm in it SD card inserted Yes, let's take a nice pic – Alright let's do it

Wow, that's an old-school shutter sound – [Jake] Oh Yeah – [Austin] It's totally upside-down, but besides that it's perfect – [Jake] You can flip it in post, Josh – So what made the Galaxy camera kinda special, was that it is a basically full point and shoot that happens to run android

This would actually be kinda cool if they made, like a modern day version of this (camera beeps and shutters) – Yeah, but no – How's it look though? (laughter) – [Jake] Looks great! I don't see the point really, I'm gonna take this, I am sorry It's very warm, the pizza is super insulating Here we go

– [Austin] Okay now, Imagine an RX-100 that ran android, right? It was slightly bigger, that had like more of the phone functionality built-in That could be kinda cool – Riddle me this, Austin – Go for it – Why would one need as camera that has a phone operating system but not the phone part of it

– Anyway so I go the camera — (high pitch noise) What's this? – Ooh, where's the knife? – Oh great, cool – I'm gonna just open in toward you – [Austin] Okay, I will step back here – Oh it's already open Ken, why do you take everything from me? You're the worst step-son I ever had, Ken

– [Austin] Oh no – [Jake] Looks like some sort of bicycle thing Oh look at that So its for if you're sittin' down and you can peddle on your bicycle – [Austin] The power box

So, the idea is that this is just like a standing bicycle but it uses a chair Wait, what? Oh, this is very confusing – [Jake] Two arrows Hold on, wait – Does it charge your phone!? – Generator mode, that's what it is Okay, okay, okay, let's do this

Open the base so unclip and remove the leg pin So what's the leg pin? I should just take off my glasses and put the real ones on This is very difficult to see So the idea is, as you're paddling you can power something off of the full outlet Even though, I guess it depends, it says 20 watts for ten minutes max or 14 watts continuous

So, I guess it will overheat if you try to peddle to long – Guess we're gonna have to find out, let's see an explosion! – [Austin] Also why do they say you have to lubricate with dish washing soap They say that multiple times, like multiple thing need to be dish-washed This doesn't wanna – Just lubricate it If you lubricate it it will go in much more seamlessly – I see why they ask for lubrication now – I mean, I think this is good enough

– Okay, well I — – Let's attach some pedals – We need get the feet on though, 'cause otherwise it's gonna like — – It's fine – Okay – We got this – Alright are we ready? Okay (everyone laughing) – Okay maybe wee need to get this foot on – Lets get the foot on Let's get the foot on – Okay

Just a little bit of dish soap, so – [Austin] It's good – [Jake] Okay, we need to lubricate this Hold on Okay, come on

Let me try just Ooh yeah! – Did it work? – Thank you dish soap! – Never heard lube saves the day – Okay we're at 76%! Come on Use those thighs – Alright, are we charging? – We're chargin'! – How long do I have to do this? – Until I get to 100

– Okay It's Fine My shoes are too big – It's always an excuse, Oh my pins are wrong, my shoes are to big, there's a snake in my boot – Who thinks this is a good idea? Like are we living in some Mad Max apocalypse, where all you have is the power of the Power Box to charge your gadgets? Jake, what if I was really in the Mad Max world, do you have any ideas on how I could survive? – Yeah, I do, there's a video on Vsauce3 just about the Mad Max apocalypse! There's explosions, there's War Boys, there's car flips

– [Austin] Is there a Power Box? – [Jake] There's no power boxes, 'cause this is just a really dumb idea – Okay, we should all go watch Jake's video – Link down in the description Smash that like button, hit that notification bell, and tell your mom that you love her, 'cause she always tells me about how you don't and it really hurts her – I've never got this sweaty for a Mystery Tech before

– It's 'cause you haven't had me on the show – We've never had him on the show – Oh, wow that hurts I'm right here Oh! – Alright this looks, wait what does it say? – It says Gula-Meta-Supa-Dua-Callapa I believe that's a spell

– [Austin] Oh! – [Jake] Oh, what is this? – [Austin] Mini Arcade for Game Boy , hold on a second! So, I've seen a lot of weird game accessories, I've seen a lot od Game Boy accessories I've never heard of this, it's even got a little magnifier for the screen – High performance joystick super stereo sound That sounds like an apple branding – Oh, I'm so in right now

– Oh, do you need a knife? – No Oh wow, that's a lot bigger than the GameBoy I was expecting – [Jake] Yeah, well if you wanna play GameBoy on levels higher than you've ever seen you need this I don't wanna rip the box 'cause this thing looks retro and probably very expensive How much was this? – What! – That's a lot of money

– A hundred-and-eighty US dollars? Kenjamin So for reference the GameBoy is already a very large portable by today's standards But this, this is, wow Okay so, headphones – [Ken] And this kinda like seats in

And then – [Austin] That tucks in there? – [Ken] Yeah – [Austin] So if we put our giant C batteries in ♪ Tetris Theme A ♪ ♪ (8 bit tetris sounds and music) (blips in tune to Tetris Theme A) – [Jake] Oh wow this is, whew, I'm on the edge of my seat – So this is– (Tetris game over sound) – I might not be good at Tetris This is crazy though

This is legitimately one of the most ridiculous accessories I've ever seen I didn't even know they made anything like this I mean look how big it is It's like two of Jake's heads The resemblance is uncanny

– It does look a lot like me (laughter) Dad? Is that you? What do we got ken? Oh! – I think I know what this is – I know exactly what this is 'cause I own one It's Nicolas Cage Yeah, that's Nicolas Cage

Whatever, close enough, there you go It's the gift that keeps on giving – It's your gift for coming on Mystery Tech – (gasp) and it even comes with the pillow inside of it I'm so happy

– So sometimes I like to think, that Mystery Tech, we go a little over the rails, we get a little crazy with it But this takes it to a whole knew level I blame you Jake – Mmmm – I blame you – I wouldn't

– I do – You know what I would blame? – Hmm? – When I was 16 my parents got divorced (both laugh)

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