How To Waste $973.18 in Japan…

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and welcome to a very special edition of Mystery Tech This time, entirely focused on items that Ken wasted our money on straight from Japan

Kirby headphones Okay, I immediately appreciate the old school pixel art style Wait, it's 5000 yen? How much is 5000 yen? – [Assistant] 5000 Japanese yen equals 45 United States dollars and 62 cents – Okay, that's not so bad So if you guys didn't know, Ken goes to Japan every once in a while, and by every once in a while, I mean like every weekend

Wow, oh, it's actually like hard plastic They're oddly hollow I feel like I hear like, you know like when you put your ear up to like a seashell or something That's kinda what it sounds like to be wearing these headphones, not great Okay look, they're cool

For 45 bucks, I don't know, but if you're really into Kirby, just don't use them as headphones Oh, more headphones The Xperia Ear Duo, wireless open ear stereo headsets Music and communication while listening to the surrounding sound, enjoy closed, the ears your own tube design Man, nothing says weird tech from Japan like Sony

So I guess the idea here is that these are supposed to be kinda like AirPods, so it looks like they're actually going to be completely independent and wireless How much is 30,000 yen? – [Assistant] 30,000 Japanese yen equals 273 United States dollars and 26 cents – Sometimes I regret giving Ken a company credit card Generally speaking, when it comes to tech, it's not actually that weird when you go to different countries Generally, pretty much everyone has the same kind of stuff, but I feel like Japan is always the exception

There's always this sort of extra weird stuff there That's a, wow, hold on a second That's a really bizarre setup So this is the actual headphone, but I guess that's the sort of the opening for your ear Oh so this actually isn't out in the US yet

Oh, interesting, so this is an exclusive, some would say, straight from Japan Wait here, I should figure out how to get them paired first Oh, you need an app So searching for devices, make sure it's turned on How do you turn it on though? Oh, it's magnetic

Okay, that actually makes it kinda cool One of the things I didn't like about the Pixel Buds was that it was really kinda fiddly to be able to rewind the cable around Oh, oh yeah, okay It's a little weird to get used to on how you're actually supposed to do that, but that feels pretty decent to me So I'm listening to music right now, and it sounds decent

It's not really particularly loud or rich sound, but what's interesting is that it's really not blocking any of my hearing so I can still hear everything just fine Ken, say something Yeah, I can hear you completely fine So it's almost like kinda having some background music It's not like listening to proper headphones

Sound quality is not going to be amazing They sound okay But it's not really for listening I can still hear everything around me right now This is a really interesting idea, but I think it's not really correct to call them headphones

It's not really necessarily something like an AirPods competitor What this really is is a way of getting an assistant without actually being able to block out the rest of the world Niche Phone, whoa Whoa, that's actually really cool So it looks like it charges with some Pogo pins on the back, but it does accept a nano SIM, as well as it has 3G tethering

So if you want to use this in addition to, say, an actual smartphone, you can Whoa, that's it? That's the whole phone, are you serious? Okay, so, I saw the picture, and I thought it was going to be bigger than this That's the whole phone right there Okay How much was this? So 10,000 yen? – [Assistant] 10,000 Japanese yen equals 91 United States dollars and four cents

– Much more reasonable Okay, we're up You have contacts, messages, calls, music, voice memos, Bluetooth, alarm, and settings Let's do settings So I can see the tiny little text here

I can also scroll down to type the message Alright, what's your number? I mean, I know that there's weird tech out there, but the idea of having a phone that's this small, it's cool, and I think for some people, if you want a backup phone, it does do hotspot In theory, you can do stuff with Bluetooth, I guess, if you load music in via this micro USB adapter, but man, this is, I'm actually impressed I still don't understand how it runs Android though That makes zero sense to me

Why are you handing me a Switch? – [Ken] I got some Switch accessories – Really? Japanese, okay, Japanese Switch accessories, got it A felt pouch for the Switch? It's mildly Japanese and weird, but besides that, actually it feels kinda nice So I drop the Switch inside and close it No one can tell I'm carrying a Switch

Where are you going with this? Oh no, oh no (chuckles) Oh no I'm getting flashbacks to the Connect-a-Desk, or the Portadesk, or whatever that thing was It's just a bendy thing (laughs) I mean, you know, everyone's like, the Switch is so heavy, it's so giant, it's so difficult to use in your hands because it is unwieldy and ridiculous

So this is the obviously the way to play And you know, I actually have to say, it's not crazy I feel like this is just kind of, oh god, what am I doing? What is this? A traditional Japanese fan? But why does it say USB, what? (laughs) This is it? This is the fan? This is all there is to it? Alright, so after a slightly long time of building this stupid fan, let's actually plug it in, see what it does Okay Okay, I put the goopy thing on the bottom

(laughs) It's like slime, are you serious? Well, I mean, when you're vigorously fanning yourself, maybe you need a little bit of extra sticky action I'm gonna put this down and move on because this is getting really weird Yo, yo, you did not You did not, this is not Is this a? Dude, dude

Dude, look at that That is so legit It's still in the original packaging Even the foam doesn't look that old So if you guys are not familiar, this is an original Nintendo Famicom

And oh, look at the games you got Mother, Excitebike, Donkey Kong, Rockman, not Megaman, Ice Climber, and Super Mario Bros Dude, that is, uh, uh, alright I'm excited now That is not what I expected to get today I can't believe you got one in the box

This looks like pristine packaging I almost don't want to open it It's too nice So if you guys are not familiar, this is essentially the Japanese version of the NES, so they actually did it, it's slightly different looking But as far as the actual system itself, it shouldn't be any different at all

Actually, well, I take that back There were some slight differences as far as the controller, right? Because didn't the controller have a microphone on it? So image quality, not the best, due to our terrible adapter situation but whatever Oh, oh, oh no you don't, no you don't Oh, this is bad There we go, alright

Mario, a game that I really should know how to play better than I actually do Oh, come on, come on, come on, come on No, no you don't, no you don't Get over here, get over here, get over here Come on, come on, come on, come on

Oh yeah That was dangerous Oh wow, that was a terrible jump But the Famicom is real Now yes, is it basically the same thing as an NES? Pretty much

Is it way cooler though? Absolutely And if you thought this was weird, definitely be sure to go check out the last episode of Mystery Tech, where we checked out some of the most bizarre cheap stuff we could find on Amazon Anyway guys, thank you so much for watching, and I will catch you in the next one

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