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– Hey guys, this is Austin Over the years, we've spent a lot of time trying to make our videos as crispy as possible, but this is a look at how we actually do that

– Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, the first thing I usually tell them is I work for a YouTuber because I feel like, in some cases, people will just straight up say they're a YouTuber, but I don't think that necessarily describes what I do This is a Red Epic W with the Fujinon 19 to 90 that we're currently renting, but we're probably going to end up getting before the end of the year We mainly shoot Red – We shoot Red because it makes Ken happy That's why we shoot Red

– I wasn't really brought up upon learning all of this stuff, so it is kind of a learn as we go sort of thing, but I think, from when I started to now, I think we've covered a decent amount of ground figuring that stuff out They're like, how can you handle a camera like that and not be scared? That's what insurance is for (Austin laughing) – It's called not Ken's problem if he drops it That's what it's called – I think it's one thing to say I man the camera and I shoot the videos, but I think it goes a lot further than that

There's a lot of little bits of directing that I have to do on part of the writing that you do and the bullet points that you make for yourself – Because the first part is about what is a BitCoin I think a lot of that is going to be fairly straightforward up until the point where I am actually explaining how to use it So, at that point, I'll finish explaining what the block chain is and then, I'll start talking about mining So, maybe that's the point where we cut, set up the table, and have a couple of PCs sitting there, so I can say, oh, look, these are what you would typically use and I'll hit a little bit on ASICs and that kind of stuff

So, the fun part of today is that, usually, we would have pretty much an entire day to actually shoot something like this, but because we have to shoot this and we're shooting this BTS video that you guys are watching now and then we have to do another video in two hours, gotta keep moving – [Ken] This is take three with Wes (clapping) – Yeah, the first day I was here, I was just kinda out to see the space and the kinda say hi to everyone I knew that Ken had gotten the job, he had come back to school being like, hey, I'm gonna graduate with a job unlike the rest of you art majors So, over the next couple of months, I started working with you guys to refine the lighting setup a little bit using just really what you already had just to kind of refine everything, make it a little more polished

– Okay, we've been recording for an hour and 45 minutes This is a little bit of a harder video I think, for me, it was difficult to actually explain BitCoin well It's kind of a complicated subject The next incredibly important part of any video is bringing the footage to Jimmy where he will actually make it not terrible and cut out my hour and a half of mistakes

– [Ken] This is take two with Jimmy (clapping) – When I was in college, I played a game called Crypt of the NecroDancer and I was like, I want to make a game review for this, so I did and I used iMovie and I recorded everything with the voice memos app on the iPhone and it sounded so bad Hello, hi, I'm back I have returned and we're gonna be talking about video games today, instead of movies Then, I switched to Premiere, I built my gaming PC, and that was really tough to use

It was really slow and took literally six hours to export sometimes, so I'd export a video and go to class and notice a mistake and be like, ugh, and then, I'd go back and reexport it all and just fix everything and then, I downloaded Final Cut over the next summer and it was insanely fast – Oh, hi I brought you a video – Yay Wes, you have Meg reader though

– [Wes] Here's the SD card – Thank you, Wes The first Q and A was kinda tough because I kinda had an idea of what your videos were, but the first Q and A was just totally different and there was a lot of extra little things that went into that that I had no idea about and that was my first week, so I was like, I don't know any of this God dang it! Yeah, well, granted, there's two minutes at the beginning you gotta keep in mind – Yeah, that's a good point

That's a good point, yeah – So, it was a six minute Q and A and Austin answered some really good questions and you'll get a lot of Ken, too and even a little bit of me – Between the four of us that are in this office, we all have very specific tasks and, usually, we're zoned in on those and we can't exactly be bothered doing the little things like taking out the trash So, we have three cameras here There's the first FS7

That's our A angle We have another FS7 that's our B angle, and we have an FS5 that's sitting up from the ceiling that's our C angle Wes, who is actually manning the camera right now, has done awesome color work to make sure that all three cameras match – Shooting LOG basically means that you're getting the most amount of range out of the camera possible so you're getting all the stops of light, all the range of light you can possible get, and that's great because it gives you a bunch of options in post, but is also allows you to basically just make the most cinematic images The benefit of shooting log and then, just applying the LUTs that I made, is we can get the benefit of LOG, getting all that range, all that nice color, and then, by slapping a LUT on that I have, from testing the cameras with the different lenses, it's kind of the best of both worlds

You get really quick color and it's just one extra step in post You just gotta slap it on and you're good to go – Because we have so many videos to make and so little time to actually make them, a tool like Final Cut is a huge part of our workflow – It's the only thing I've really ever used I'm just so used to it now that there's nothing that I would really change

I really like that we were able to save the LUTs as presets, so I can just type in the camera name instead of going through our massive list of all the LUTs we have This is so much faster and more convenient I like that a lot – [Austin] What is one thing about your job you wish you could change? – Oh I would have a 30th floor office and look down on everyone

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