I Bought EVERY Console at GameStop…

– Hey guys, this is Austin, and we just bought every console from GameStop And it only cost us

(crinkling receipt) $1,283 (cash register dings) Dude, what do they pack these things with? So shall we begin with the oldest, which was our DSi, and it cost us 4999

I didn't realize it was going to be pink, but that's fine – [Ken] I'm okay with that – Next, we have our 3DS XL, which was a pretty hefty $100 Ehh, okay, the screens are a little dirty, I think we could clean that up Now the Switch was actually probably the worst deal we got here

This was $280 Well technically, the MSRP on all Switches is still $300, however, of course you've got the Switch Lite at 200 bucks, and the fact that the red box Switch, which we did do a full video on, has got so much more battery life for, again, $300, means that there's zero, zero chance that this is going to be worth it, even if it's completely perfect You know what, this Switch has a screen protector Moving back a few years, we have our Wii U, which is $110 That's not in great shape, there's a lot of scratches on that screen

Eh, okay I mean, that's, (chuckling) that's not good Moving on, we have the OG Wii, which is a cool $70 So this is the later model Wii that does not support the GameCube We should have checked for that, that kinda sucks

I mean, that was one of my favorite parts of the Wii is that you actually could so easily play those GameCube games Welp, so much for our super-cool Wii Next up, we have our $100 PlayStation 3 Now I believe that this is the 80 gig slim model Oh! (clears throat) Nevermind

This is the fat PS3 Next up, we have the PS4, which costs a whopping $220 (blowing on console) We have (laughing) easy access to the hard drive, still Next, let's get into some Xboxes, shall we? So apparently, we bought a four gig Xbox 360 Slim, for 6999

So as you can very clearly see, no hard drive I actually wonder, how much do you think a 360 hard drive would cost these days? Probably not that bad, huh? At $160, we have the original Xbox One We've got a day one controller here That's pretty cool! – Ooh! – So this is a launch launch Xbox One The first thing I'll say about this, and I don't know what's goin' on here, this is all matte

Like, the entire console There's no glossy plastic right here, there's no glossy plastic here Is this a dbrand? So let's put these consoles to the test And starting out with, we have the Xbox 360 Now like I mentioned earlier, you do have to keep in mind that with a four gig console, some games won't work

However, Rise of the Tomb Raider shouldn't require any kind of install (dramatic video game music) – [Lara] Thanks – There we go All right, I mean, seems fine to me All right, so, the real question here, is did we get a good deal? I am almost positive that is not the case

So this was $70, I believe, right? Now if we jump on eBay here, $35, buy it now, free shipping Or $40, with a 250 gig hard drive Yeah, we got ripped Next up, let's give our day one Xbox One a try So I'm gonna throw a disc in here, this is Titanfall 2, because it's the only Xbox One disc I have

(disc reader grinding) Aw, did you hear that noise? Wait, this disc drive works, right? It's not showing any games Okay, (laughing) well, um, not looking too hot for the Xbox One! How much did we pay for this thing? $160! What's this gonna run on eBay? 134 for a S model, which is much nicer than this We can get an original for 120 – [Ken] Thumbs down – Hard thumbs down on the Xbox One, yikes

I can't believe the disc drive doesn't work Now it's time to take a look at our PlayStations, and first up is our fat PS3 Now these are not the most reliable consoles in the world, but if you're able to get one in decent condition, and especially considering that this does have the backwards compatibility, I mean, yeah, you gotta hope you get lucky (robotic sound effects playing) (PS3 beeps) Whoa, what? – [Both] Oh! – [Austin] It just died! – [Ken] Whoa! – What? – Wow – I got into the game for two seconds! – [Ken] Wow

– What does the blinking red light mean, it just– – [Ken] Overheating – Oh, dude! Are you serious? "The system will restart, check the file system, "and restore it if it is corrupted "If the file system is corrupted, "it will take two to three hours to complete" This is not a great (chuckling) first experience (robotic sound effects playing) There we go

– Ahh Oh! (PS3 beeps) Oh, dude, it, no Okay, that's not gonna work at all I literally That was even less time than last time! (chuckles) Great So, theoretically, I can open this thing up and find out what's going on, but realistically, if someone buys this, I mean, you're not gonna be happy You spent, how much did we buy this thing for again? $100 On eBay, I'm seeing it for 100, $125, there are a few that are bid up to 140, $150

This actually is a pretty good deal This is the weird one, because if we're able to get this fixed, if we're able to keep it from overheating, we actually saved money by buying it at GameStop But this is a huge risk I mean, I don't know if you remember, but they said that we were getting a slim, and they gave us a fat So, I don't even know if we were necessarily supposed to get this specific model

– [GameStop Rep] PS3s, we have 80 gigs, 160, 320, 250 gigs – [Austin] Okay, and those are all the slim models, right? – [GameStop Rep] Yes – Let's see how the PS4 goes – [Ken] The odds right now are that this PS4 is probably broken too – No, it's fine

I'm sure it's fine (disc reader grinding) I can't even put the game in it now – [Ken] Shove it in (disc reader grinding) (Ken laughs) – What is wrong with these? I don't even care if this works right now, I think it just ate my disc! We have a disc light, though Oh! (laughs) – Oh, boy, okay

– These are all the consoles, exactly the way they come We haven't done anything to these What is going on? I don't actually know if this disc is gonna work anymore (disc reader grinding) (Ken laughs) – [Ken] Just help it Take it out of its misery

– Okay Verdict, what do you think? – [Ken] Mmm, it could be scratched Oh, what's that look? Ooh, what? – Let me try to clean this up and get it back in Oh, it immediately works The disc wasn't that dirty before

It definitely was not that dirty – [Ken] It's doing something – Especially, come take a look Do you see, now that I look at it a little closer, do you see that little white speck here? There's actually some dirt, or some grime, or whatever, on the side of the little, the loading bay I bet that the actual disc drive, there's just a little bit of dirt or something on there, and as it's pulling the disc in, it was rubbing that dirt across the disc, and spinning it, and it smeared it all over the bottom

That's why I was able to wipe it off and it worked – [Ken] Great (Austin laughs) Whatever's on the front is now all over the inside – Oh, you're right! All that just got pulled in (Ken laughs) All right, next up, we have the Nintendo Switch

Now we've already been over, this is a poor value At only $30 less than a brand new, red box Switch, there's no way this makes sense, although, what does the original Switch go for? Eh, we're looking at probably about 240, 250, generally speaking That's not bad 'Kay, so I mean, touch screen seems fine Do you think, wait, doesn't the newer Pokemon games have some censoring so you can't name your rival certain words? Oh, it was d*****g! (laughs) Excellent

Look, I'm still six, okay? It's fine Next up, we've got the Wii U Now, hopefully this is just paired I haven't used a Wii U in a– (GamePad clatters to table) – [Ken] Well, we can't blame GameStop on that, now can we? – It's fine Here's the test, is this disc drive functional? Oh, look at that

Smooth, simple, clean 720p! – [Ken] Still no nipples – (laughing) Still no nipples! So, we spent $110 on this Wii U, which I think is a pretty decent deal And yes, it is So take at eBay, for example, there's a lot of 110 to 120

Now this is actually probably the best console we picked up, if not in the greatest cosmetic shape, but that's actually a completely reasonable price Okay, we have a functioning Wii So obviously, this is not the Wii that you want, you will most likely want the one with GameCube compatibility However, let's see if it can actually play a game What Wii games do we have? Oh yeah, bought the stupid Star Wars game! – [Ken] Stupid Star Wars

(laughing) – Come on, it's a Star Wars game for the Wii, it's not gonna be good Yeah! (lightning zapping) Yeah, there we go! This is how you're supposed to use the Wii! Who said the Wii wasn't any fun? (Ken laughs) – [Ken] Aw, this is great! – So, the Wii cost us $69 – [Ken] Nice – 45 bucks will get us a fully functioning, original Wii, which again, has GameCube compatibility, much better than this one Shall we get into the portable consoles, now? – [Ken] Yeah

– All right, so let's start with the Nintendo DSi, in this excellent shade of pink Now, I actually really like the DSi This was definitely my favorite of the DS consoles, and I happen to have the greatest Pokemon game of all time to try, HeartGold Sorry, you can play Nintendogs later – [Ken] Aw

(vocalizing along with game music) – Why do I have a Charmander, what? How do I have a Charmander? So we paid $50 for this DSi, which I think might not be the worst deal in the world Oh wait, I lied I just found a $26 pink DSi on eBay Oh All right, not that bad of a deal

Let's try the 3DS, 'cause that one was actually properly expensive Oh yeah Nah, this is totally fine Okay, I think it is safe to say that our 3DS works Now, this was expensive

I think it was actually quite expensive, at a whopping 9999! (laughing) 70, 80 bucks I mean, it's definitely not a good deal, but that's actually not totally crazy So we've learned a lot today, but the last and most important test is still to come What happens when we bring these consoles back to GameStop and trade them in? Although now that most of them are not working, we're probably not gonna come out particularly well on this one

(laughing) – [Ken] Aw It's actually kinda funny, because when we first went to GameStop to try to buy all of these consoles, they didn't even wanna sell it to us I guess they found us suspicious – [GameStop Rep] So, for a purchase this size, I just found out from my store leader, and we can't do it as of right now, 'cause I need the district leader's approval, and everyone's on conference right now Nashville – [Austin] I mean, to be fair, we've waited two weeks so that we're outside of the return policy, purely because we're not trying to scam GameStop

– Oh, yeah! – We legitimately want to sell them these consoles – Yeah, we're basically giving them free money, which they need, because, well, time's tickin', they're not gonna last that long! (laughs) – [Austin] Ken "Savage" Bolido – Say it, I'm not wrong (both laugh) – All right, so we have successfully sold all but one of our consoles back to GameStop So, the only one they didn't take was the PS3, and weirdly enough, it wasn't even for the issue we had

It was because they said that, what, the HDMI port was corroded? – The HDMI was corroded, and I could visibly see it – So this seems like a lot of money, right? Well shall we see exactly what we were able to get? 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 347, 348 And our grand total is $349, (cash register dings) after we spend $1,283 purchasing the consoles (Roblox oof plays) What's the moral of the story for this video? I'm not quite sure, besides we make very poor investment decisions – [Ken] Yeah, we're not gonna survive either

– GameStop's gonna have to rescue us, next – [Ken] Not if they're dead

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