I Bought EVERY Samsung Product 🤦‍♂️

– Many of you live your lives inside the Apple-ecosystem but I wanna switch my entire life over to Samsung So when I asked them to sponsor this video, they said no

So instead, I spent $7,000 of my own money buying literally every single Samsung product that I could find Why hello there, welcome to the joys of the Samsung lifestyle With my Galaxy Bud, my watch, my laptop, oh, what a wondrous world it is We have the vacuum, which I think is going to be a lot of fun We also have some of the stupider things like the microwave which, where's the microwave? – [Ken] I hid it

– What do you mean you hid it? What do you hide a microwave for? We have all the other stuff – [Ken] You wanted it to work with Bixby So find it with Bixby – So the SmartThings Tracker is unique because unlike a Tile, which uses Bluetooth, this has not only WiFi and GPS as well, but it also has LTE connection It has a year of service included, which means that it should theoretically be able to track something anywhere in the world

You've got to be kidding me It's on Bixby Drive? You hid our microwave on Bixby Drive? What's wrong with you? You've got to be kidding me This is it? This is my Tracker Well, I guess we learned one thing today Not only is this microwave big and heavy, but the SmartThings Tracker works even when you take it to Bixby Drive

You better help me move this thing I'm not carrying this all the way back This is dumb, this is really dumb So if you're not familiar, Samsung SmartThings is their Smart Home ecosystem, with things like Smart Bulbs, and Smart Plugs, and door sensors, and the Hub, which I guess we need for some of this stuff So now, I'm just going to remove what is probably a pretty hot bulb

Not so bad Okay, well that works So we have the light, turn it on, perfect Okay, that's simple enough Ken has had the wonderful idea to create the world's first smart fan, and by world's first I mean not world's first at all

So I am starting to run out of outlets here a little bit I'm just gonna unplug everything that I don't need We're just gonna do one of these After turning it on and off three times, it worked So now, we have the fan plug, so if I press this button, magic

Ah, it sounds so smart So it actually does tell you the energy consumption of the device you have plugged in, which is legitimately nice to see So you can see if your fan is eating up lots of power, I guess So obviously, it's a mess in here, but with our brand new Samsung Smart Life TM, trademark, copyright 2020, we have the ability to clean it Theoretically

While this charges, let's set up our speaker I will direct you to the big bass button So if you're all about that bass Is that a reference, does anyone get that? Is that song too old? (upbeat music) Oh my gosh! – Okay, that's a little better – [Austin] That kicks! – It does kick

Also, something that Austin didn't point out, this thing actually is not only where the screen is, but you can also use it as a phone mount – [Austin] Oh, word, that's pretty smart – And also it's wide enough for a tablet – [Austin] A Samsung Galaxy Tab, ho-ho! – Or, no, no, no, no– – [Austin] Party mode! – No, no, no, no, no, no, no Why stop at the Galaxy Tab? – [Austin] What are you doing? This is so Samsung, I love it

All right, next step Let's get all this working with Bixby – [Bixby] Teach me your voice, so I wake up when you say, "Hi, Bixby" – Hi, Bixby Hi, Bixby

Hi, Bixby Hi, Bixby Vacuum the floors – [Bixby] You have devices in two locations Living room, no room assigned

Which one would you like? Got it, turning on the living room devices – Oh, wait, no, not everything Wait, wait, no, no Hi Bixby Turn off the fan plug

You know what, Bixby definitely seems to be a little bit behind I think the idea that you have to say the wake word, wait, and then do something is a little bit annoying, but not bad Why don't we see how it works on a TV? The very first thing you see, I already went through it but, it's like, hey, do you agree to like all of the advertising terms and stuff? Never do that, ever They just advertise to you based on what you watch on TV Don't hit agree to all

Play, Linus Tech Tips on YouTube (laughs) Just the tips, Linus Tech Tips Oh, look at that, a wonderful video all about the Galaxy Z Flip available at YouTubecom/thisis You know where else I talk about the Galaxy Z Flip? On my brand new podcast, The Test Drivers, available at relay

fm/testdrivers Now I have done many, many episodes with my wonderful cohost, Myke, all about the wonders of the Galaxy Z Flip, which, for real, is the entire reason why I'm doing this video I love the Z Flip in a way I haven't loved a piece of technology in a long time So if that's interesting to you, if you want to hear me try the weirdest, the latest and greatest technology, definitely be sure to go check out The Test Drivers available at the link below, and pretty much any podcast viewing place of your choice To me, Bixby is a little bit of a tough sell

Now, if you were a lunatic like me and you've completely committed yourself to the Samsung ecosystem, it's fine, the problem is, it's no more than that It's fine I think most people would be much better served with something like the Google Assistant, or even something like Siri, which will work in pretty much all of these scenarios, right, almost all of these devices will tie into, at the very least, the Google ecosystem – [Ken] Most importantly, better Yeah, it is a better experience

So, all right Bixby, maybe not a huge win but we have many, many more Samsung products to spend time with Aw, man, this video is gonna take like all week Our journey into the Samsung lifestyle continues with some of the computing devices that I've been using recently, and let's start out with the Galaxy Tab S6 This is a very good piece of hardware

It's got an excellent AMOLED display, super sharp, it's got a very, very thin build, quad speakers, good performance from a Snapdragon 855; there's a lot to like here, but this cover is dumb, right? The fact that I've had to glue this on, and I have to hide the S Pen on the back, which, it is nice that this is included, it's not nice that I have to do that to put it on the back I'm not even kidding, that was me trying to do it as fast as I could The thing that really lets the Tab down is the fact that it's running Android Android is great on many devices like, the Z Flip, but what it is not great on is a 10-inch tablet Now, to be fair, a lot of apps do support full screen, as well as windowed mode– – [Ken] Ah

– Yeah, okay, okay, hold on, I'll talk about that in a second A lot of apps do support windowed mode, which is nice, right? And that's largely, I think, thanks to the fact that Chrome OS is supporting Android apps, so a lot of apps can easily be resized However, as you astutely noticed, this also takes advantage of DeX So the thing with DeX is while, when it works on a phone is very cool, the idea I can take my Z Flip, if it supported DeX, if I had my Galaxy S20 Ultra, I could plug it in with a single cable to a monitor, have all of my stuff immediately there and available is really nice But the issue is, is that, that same experience, while it works on the Tab, it's slow, right? I'm willing to give up some performance on the S20 because it's my phone running a full desktop style operating system

That's fine Well, and this is sort of your primary use of this tablet, when you're putting it into DeX mode and really trying to get the most out of your Google Docs experience and your web browser and everything, the fact of the matter is, it's slow, not all apps work, it just is not as smooth of an experience as I'd like So Samsung's laptop lineup is confusing to say the least If you go to Samsungcom and go to the laptop section, you're gonna see the Samsung Galaxy Book, Flex, Alpha, Chromebook, it's all very confusing

However, the Galaxy Book Flex is, as far as I'm aware, the highest-end model they sell Now it is a lot to like First of all, the blue color looks phenomenal, right? It's super thin, this laptop has an excellent display, so you see the display right here? It's QLED It looks probably fine as is, but if I press the outdoor plus button, it gets eye-searingly bright Like, I've never seen a laptop get this bright in my life

That's a very cool feature It also comes with the S Pen Not something that I'm going to find myself using all the time, but unlike the stupid Tab, where I have to like, magnetize it to the back, this is a sort of more traditional S Pen that you would find in the phone And it has its nice little silo where it'll recharge It works really well

It has a fingerprint on the keyboard, not a huge fan of the positioning because it basically means that you have a smaller shift key but it's kind of understandable I'm now charging my Z Flip on the trackpad This is a wireless charger built into the track pad I mean, yes, it also means that I can't use the track pad while I'm charging, but that's awesome, right? I mean, sure, the Z Flip might be a little bit of a weird choice, but if I'm in a pinch and I need a little bit of power, or more specifically, if I'm taking advantage of something like a pair of Bluetooth earbuds like the Galaxy Buds Plus, that have a Qi charger built in, that's an awesome feature – [Ken] Hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait

– Find the right angle? Find the right angle? There you go, wireless charging – [Ken] Whoa, okay – This seems like a testament, this is like a temple, for Samsung and weird, dumb, Samsung things, but this is so cool, right? There's a couple of nitpicks I have So I will say that it is a very thin bezel except on the bottom where it has this huge bezel Especially after using devices like the XPS 13, with a 16×10 display, I'd like a little bit of a larger panel there, but honestly

There's so much to like with this laptop, if only it wasn't almost $1400 with eight gigs of RAM, like it's 2012 again, or something So we've been using Samsung T SSD's for a very long time, in fact, the video that you're watching right now was edited off of a T5 Now the thing with the T7 is it brings faster speeds, a slightly new redesign, but also it has a fingerprint sensor Now this is not something that I think is that useful, personally, cause I don't really care if someone steals my drive, but if you put your finger on it, once you've provided the app on Windows, Mac, or Android, you can unlock it, do whatever you want, and as soon as you unplug it, it will be password slash fingerprint secured Now you may have noticed I'm wearing the incredibly stylish Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

It's actually very interesting So, look, if I'm being real, as someone who's been using an Apple Watch for like, five years now, this feels like it's 90% as good as the Apple Watch I mean, they've pretty much straight up have like the circle stolen, so instead you have your little heart, which as you can see, I just put the watch on so I have no hearts filled The thing is it's nice there's certainly features that I like about it, so the fact that it has the round display, so I can just sort of, scroll through things just by going around the bezel, generally speaking the design is nice, but there are a couple things that sort of bother me First and foremost, the way that the notifications work

You'll see that essentially I can get one notification per, but when I have lots of notifications, like I unfortunately don't right now, you have to swipe through them It just feels kind of slow and outdated But ultimately, this actually is the best non-Apple Watch, smart watch, I've ever tried But honestly, the Apple Watch still feels like it's got a lot of polish, especially a lot of the design stuff Like, I don't like a lot of the Samsung, like, artwork, and the stupid little peoples' faces that pop up, it's just, it's fine

– [Ken] I don't like my friends too, it's okay – What friends? – [Ken] Wow – You know something that actually is legitimately very good, are the Galaxy Buds Plus So I've actually already been a Galaxy Buds user for quite awhile, so I have an original pair of the black Buds, the Buds Plus are very similar So they have a slightly better sound profile

So unfortunately, unlike something like the AirPods Pro, for example, they don't have any active noise cancellation But when I put them both in, the passive noise cancellation isn't bad What I really like about these is if you look really closely you'll see it has this sort of like wing tip design So that, for me, fits really nicely in my ears And the thing is when you put these in, obviously, these are kind of a very bright blue, but they do a good job of not only staying put, for me, and obviously you have different ear tips, but ultimately I think they look nice, right? Especially with the black ones, for AirPods, I'm always very self conscious when I'm wearing them, they're sort of this big, like, it's a statement

You're wearing AirPods, everyone goes, "Oh yeah, AirPods" These, however, these look a lot more low-key and I like that It also helps that they work really well between pairing different devices, it's quick to jump between my laptop, and my phone, and my tablet And, I'd like to think that they actually sound pretty decent So what have we learned today? Well some of these Samsung devices, like the Galaxy Z Flip that we're using to record right now, are really quite solid

But I think that the big sort of takeaway is, unlike something like the Apple ecosystem, which really does encourage you and sort of lock you in, pretty much all of these Samsung devices that we've used, work well with a Samsung device, but they also work well if you're using an iPhone, or some other Android device I don't think there's that same level of lock-in And sort of by that same token there's not as much advantage in sort of going all-in on Samsung stuff But as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad I tried this, I'm glad I tried some of these products, but going all-in just doesn't make sense As does this video

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