I bought the WORST new PC 🤮

– Hello and welcome my friends to Austin's stupid corner of stupid things So, recently we took a look at a very, very dumb item at our local electronics store, where the employees helpfully pointed out the worst computer that they currently sell

The HP Fisher-Price special Now it's not actually a officially a Fisher-Price Wait until you see what's inside this It is, it bad It's real bad

So, what'd you get with a 400 dollar HP All-in-One? Well, not, not much Wait actually, it has an external power supply? This thing is basically the same power of like a netbook, and yet it has an external supply? But it has an internal DVD drive? I am offended right now We haven't even opened this thing up and I'm offended Hope you guys are ready for Austin "Salty" Evans Okay actually, I will say I'm kinda digging the white keyboard

Obviously, it's a very cheap membrane keyboard That's actually not bad and it looks kinda nice I'll give them some props, it does come with a 12 dollar keyboard in a box Seems so small I can just pick it up with one hand (laughing) – [Ken] I don't like that

Redesigned, reliable, and ready for you So which one of these do you think it'll actually – None of the above, none of the above Do you see how thick this thing is? Do you see how big it is? They couldn't have fit this just like here? – [Ken] I love how it has a Kensington lock in case you were worried about anyone stealing your box

– I will say, I'm actually a little bit of a sucker for this white I mean, it doesn't actually look terrible as far as the color goes, it just looks like a toy, like, the bezels are massive So around back we have that fancy ripple pattern, we have a Kensington lock, headphone jack, HDMI, that's impressive, two USB 30, the power adapter, ethernet as well as two USB 20

And over on this side, we've got an optical disk drive, a DVD writer, no less, in case you wanna– You can't do blu-rays though, so– – [Ken] Well, I mean, even if it could, I don't think it would play them – All right, let's plug this thing in I really wanna see how this is So just trying to get it to open up the Windows set up screen is taking a very, very long time – [Ken] We've been here for like three to five minutes? – It's not moved from this screen, it turned on, I got the boot logo, it's "just a moment"

I will say, however, actually did miss one thing, if you look on the bottom, we do have an SD card, which is very exciting Also, take a look at the stand It has a lot of adjustability I can go from here to here Wait, that's black? Look at this, can you, sorry, can you see this? That's black, that's supposed to be black right now

(computer vocalizing) Do you see? It's just gray – [Ken] I will say, the most impressive thing about this right now, that speaker actually sounds pretty good – The speaker actually doesn't sound bad Hang on, let me just show you something So just in case you can't see clearly on the computer, this is what black should look like

And this is the black of the actual system Can you see how bad that is? This might be one of the worst looking displays ever Oh, important set-up time I've got at least five more laps on the scooter for this one You know, it's very strange because there are actually a fair few all-in-ones available

I would argue that at most stores people are buying all-in-ones more often than they're buying full sized desktops But this is one of the only all-in-ones that does not have a touch screen – [Ken] Oh, don't do that – Do you see how much the whole screen flickers? Wee! Oop, oop, oop, almost broke the set Wee! Okay, so we finally are up and running inside Windows

So first of all, let me actually take a closer look at the spec on this guy So we have a dual core AMD A-4 9125, we have four gigabytes of RAM, a one terabyte of hard drive, we do have AC WiFi, although I am plugged in via ethernet and Radeon R3 graphics This, this is rough, man All right, I'm gonna uninstall everything I can We're gonna try to get this thing as speedy as possible

I've got a lot of things to uninstall, though So, after letting this sit overnight and get all of it's updates handled, there are a couple of things that really jump out to me, in fact you can see it right now Very, very frequently it just sits at incredibly high CPU, it's like 71% just doing nothing, right? So, one of the things about the system is that with such a slow dual-core processor, something as simple as the host process for setting synchronization can peg the CPU almost entirely I get it, cheap computer but the problem here is that it is not that cheap 400 dollars is still 200 dollars more than I think this thing is probably worth

But, I did tweet out, I did ask if anyone had any questions about our wonderful HP All-In-One All right, so let's see how long Twitter actually takes to load Mind you, I'm on ethernet right now So, mkay It's coming, it's not the worst thing I've ever seen

Dry hump it No, Kyle Hackintosh Look, I am not gonna hackintosh this thing I don't wanna make the world (bleep) iMac, here

Technically it might be possible, no actually, I don't even know, it's got four gigs of RAM, I don't even know if it would, don't you need eight gigs for the most recent version of Catalina? – [Ken] What if you do the older versions? – That sounds terrible, I don't wanna do that (laughing) Run Crysis Oh my God, you know what? I don't even think I can watch a video of Crysis on this thing, right? No, no, it's not– I have four gigs of single channel memory with like, no – [Ken] Well, that's easier than installing it – It won't even install, I bet

We have Pentium four, one gig of RAM GeForce 6800 GT (exhales) This actually might work Look, I'm gonna do this for the PC Master Race, but I'm not happy about it All right, here we go Crysis Warhead, let's do it

So, it's only six gigs Oh man, that's actually kinda nice Look at that, it's allocating disk space in an incredibly rapid (chuckles) I can't say anything nice about this thing Okay, let's see how long it's actually gonna take

'Cause theoretically, we're on ethernet, oh look at that, five minutes Wait a minute, that's actually pretty good Wait, are we really gonna install this in less than three minutes? It's (chuckles) bottlenecking hard, but you know what, who cares? If I can get like three frames per second in Crysis, I will consider this to be a success (laughing) Yo, I saw 710 down To be fair, that really has very little to do with the computer in entirely the fact that we have a gig connection here, but still

Look, PC Master Race right? I gotta rep my true colors – [Ken] White? – Ken! Unacceptable, man – [Ken] (laughs) – I am offended Oh c'mon, any computer could get through to the loading screen, right? – [Ken] Yeah, a 3D generated video? – Yeah, (chuckles) runs great on Core 2 Duo You know what, I don't even think this is as powerful as a Core 2 Duo

Realistically? It might be close (computer plays music) – [Ken] That is very loud – I'll turn it down a little bit Gonna work Gonna work

C'mon 99 percent (computer vocalizes) It works! I mean this is 16 frames per second, but this works Oh okay that was a stutter All right, hold on, hold on Let me turn some settings down

Let me crank it all the way down This actually works, though So, we're minimum at 800 by 600 So, don't do that Don't do that

Oh look I'm up to 22 frames per second now This is the jitteriest frame rate I've ever felt It like bounces between 30 and two, it feels like But this is Crysis

You know what's something I've really noticed here, the screen is terrible, like the black point I've never seen the black part of the screen be the same as the gray part of the screen Like there's no difference whatsoever, like it's so, like the lack of contrast is crazy Look, I think this is really straightforward Is it a great version of Crysis? No But does it actually, technically work? Yes

I actually am, not gonna say impressed, but surprised is definitely the way I would put it Wait, you can't ask questions on Twitter Can it fold? No Why are asking Twitter? You're like right here, you don't have to ask questions on Twitter Oh hell no

Someone wants to play to the Witcher 3 – [Ken] Nope – Please don't play Fortnite on it No problem Fortnite definitely won't work

Edit a video with it So, you may have caught a video I did last year where I bought my very first laptop and tried to edit a video on it It was a complete and total disaster So no, I'm not doing any more edit challenges I value my sanity more than 35 seconds of your entertainment I apologize

That may have been rude to be – [Ken] But you played Crysis – Crysis is fine

Oh wait, here's a better, someone asked, "open ten tabs in Chrome" You think we can do ten tabs? I should probably install Chrome first K, so I have installed Chrome And right now, we're sitting at 25 of our 3

9 gigs of memory used, so let's just start opening tabs So, I have a YouTube page up with a video which is paused We're at 28 gigs of RAM, so we have, we're okay This is just tab number three

Oh, 31 uh And we're pegged CPU, okay Next, let's go Applecom

That's a, that should be an easy enough website to load – [Ken] Easy? – Yeah – [Ken] Is it easy? – Apple sites actually are pretty well optimized Okay, so we're at 34 gigs of RAM

This is not good We're four tabs in We're almost maxed – [Ken] I love how we're at the point of this video where the Verge is the benchmark – Hey man, they (bleep)

– [Ken] Oh, we gotta censor that one (laughs) – Sweet shout out to Mister Ken Bolido on Instagram, we're up to 33 gigs Isn't this an insightful, wonderful video full of information you wish you knew five minutes ago? No? Me neither See if Reddit wants to load

It's actually not that bad Let's go to Google That'll be an easy one Okay, so now grandma has her MSN, what's our final tab? – [Ken] Um, Fox News – No, stop

It's not the grandma special Let's go to uh — – [Ken] CNN – No, no, we're still loading MSN actually We're not done with MSN yet It's still 100 percent CPU

Okay we're loaded, all right CNNcom for our tenth tab System is very slow at this point We're almost full of memory

– [Ken] Wait, you decided to do CNN anyway – Yeah, what did you want me to do? – [Ken] The Weather Channel – Oh – [Ken] We didn't wanna talk about the virus, Austin We wanted to keep positivity up on the channel, Austin

– Look, we're all positive right now We have a dumb PC that we're doing dumb things like trying to open ten tabs on Weather Channel is loading This news is (exhales) – [Ken] (laughs) So much for positivity

– Why is that the first thing I see on? – [Ken] Wow, the weather's looking great 384 people died (laughter) – That's (bleep) up man That's (bleep) up – [Ken] Sunny with a chance of death

– We have ten tabs loaded So, our CPU is permanently pegged at 100 percent right now We have 36 gigs of RAM used Can I actually open up all of these tabs now? Okay, that one's here

That one's here That one's here Actually I think it worked I mean, it's probably caching these, but every single tab seems to be doing it Oh, it had to reload that one

Oh, no it can't keep them all in Look how long it is when I switch between them Eh it's not terrible I'll give that a pass – [Ken] This is more multitasking than my mom will do in like a week

– Well, no matter what we do, the CPU is permanently pegged at 100 percent just having all of these tabs just running in the background So, yes, technically it can run ten Chrome tabs But barely And our RAM is (chuckles) not happy with us And of course Josh in here with "do the speakers bump, though?" – [Computer] I'm Austin, I'm Myke

We are the Test Drivers (computer vocalizes) – What great speakers Incredible – [Computer] we have a Test Drivers bonus exclusive On the Xbox Series X

– What? It's almost like there's a link to that in the description of this video Incredible Some galaxy brain (bleep) right there – [Ken] I didn't think you said enough about the speaker, but I appreciate the ad spot – (laughs) This video is brought to you by my brand new podcast

Please download it Thanks I want to see you return it (laughs) Me too I would love to see that as well

Overclock? There's no way this thing would let me overclock And if it could, – [Ken] It'll catch on fire – Edit RED footage? – [Ken] No Hard no – Watch YouTube at 8K

– [Ken] Oh, I'm down with that – Okay, let's find an 8K video and let's work our way up I'm watching your ads Marques, I hope you're grateful So, we're watching an 8K MKBHD video We're gonna start out 480p and see if it works

(computer plays video) yeah That's fine Okay Next, let's go to 720p Where do you think it's gonna choke? I think it's gonna hit 1080 and stop

– [Ken] I think 1080 is probably our cap – Yeah, okay So, 720 All right Well, it's a little jittery

Okay Next, let's go 1080p Can it do 1080p? Uh oh Oh yeah – [Ken] Oh there we go

– Oh no It's stuttering, look It's jittery I would give it a minor pass at 1080 What would happen if we go 1440? It's definitely gonna choke here right? 1440's kinda hard to play

– [Ken] Not liking that – Not so, eh it's buffering Oh no, no

Not happening Look, it's kinda playing – [Ken] Wait, no no no Let's just, let's try to answer the question as soon as possible – [Austin] Are you just gonna go straight into 8K? – [Ken] Of course I am

– [Austin] Dude, it's not even gonna load – [Ken] There we go, there we go – It's not gonna work It's not gonna work There's no way it's gonna work

Hold on, hold on Wait, calm down Calm down Dude, it's not gonna load 8K is a hard no on this one

1440p is a hard no on this one Check Amazon for upgrades Can I open this PC? It's not meant to be taken apart, that's for sure The thing is though is that I don't think there's really anything to really upgrade besides maybe I could swap out the hard drive for an SSD 'Cause it's got a single channel of memory, right? And honestly there's not really much that's worth upgrading

I guess an SSD wouldn't be terrible if you want to just crack it open and pull the hard drive out But I feel like, look, I'm lazy I don't have to tear this thing apart I know what's inside It's not gonna be exciting

You could theoretically open it Are you just tryna like pry it apart right now? I don't think it's that poorly built A lot of people asking for Linux Linux should work – [Ken] Linux might actually run better than Windows

– Yeah, Windows 10 is fine The thing is though is that this PC is meant for your grandma Your grandma doesn't need Linux Your grandma doesn't need Windows Your grandma needs an iPad

(laughs) – [Ken] That's actually not a bad point actually – Look, I don't trust grandma with this I'm just saying – [Ken] Wait Well, if I'm real, this thing right here is probably what you need for grandma

It is cheaper than this thing – A base iPad will run you about 300 bucks Whereas this is 400 dollars I would definitely agree The only thing is though if you want a bigger screen

One of the advantages here over something like a laptop is the fact that it's got like a 19 inch screen or something – [Ken] Give grandma better glasses, I don't know (chuckles) – I mean I guess (chuckles) Give grandma better glasses Ken Bolido's official opinion How about the webcam? Should we try the webcam? Oh look, I look like I'm potato man

Okay, wait Can I turn the HDR? HDR auto There we go, that's the move Can I change settings here? – [Both] Pro mode Pro mode

Pro mode – Video quality 480p or do we want 360p? – [Ken] 360p – I want 480p I want my extra pixels Oh we can change the brightness

Oh, that's it? Those are your settings? That's your pro mode right here? We are recording Hello my friends and welcome to the webcam on my HP All-in-One laptop As you can see it's in beautiful 480p standard definition which we really all know is the resolution of the future Can I stop making this video yet? – [Ken] All I'm saying is that if you get that iPad, it's cheaper and you can FaceTime grandma and not this poor (bleep) – Thank you very much for watching this episode of the Austin Evans YouTube channel

Make to subscribe over here, over here Or you can check out some other videos over here Until next time, I'm going to go not use this computer every again Not good It's not good

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