I built the ULTIMATE GameCube

– Huh, huh, huh Huh, huh, huh

(box knocks on table) Whoa! Hello my friends and welcome to a very special momentous occasion because in front of me I have one of if not the greatest game consoles of all time, the Nintendo GameCube Where did you buy this? What is all this? It's just like an eBay thing? – [Ken] Yeah – Okay, well it smells like an eBay thing I get the GameCube just a little bath here A little TLC for this little buddy

(blower revving) – [Matt] Whoever taped those (tape rustling) cables in packing tape deserves to be shot in the face – Tell me how you really feel Matt – [Matt] I was pretty clear on how I really felt there – Oh ok Ken how much was the ultimate Nintendo GameCube? (tape rustling) – [Ken] This was about $130

(cables knocking on table) – $130? Are you trying to tell me that like fine wine the GameCube has appreciated in value over the last almost 20 years? As this was for a time available for only 9999 What a bargain? (package knocks on table) (speaker smacks lips) Oh, I was about to plug in our controller, but we have a WaveBird So the GameCube was one of if not the very first console to have a wireless controller option This was well before the PS3, the Wii– – [Ken] First party

– Oh, okay Sure there was some weird third party things But the WaveBird was really cool and I sadly was never cool enough to actually have a WaveBird Ken you had a WaveBird, right? – [Ken] I had two – You had two WaveBirds? (Matt speaking faintly) What? – Yeah

– Richy McRich over here – So essentially the WaveBird is just a standard GameCube controller, but with all the wireless stuff built on the bottom This is actually in pretty good shape How much was a newish in box WaveBird? – [Ken] So with the packaging, which is a probably huge part of this pricing it was about $175 (Matt laughing) If you wanted it completely unopened it'd be 350, but this one has a little bit of a slit in the plastic

So – You trying to tell me that I could have bought a brand new Xbox Elite controller instead of a Gamecube WaveBird? – No – Seems like a great idea

I'm much more in favor of the WaveBird (package knocks on table) (speaker smacks lips) Okay, so this is something I actually did have This is the Game Boy Player So on the bottom of the GameCube there are a couple of little ports that you can take advantage of which could give you various different accessories And the Game Boy Player is the one that I really liked

So essentially this is a full Game Boy built inside Ken this looks Wait

This isn’t a new in box is it? – [Ken] It is new in box (package knocks on table) – Look I miss my Game Boy Player This thing is great But this thing being new in box, how much was a Game Boy Player new in box in 2020? – [Ken] So this was $360 – Look I actually legitimately feel really bad about trying to open this, coz not only is this something which is really rare and very expensive, but this packaging is like flawless

Like this looks like I could have straight got it off the bargain bin at Big Lots for $35 in 2004 I'm still gonna keep this over here I don't want to open this unless we really have to coz it's still nice I’m like dead serious, I don't want to open up the Game Boy Player That's so nice

(package knocks on table) (speaker laughing) It even has the “Toys R US” on it! So this is the Intec rechargeable battery pak to take your GameCube anywhere Obviously as a very advanced modern console with a carrying handle, you could actually make this thing somewhat portable But with this you could actually take it on the go Wait, so this actually we can do all of these together So we would have to do the battery pak instead of the Game Boy Player

I don't want to open the Game Boy Player is what I'm trying to say It's okay, we'll do that later We still gonna try to be a little careful with the packaging (package rustling) – [Ken] So these things are like, (knife knocks on table) oh Jesus Christ – [Speaker] What was that? What? – [Ken] You were not so careful with the packaging

(soft music) – Whoo, that's heavy That's an old-school battery right there So it's really pretty straightforward So just has charging on or off Which is weird I guess for the battery

It uses the actual GameCube power adapter to juice up Oh, look at all these other things So we could have gotten the GeForce controller We could have gotten the GeForce2 – I had one of those GeForce controllers actually

– Really? – Yeah – Ah, so we have the game screen We also have the game sound system which is a pair of speakers that go beside your GameCube Memory card, video cables, (package knocks on table) GameCube link Oh, and a screen

(smacks lips) Well, how convenient for me? So this is the Intec GameCube color game screen Now I know this was really popular back in the day In fact I feel like you wanted to buy one of these for a Mystery Tech a few years ago We didn't end up picking it up But essentially just like with the original PS1, not the PlayStation One, there was a first party a little attachment screen that you could get for it

Well, while this wasn't a official licensed GameCube screen from Nintendo, Intec actually did make this And it sort of color matches alongside the battery – [Ken] I also owned one of those too – I know you were a rich kid Ken I know you had all the cool fun toys

Look, not all of us were as fancy as Mr Bolido over here – [Ken] When my parents were gambling in Atlantic City and left me in the hotel room, this is my best friend – You know I never mind I'm sorry for your childhood Ken

So, how much was the battery and how much was the screen? – [Ken] The battery was $30 – Wait, so the battery actually was $30? Basically MSRP – Yeah – Okay, what about the screen? I bet that was expensive – [Ken] It was $250 because of the whole packaging and everything that it came with

– Well, at least someone did the work for me and it's already kind of open So I can just sort of slide it out Wait, what is going on here? Oh, it's got like a weird like adapter on the back So essentially we just take this like so and just slide in, huh? Yeah, there we go Little bit back heavy

But now we have a screen which just nicely folds on top of our GameCube Oh, this is actually really cool You know actually suddenly I just realized this screen has an AV in So if you didn't want to just use this screen for your GameCube, you could also watch videos on it – [Ken] I played my PS2 on it too

– You played your PS2 on a GameCube screen? – [Ken] I did I brought my PS2 with me to the hotel too just in case – Okay boomer (polythene bag rustling) – [Ken] I have a feeling that you might be able to run the Game Boy Player and the battery at the same time – Ooh

Do I really have to open up the Game Boy Player? This is so nice Ken (beeping) (slow music) (speaker gasps) – [Matt] It's not Simba (speaker smacks lips) (slow music) (package rustling) – Okay, that's not gonna work the way I thought it was gonna work I've to rethink that a little bit Now that I've ruined my future retirement fund, let's take a look and see what we've got

So first of all we have the startup disk This is essentially what runs the game, the software That will then I almost said emulate It’s not really emulate though It's actually running Game Boy games on the GameCube Okay (package rustling) We have our Game Boy Player

So inside this innocuous little black box is essentially an entire Game Boy Advance, including the guts of an original Game Boy So you can see we're gonna have our little card slot here But interestingly this is the same configuration as the standard Game Boy, which meant that even for weirder accessories like the e-Reader, that actually would fit in here No problem And of course you have the link cable port

So theoretically, if you were like me and had no friends, you could take your Game Boy and trade Pokemon with your Game Boy Player on a different game I definitely did that a lot So this is actually really straightforward So there's just a little port on the bottom of the GameCube And I want you to do is just lock it in here

Now if I can get this to all work together on the battery which it will ish Not a perfect fit You know what? That's fine That's fine We're building our Tower of Power if this was the correct company

Which is not (clears throat) Our Tower of Nintendo, our Tower of Pokemon I gotta say I'm feeling pretty good about our ultimate GameCube right now So theoretically if I put this disc in, we're ready to fire this up, right? Yeah, all right That's on

Here goes nothing (button clicks) (gentle music) (speaker gasps) – [Ken] That screen might be a little broken though (slow happy music) – Dude this thing is pretty good Like it's loud (soft ringtone) What a great way to play original Game Boy games

– [Matt] It's only slightly larger than the original Game Boy – So the next step really is going to be can we unplug this? Do you think it will work? Right Here goes nothing Three, two, one (screen clicks) No, well that didn’t work

(laughs) Okay There's a little bit of power It's not enough to actually run the GameCube So our 20 year old battery is sadly not enough to be portable So we can't call this the ultimate portable Game Boy

We just call it the ultimate Game Boy – [Matt] To be fair, it said you charge it for four hours, we gave it about 15 minutes (soft cool music) (drums knocking on table) (soft cool music) – (smacks lips) That's not for a Game Boy (package knocks on table and floor) "Donkey Konga" is the rhythm and you Oh, we're about to find out (drums crackling) (computer singing faintly) (Ken and Austin clapping and laughing) (drums crackling) (Ken and Austin clapping and laughing) (drums crackling) (Ken and Austin clapping) (Austin laughing) (Ken clapping) (drums crackling) (Ken and Austin clapping) (drums crackling) (drums crackling) (Ken and Austin clapping) (Ken and Austin clapping and laughing) (drums crackling) (Ken and Austin clapping) – [Ken and Austin] Aah – This is the greatest thing we've ever done in the entire history of the channel – I like how we having– – What? – fun with this (Austin laughing) so many years later

(Austin laughing) As we do it like the Switch (Austin laughing) Like this game is kind of timeless it’s awesome (Austin laughing) – That's a lot of stuff (packages knocking on table) So this is the mClassic Now this is essentially you can run various different older consoles to HDMI with this, right? So essentially it's processing off, upscale, anti-alias and sharpness or retro mode for retro games

What is this? This looks 3D printed (polythene bag rustling) – [Ken] So that is a 3D printed adapter – GC plug? – Yeah – So essentially you plug it into the GameCube and then it gives you an HDMI directly out of it – Yes

– Oh, that's super interesting Plug this directly in here (smacks lips) Eeh, we double dongling Look at that Double dongling

So 660 by 448i That actually is not a bad looking picture though So now that we're double dongling, let's triple dongle and see if we can really get the cleanest HDMI picture out of our double dongle GameCube Switch again carefully Dongle

Well, I'm trying to dock the dongle The dongle has landed (laughs and speaks faintly) That looks like a fire hazard The dongle actually weighs so much

It is literally pulling it out of the GameCube right now We're just gonna mount this on the back of the Konga to keep it from falling (gasps) Okay, I'm gonna unplug the dongle for a second and see if I can re-dongle my dongle Not sure what seems to be the problem here (Austin laughs and speaks faintly)

It all seems to be in order I'll hold the dongle – Alright, we're good – Okay, I'm holding the dongles So there we go

– Oh, there we go Oh, works – It looks like, look how great our dongle chain of dongle town is – So it said it was – No No – Oh, no – Okay right

Okay, I'll hold it Fine – [Ken] There you go We good – Does it look good guys? I'm on upscale mode

I can switch modes – You know what? That actually looks really good – Okay, so this is normal mode – Okay – So that's not upscale

– That's not Yeah – I see a noticeable difference in the text (screen clicks) – Go – Okay, so this is upscale mode

– [Ken] Oh, that is definitely sharper – [Austin] And this is retro mode (slow cool music) – Definitely not – No We're gonna do upscale mode

– [Ken] Upscale mode is where it's at – So through extreme precision and craftsmanship here at Overclock Media, we've constructed the ultimate GameCube So now that we have the GameCube itself with this screen (Ken speaking faintly) – It's not – Excuse me Ken I'm talking right now – [Ken] I cannot see anything that you're doing – Well, I'll show it to you in a minute

With our extreme precision, we have our GameCube with our display, our WaveBird, our Game Boy Player, our battery, and then if you come around, well, I'll get out of the way Come around to the back, you'll see that we have a very expert chain of dongles So we have the GC Plug going into HDMI, going into HDMI male to male, into the mClassic via USB through HDMI, into the TV and it looks great Thank you very much for watching this episode No, so we're not done yet

We have to play some games now Do we have another game? – [Ken] Smash (button clicks) – My body is ready – [Matt] But are your nipples ready? – You wanna see my nipples Matt? Another thing I've never played Melee before (laughs) (game pad controls clicking) – [Ken] The C-Stick does, wait

(game pad controls clicking) The C-Stick is your Smash – The C-Stick does not work on this Wow, that C-Stick is really (beep) delayed, why? (laughs) – That sounds like someone who is blaming the tools – Well, I mean when– – Like you when you play F1 (game pad controls clicking) (computer beeps) (Ken speaking faintly) (Austin laughing) – Realize I’m up two stock right now, right? – I know, yeah Coz I'm like trying to figure out how to use this (beep) C-Stick

Coz it's not working properly (laughs) (game pad controls clicking) – Okay, let's rematch That one doesn't count (Ken speaks faintly) – Maybe you guys switch controllers? – Yeah, actually though – That's fine

– Yeah (laughs) – I don't use the C-Stick I'm a real professional (Ken speaks faintly) Time to "Donkey Konga" – [Ken] There we go

Okay yeah, this is working way better (laughs) – Oh, you know what? You're right This control is actually a little sticky – Yeah, it's not working properly (laughs) – No, you don't

(Ken laughs) No (Ken laughing) (game pad controls clicking) Aah – Yeah (laughs) – Alright, well played (pad knocks on table) (Ken gasps) – Best of three? – (gasps) Sure

– Alright, let's go (game pad controls clicking) – [Ken] Okay, there we go That's what I don't like (game pad controls clicking) Oh (computer beeps) (game pad controls clicking) – Whoo- hoo

– [Ken] Oh, yeah I forgot you can steal my moves (Ken laughing) – [Austin] No, no, no, no, no, no Go, go, go, go, go The bomb, the bomb! (game pad controls clicking) (Ken laughing) Aaah

No – That was your own fault – That was mine – [Ken] Oh, damn – [Austin] Aah, you know you got me

You got me by one stock – Yeah (game pad controls clicking) – Come on, no (laughs) (Ken laughs) Aah (Ken knocking table) So what have we learned today? We have learned that the ultimate GameCube is truly a masterpiece to behold

How much do we spend on the ultimate GameCube? I don't know Probably several hundred dollars more than we should have Ooh, I shouldn’t have laid back on the GameCube controller Ooh (smacks lips) – But can you put a price on friendship and nostalgia? I don't think so

(drums crackling) (speaker claps)

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