I can’t BELIEVE this Gaming PC

– This might be the best PC that we have ever built on this channel, not even joking It's not, but it

– [Ken] Aesthetic, aesthetically wise – Are you trying to say that like, you've built the best PC when I'm not around? – [Ken and Matt together] Yes – You guys said that way too fast

[Beep] – Hey, what's going on guys, this is Ken, and- – Hey, I'm Matt – That was terrible – What? – And today, we're going to be building a PC without Austin Now, I don't know if you guys remember, but the last time we did this, it may or may not have looked like a bomb – [Matt] It did

It totally looked like a bomb – But, today Austin tasked us with another project, this time to make a PC that's a little festive If I'm to believe that this is going to be uploaded at the time of Christmas – Ish – Ish

Also, the last time Matt and I built a PC, it was actually his first time building one – [Matt] Yeah, so this will be actually my second time building a PC – But he's at least watched some of our videos at this point – I've watched every PC build that Austin has done over the past year I feel like I could do this in my sleep

I'm probably wrong I'm probably really bad at this – In your sleep, but you're probably better at it when you're awake – Maybe – But, before we get started, we need to actually buy some festive things

– All right, so we're trying to get some arts and crafts for the PC build We're thinkin' something like a winter village – Honestly, we're not even sure if things will catch on fire or not, but – Everything we want to do is like, this is gonna be flammable – But, makes for a good video I like this Cloth snow That'll definitely not catch on fire

– Definitely, there's a 60 percent chance that it will definitely not – Oh, well, we have more things here, we've got like little trees That might be useful, right? Little trees This Santa, that's giving away gifts Yeah, no, I like the look of that a lot, little Santa

– [Matt] You know what I don't like about it? – [Ken] What? – It's got glitter Already, already – [Ken] No, I don't see any, it's fine You're fine So far, we have, we've built a little town that has a pond, a skater

– [Matt] She's going to the Olympics – [Ken] She's uh, she's gonna grow up to be a gold medalist one day Success, right? What? – Smells like farts out here – It's fertilizer [Fart noise] – So if I pull the full Austin, I just throw that for Matt to clean up later

– [Ken] I'm testing you – I'm gonna be building a PC apparently – [Ken] Build a PC so I don't have to – So I'm gonna start with this ASUS Prime X470 Pro And you know, we chose pretty much every single one of these parts, not because of their price to performance, or even their performance

Pretty much all of them is because they came in white – [Ken] Let me see, let me see Ah, yeah, look at that So, it matches – [Matt] Yeah, it's got a fair amount of black on there but you know, that little bit right there was our deciding factor

– [Ken] So this case, to preface, is actually gonna be in another Austin build with his wife Karen And for some reason, he chose this one Probably because it looks cool We actually bought a second one of these for our build – I am not a PC kinda guy, but if I was to be building my own PC

– [Ken] This is the one that you'd get? – I would probably grab this case I'm too short for this, so I'm gonna bring it down here – [Ken] Okay, okay, okay

I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha (yelling together) Yeah This Lian Li case is actually really cool 'cause it's glass on two sides here – It looks almost like it's a display case – [Ken] Yes for a Christmas, or sorry holiday, diorama

– Dioramas are where it's at Let's see if Matty here remembers how to build a computer I'm gonna put my static bracelet on (Ken groaning) – [Ken] No – With us buying specifically for aesthetics and not performance, we cut a little corners on some things

So we went with a second gen Ryzen 5 – [Ken] Which isn't bad – It's not bad It's the 2600 I'm gonna look for the little triangle

– [Ken] Don't bend the pins man – I'm not gonna bend the pins – [Ken] Don't bend the pins man Yeah just, oh don't, you got your thermal paste on there don't set it down (both humming) Need some help buddy? – I do, I have no idea how this goes on

– [Ken] Right, to be fair, I've only done one of these before – [Matt] Already, you know, I'm so good at building computers, that I just had Ken help me with the CPU 'cause it scared me I'd never encountered a latching CPU cooler like this – [Ken] Yeah but like, the interesting thing about this cooler though is that we're just barely clearing the RAM DIMMs We can ever so slightly make it, I mean, I'm pretty sure they designed this so that it will just barely clear

No I don't think it's rubbing dude, it's barely clearing it Yeah – So that is making slight contact over here with the heat sink, I don't know how bad that is This is not a tutorial, how to build a PC This is don't do anything that we're about to do

That looks roughly – [Ken] Austin, what are you doing here? – It's fine – Get out

– [Matt] Is the red light on? – [Ken] Get out – I brought you packages [Ken] You're not allow- we needed those but get out Oh my god, dude – Uh oh – [Ken] I'm locking the door

(beep) – I mean, frick (upbeat music) – [Ken] Oh, there it is – Hey! – [Ken] There you go – I've done something that Austin has failed to do And that's post a PC on the first try

– [Voiceover] The next day – So we finally got the PC done Overnight we got it updating, we got all the drivers installed We set our RGB, everything's good – We had to change things around a little bit

I forgot to get a fan controller, because I don't know what that is So, instead of the six fans that we were originally gonna have, we just have the three – [Ken] That are going in exhausts – [Matt] Yes – [Ken] So it's just gonna let air out

Which I think should be fine, 'cause we're not running anything super hot here, in fact this Wraith cooler will do a lot of the work for us pretty efficiently and pretty well We could try to overclock it if we want – Yeah we definitely have the ability to – [Ken] We'll try to see what our thermals are at when we put our winter wonderland in there – When we stuff it with Buffalo snow

Being from, the Buffalo-ish area, Buffalo Bills I can tell you that this does not look like Buffalo snow So then we knew we had this little spot down here We weren't sure how the clearance would be So we thought this little pond would go well, so – [Ken] Hey look at that – You know, maybe – [Ken] It just sits right there – [Matt] Maybe this goes about right here Does she clear this? It'll be clo- (cheering) – [Ken] Look at that! Aw man, it's like we planned that – I mean we did good – [Ken] I think if we put this here, like this, go like this

– [Matt] Oh yeah that's lovely – [Ken] That's really nice And it hides our cable too

– So what we'll probably end up doing – [Ken] Hang him! – [Matt] Is hanging Right here

– Yeah, on the top – All right so we have roughly our layout here This is looking pretty good, so now we're going to lay down the snow We're gonna secure these down with some double sided tape and add a little sprucing – [Ken] Oh! – [Matt] Straight up pressing up against the

– [Ken] The components – [Matt] The components – [Ken] So don't do that

– [Matt] So I mean, that's fine Right there, look at that, that's good – [Ken] Tuck it in a little We should totally put snow on the graphics card – No, no, no

– Why? Why Matt? – No, it just- – [Ken] Look at that Look at that And hold on, I have the piece de resistance – What do we got? (Low-key music) – There – [Matt] For safety

– Just in case – So we also have our spray So I'm just gonna be- (sprays) Oh – Oh Oh boy, it's gonna, oh God

– [Matt] In case you guys can't tell, this is super powerful – [Ken] Let's see, let's see Oh! Yes Oh Matt, Matt Yo, that's awesome

This almost reminds me of when we did Jimmy's Halloween PC, when we did the blood splatter on the glass – [Matt] Yeah – I'm kinda getting those same vibes, like, it worked surprisingly well – Ready? Armed – [Ken] Armed

All right And- (Christmas music) – Austin, I wanna build a Christmas PC You were like trying to tell me you were gonna build a PC inside a Christmas tree, I was like, Ken, go home, you're drunk What exactly do you guys have here? Also can I just say, that having a fully on, which looks like it's on PC underneath the blanket, not great for thermals – This is the least of our worries for thermals for this PC, as you will see in a second

(laughing) – [Matt] Yeah, so – [Ken] Thumbs up? – Dude, two thumbs up – There's a bow I know that's what you're laughing at – You have fake snow on top of the graphics card

It's about to be intaked by the fan There's so much flammable stuff here – [Matt] Yeah Down here we have a little girl and her cat She's getting presents from Santa

That's fake Santa That's like mall Santa Real Santa is actually up here, him and that's Donner actually Couple kids building a snowman That's actually, that is Jack Frost

– Jack Frost himself? – Yeah, that, so, we licensed him for this (cash register sound effect) – This is ridiculous How did, okay, first of all, props that this has not caught on fire Congratulations – Yes, no, see, we were actually pretty careful to not actually be touching any components

– [Ken] I mean, as you can see, like, we actually cleared the fan back there too – So this is, what's this back here? It honestly looks like a smaller graphics card – So GTX here's the thing We went specifically for aesthetics here, and not necessarily based on, like, perfect performance to price – Are you trying to tell me that you spent like, 2000 dollars on a PC with like, kind of crappy specs? (disagreeing) – [Matt] There's actually a thousand

– [Ken] There's only a thousand – Okay – This is a GTX 1660 We got it because it was silver, and it was low profile – Yeah, because, well I mean it's still a double slot card but essentially you wanted this other space to build a diorama

That makes sense – To do all this up front we have a 750 watt power supply – (laughing) Why? – Which is way overkill for this – Wait, wait, 'cause it's in the back of the case here You can't even see it

– It's white – [Ken] It's white – You can't even see it – [Ken] No, but most importantly it came with white cables – [Matt] Yes

– [Austin] Oh – [Ken] Yeah – Oh wait, so I actually gotta ask you about that So I'm looking at the cables I see that the GPU, the power cord for the GPU goes inside the snow

– [Matt] Yes – That's a really clever idea – Yeah, the thing with the power supply is the cables it came with, while fully modular, it had the pigtails to do dual eight pin I thought that was ugly, so I just cut it – [Ken] He just cut it, it's fine

It's fine, we're fine – You're talking about a fire hazard – It's taped – So you take a PC, something which is inevitably full of very hot, very power hungry electronics Then you fill it up with what I'm sure is very flammable like, cotton

And then you take a power connector and you saw it off – Saw it? No, no, we cut it with scissors Don't be insane – [Ken] We unplugged it before we did it, so – In fact, you'll be proud

I just took a cable that wasn't plugged in ever, I just (vocalizing cutting sound), and then (vocalizing cutting sound), and then (vocalizing cutting sound) – Guys you did an incredible job Like actually, this is ridiculous I don't know why exactly, you felt so compelled to build this PC, but, it's really good It's honestly better than it should be

– [Ken] I mean, we just wanted to add a little more holiday cheer to the channel – So what's the plan for this PC? Who asked for this? – [Ken] None of us did – K Got it It was mainly a ploy just to make a video on the channel that's a little more festive

But, I'm gonna give this one to Matt because it's his second build, I think he deserves it He can choose to do what he wants with what we did on the inside – [Austin] Like remove all of the flammable material from inside your PC? – [Ken] Yeah, I mean, if you want to use it daily – [Matt] For the record, I didn't even ask for it He just said, "Hey, you're taking this because "I don't want it sitting around

" – We don't have the room for it at all But, it was a bonding moment between me and Matt We had workplace bonding A lot of workplace bonding – It smells like farts out here

– So thank you very much for watching this holiday themed episode of the Austin Evans channel Of course if you'd like a little bit more holiday cheer in your life, you can feel free to check out our holiday Mystery Tech, it's available right here And until next time, I will remind you please don't try this at home And if your house burns down, you can blame Ken And Matt, but probably Ken, I think it's his idea

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