I Can’t HANDLE 360 FPS…

– Hey guys this is Austin, and welcome to CES 2020, where the madness has truly and officially begun Our friends over at Asus ROG, well they like to bring out the special toys, the things which are a little bit

Okay, look, this is a monitor that's running at 360 frames per second right now And I'm going to now proceed to spend the next three minutes of this video trying to explain to you what it looks like because you're watching a video at 24 frames per second So this is the ROG Swift, and what really separates it from pretty much every other display out there is the fact that it runs at a full 360 hertz

Yes, we've gone past 60, past 144, past 240 all the way to 360 frames per second Now can you tell a difference? It depends Are you good at games? If not So this is very much aimed to be an eSports monitor It's not really meant for Ken to play Red Dead So compared to something like a 120 frames per second, what I can see with my naked eye, which I don't know why I would look at it with anything else is the fact that while the 120 and the 360 look very smooth but the main difference in the actual clarity of the image So if you try to look at, say, like the text on this DOTA demo, it's very blurry running at like 120 or 144, or even up to 240 Whereas at 360 it is razor sharp

Now there are certainly downsides to this display So it only runs at 1080p, it is very much not meant to have like a ton of crazy high end like HDR specs The main idea here is that this is an eSports display, it is meant to be the fastest display that you could pretty much possibly get your hands on And if you're a Ninja, this is going to be great And if you're everyone else who wants to be as good as him be good first and then the display will be helpful

JJ, in one sentence or less, can you please describe why you love the monitor that's right in front of us right now? – I don't even need one sentence, man – That was your whole sentence – Okay, maybe I need two words 1152 zones, 1400 nits – That's a lot of brightness

Thank you very much, sir This is the ROG Swift PG32UQX And essentially That's all I actually need to talk about, he already hit it 1400 nits of brightness This thing is obscene So especially when you look at this, so you can see that there a- Well actually, you might not be able to see because again all of the things that we're looking at today are, you know, incredibly high brightness and contrast and high frame rates that you can't really see on a YouTube video But trust me when I say this thing looks incredibly bright

So especially when you look at the contrast between some of the darker areas here in this fire I mean it is like eye searingly bright It is so bright And the cool part about this is that you have a ton of other capabilities with the fact that it runs at 144 hertz, that you do have a full 4K resolution, it's a full 32 inch display But when you're sitting right in front of it, not even counting any of the other stuff, just purely looking at the HDR implementation it is absolutely incredible how much dynamic range you're getting

Now if you want to go even bigger, there's the 43 inch display which not only has a full 4K resolution What I really like is it will run at a full 144 frames per second with a single DisplayPort cable So there's no chroma sub-sampling, it's still running at a full 10 bit And what you're getting here is a display which well only runs at 1000 nits, unlike the 1400 nits over there, but it's still an incredibly good looking display which is really nice and large However I have been very helpfully informed by JJ that I forgot to mention that this has a remote which would be perfect for, say, oh, I don't know, a next generation console

Now if we're being real what I might be most excited for here is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 with built-in This Is branding How do you feel about that, Matt? – I feel great Subscribe to This Is – So obviously the most exciting feature right off the bat is the AniMe Matrix display I'm definitely saying that wrong, I don't actually know if that's the final name

But essentially, this is an LED panel that is on the back of the Zephyrus which you can completely customize Which we have very thankfully from our friends at Asus done with This Is branding But you can turn it off, you can put whatever you want, it'll animate with like a GIF or whatever you'd like to do But while that's really the showy thing, what I'm excited for is what's inside this guy Because this is one of the every first laptops to ship with the brand new Ryzen 4000 series mobile chips, aka laptops are about to get a whole lot more exciting this year

So inside you have a couple of options going from Ryzen 5, which has a six core design, or Ryzen 7 which this is rocking with a full eight cores Now I am incredibly, incredibly excited to get my hands on this and play around with it Although unfortunately this one is heavily locked down, so I can't so much as say the word Geekbench out loud without it wanting to close itself down But what we're getting here is some serious boost, I believe it's over 4 gigahertz on this model and Asus is actually using their own, I guess I wanna say custom version of Ryzen But they do have the HS model, which is going to be running at 35 watts, but give you the power roughly of the 45 watt model

So essentially what you get here is an incredibly powerful laptop processor with eight cores in an AMD system Which is very exciting For real though, this is an incredibly exciting moment because laptops especially have been very, very much dominated by Intel, even on the gaming side but especially on the portable side However with Zen 2 hitting with the Ryzen 4000 series, going up to eight cores on a laptop, which let me just sort of make clear is actually very portable So this is a 14 inch laptop with an RTX 2060 and an eight core Ryzen processor and yet it's not that much bigger than most Ultrabooks

So it starts with Ryzen 5 and a 1660Ti, but if you go all the way to Ryzen 7 and RTX 2060 we should still only be looking at about $2000 Which for this level of power, especially if Ryzen 4000 series is as good as I hope it is is super, super, exciting It also has a really small 180 watt power brick, which I say really small, but considering it's 180 watts it is pretty small But the other cool thing is it also supports USB-C power delivery which means that as long as you're not gaming, you could actually use a standard power brick up to 65 watts and it will charge the laptop I should also probably mention that it has a 120 hertz panel at 1080p, or if you want a high resolution go up to 1440p at 60 hertz

Now beyond that there are a couple of other things So of course it does have not only the Ergolift design, but you have a pretty solid variety of ports including a couple of USB-A, a couple of USB-C as well as HDMI And one of the coolest parts about this, is the fact that it actually looks very I don't want to say gamer-y because it doesn't, but it looks nice I will say that the Zephyrus definitely kind of this generation I think is, it looks grown up Especially in this gray

There's also a white model, but it doesn't look super show off-y which is nice because this is very thin laptop, it's a very powerful laptop, but it doesn't really look like some huge bulky gaming laptop And for me, that's really what I'm looking for I am incredibly excited for this laptop and it comes out in two to three months depending on where you are and depending on how quickly they build them So that, my friends, is a look at what Asus has to offer here at CES 2020 Definitely be sure to subscribe to the channel for lots more CES coverage this year

As well as you can check out some of the other videos here, and please wish me luck because I have many, many more videos to make Or everything else I see is lame and I'm gonna go hang out in Vegas for a couple days It's win-win, I don't know

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