I didn’t expect Dad to be this GOOD…

– Dad, would you care to join me? This is the point where you walk over There we go

– Hello! – Hey guys, this is Austin It has been six years since I first experienced VR with an incredibly early version of the Oculus Rift headset, but when Oculus Rift reached out and wanted to sponsor this video on their Oculus Quest headset, I couldn't say no! I feel like I showed you a super early VR headset legitimately five years or so ago – You showed me a prototype – Do you want to try something a little bit more finished? – Yeah, sounds good to me – (inaudible) Every time Dad's been on a video, it just always makes it more exciting

So, this is the Oculus Quest Would you like to do the unboxing? – Sure – [Austin] One of the things that makes this different from a standard VR headset is it does not require a PC Those early prototypes, the one I showed you and the ones you can buy for the first couple years, all rely on an actual, proper PC Man, you're fast

You're already into the headset So, you do it like this: you hold it in this hand I think there's actually a series of trackers around the side, so – This is very important – Listen to Dad: always wear protection! Put on your strap You can see that basically, it's almost like a standard controller where you have a couple of buttons here, but you also have triggers on the inside, triggers on the top as well, and you have a stick It also has motion control, so depending on the game, you might be using it to box or you might be using it to walk around or whatever We set up the Oculus Quest using our phones, so now Dad, it's all on you

Just put the headset on and oh, whoa Let me fix your hair – Oh, that's okay – You look like (inaudible) – Oh, I see it now – Oh, looks like you got it

There you go Put your straps on – Wow, this is really cool! – [Austin] So you walk around, you can literally crouch down – Okay, it told me not to go any further or something – In addition to me being able to record on the headset, which is what we're doing right now, you can actually cast this to a TV so you can watch what someone else is doing

Dad, can you, right now, open up Beat Saber (light sabers) (light sabers) (techno music) So, what do you think? – They're pretty cool! – It's a lot, though, right? – It's a lot more work than I thought – (laughs) It's like a workout! So, this is a little bit better than the last VR you tried, right? I mean, this is like four years newer than anything that was around back then – They came a long way – Yeah

It's cool, though; you don't need any of the wires and stuff Alright, Dad, thanks for being in the video – Yeah – I think it's time to let everyone else give it a try The nice thing about Oculus Quest is that this is proper VR, right? There have been other mobile headsets, including the Oculus Go, which was solid, but this is much closer to that full scale experience

On top of that, the screen is incredibly nice Some of the things that's really impressive here is, just how high resolution it is Also, Job Simulator is just one of my favorite VR titles ever All right, what do we have here? Lottery tickets, ooh Shout out to these touch controllers, as well

They're actually really, really nice Now you have the inner triggers, which is nice for me to just pick up a can or something, but I also have the joy sticks as well It's easy for me to kind of aim things around Especially for a game like Job Simulator, the real idea is that I want presence, right? I want to feel like I'm in the game, and I very much do! Let me just toss that over to the side Something else that really separates Quest from a lot of other VR headsets is, that there are actual games for this

I mean, no shade but, there are a lot of titles here The important thing is there's so much excitement, because so many developers are wanting to get on board With Quest, it is really easy to set up If you're using it stationary, it's fine, but if you want to use room scale, all you do is: with the cameras on, I can just simply draw the area that I want to use, which is going to be something like this And right to here

Now I have my play area The cool part is, with the walls up, once I confirm it, I can know exactly where I'm at Say if I'm in the game, right now, I know this is all good, but if I start to get too close to a wall, the wall will turn red If I put my head through it, it automatically turns the cameras on so I don't bump into anything Ken, you actually cheated and you've already been playing the Quest

– I played the Quest while you were gone doing some other things in Taiwan or something You know what, the positional audio sounds surprisingly good, but the Quest does have two headphone jacks on it, so if you did want to use those; you can – All right, Ken, thoughts? – It's great That's all I have to say, it's great – Matt! – Yeah? – Are you in the VR world? – Oh, I am fully emerged into the VR world

This is about as immersive as I've ever felt Like, I feel like I'm in this little kitchen thing One thing I've noticed is that this is so well calibrated for eyes – Yeah – Pretty much every other VR headset, I've gotten sick from playing

I don't get it with this – Jimmy, you tried the Quest and tell me what you do? – I tried it on the first day and then I pre-ordered it on Best Buy and went and picked it up after work I like these shooting types of games that are like on rails or standing still, (shooting) because it doesn't make me motion sick In this game, you're basically just standing still and robots fly all around you They do a good job at keeping it 180 degrees so you don't have to turn around and look behind you or anything

It's a good field of view for a game like this The shooting feels really good You can have different types of weapons, they're all mapped to a different direction on the joy stick so you don't really have to do much, other than change the joystick around – Okay so, I have some virtual arms with gloves on them I guess I'm not doing too hot

Ooh, ooh Body shot! Ooh! That's right! I don't think I won that round I had some good moves at the end – So, that was Oculus Quest! I've tried a lot of VR headsets, but this by far, is the most polished experience I've ever tried The fact that you can do this without any kind of PC and it works this well is incredibly impressive

If you guys are interested, I'll have a link in the description to check it out If you've tried VR in this past, you owe it to yourself to give Quest a try It really is a huge step forward

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