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– Hey guys, this is Austin! And this is the Google Stadia Founder's Edition So, Google were awesome enough to sponsor this video, so I can take a look at what should be the best cloud gaming service yet

So at first I thought that they had custom-printed the box, but actually I just think someone wrote my name on it and they just have really, really good handwriting Like, I gotta respect that So there are a bunch of different versions of Stadia, but this is the brand-new Founder's Edition, which I believe is sold out right now But inside, we get pretty much everything we need to get up and running and starting with the controller itself Now even though the Founder's Edition is sold out, you can still buy the Premier Edition, which is pretty much the same but with a white controller and no Buddy Pass

And you can also buy controllers outside of the bundle for $69 each, and they come in white, black, and a greenish color called "Wasabi" So it's kind of like a mix between like an X-box and like a PS4 controller What I like is the actual feel in the hand Like, the grip are a little bit longer than on a standard controller But, at least for my hands, that fits pretty well

Sticks feel good Nice little bit of clickiness I feel like I'd like a little bit more tension on the triggers But generally speaking, it actually feels like a pretty premium controller Then you might be wondering why exactly I'm unboxing a controller as well as a Chromecast Ultra

I mean, this doesn't look like a game console However, through the power of cloud gaming, it actually can be So with Google Stadia, essentially the game itself is actually running on a server, who knows how many miles away, and is being streamed to your device But also it'll work on the Chrome browser on your computer, it'll work on some phones and tablets and stuff Essentially, pretty much as long as you have a good internet connection, theoretically you should be able to play games pretty much anywhere you are

This is a little side note, but you should definitely use the power adapter that comes in the box So while some Chromecasts, like the normal versions, you can power off of the USB port from your TV, the difference here is that this power adapter has an ethernet jack And when it comes to cloud gaming, while you can use WiFi, and at the very least you should be using five gigahertz WiFi But realistically, if you can plug it into ethernet, you're gonna get a smoother, better experience Now I've used a lot of cloud gaming services over the years

And most of the early ones were barely usable These days there are a couple which have gotten better But none of them have the full might of Google behind it So setup process should be pretty straightforward, especially if you already have a Chromecast So to start off with, I'm using a Pixel 4, because this is one of the phones which is supported to stream

I need to just unlock my invite code with Stadia, which I have somewhere I now have the name "Austin" on Stadia So on my phone with Stadia Pro I've been able to unlock a couple of games that are included, including "Destiny" as well as "Samurai Showdown" So the next step is to get my Chromecast up, as well as the controller Oh excellent, okay

"Do you want to set up your Stadia controller?" Sweet! So it already sees that I have a controller Yes, I would love to do that So now I'm going to connect the controller to the WiFi The idea is that this controller, as opposed to being directly connected to the device, can be connected to my WiFi, which means that say I'm playing on the Chromecast and I want to switch over to say, playing on my phone I don't have to switch devices, because this isn't connected to my actual phone or at my actual Chromecast

It's connected to the cloud which means that everything should just work Theoretically at least Let's see if it actually does All right So if I press Left, X Y, all right wait

Uh-hum If I can press Left, X, X, B, like it says on the screen, I'll be fine (laughs) It looked like a Y, okay? It looked like a Y Yes, okay, cool Sweet, okay

So we're done with the phone for now, until we're actually ready to play some games Now let's jump into my account and see what happens What is, what does Stadia's interface look like? It looks like that! Okay, cool! So we have My Games, which is just the two games that are included But if I want, I can also go to the mobile app and I can actually download and buy more Oh yeah, so they have quite a few games

So, they also have pretty decent discounts So if I want to play like "Mortal Kombat," it's $20 off 30 bucks off "Assassin's Creed" "Metro Exodus" for 20 That's actually not bad

So, coming next year there will be a Stadia Base version, and that will have no monthly subscription and you'll just buy the games as you want them Now, you are limited to 1080p streaming there However for a lot of people, especially if you're playing like on your phone or on computer or something, 1080p is probably going to be totally fine No install, which is nice, because literally all it's doing right now is booting up the game on a server somewhere and then streaming it to me Going into this, my biggest question is absolutely, what is the latency? Now when you're playing on a server that is hundreds of miles away potentially, there's obviously going to be some kind of lag

However, Stadia's actually pretty impressive So, as far as I can tell, I mean this feels pretty similar to playing like on a standard console Obviously, we have really good internet here That's definitely going to make things a little bit biased But as far as I'm concerned, in this sort of best case scenario, it feels incredibly smooth

Like, no dropped frames, no major sort of, any issues with the picture quality And latency is not bad So, you're gonna want a minimum of 10 megabit internet to have a solid 720p feed And if you want to go full 4K, like I'm playing right now, you do wanna aim for at least 35 megabits Which is a lot, but it's also not totally insane

Especially considering the quality, really I mean like, I can get like up close with it and yeah, I mean maybe here I can see a little bit of compression, but realistically it just looks like I'm playing on a console This is really, really good And the picture quality I'm surprised with Now, I'm not sure if this is going to necessarily match a high-end PC running at 4K

Realistically, it's probably not quite that same level of fidelity But, considering that we're playing a game streaming over the internet, it is not bad I mean, this is running on Chromecast We don't have a giant, huge tower underneath the TV It's literally a Chromecast Ultra and that's how we're playing "Destiny 2" right now

So the next thing I'm going to try is playing Stadia using a standard computer running Chrome So theoretically, it should be pretty straightforward You just need to go to stadiagooglecom and it should theoretically just work

Yeah, so we see "Destiny" The wireless function is coming soon And that is a little bit of a downside with Stadia, in that there are a lot of cool features that are coming, but they're not quite out yet So, let me plug this guy in Now there are some upsides to this

So, if you are playing on PC, you do get access to using other controllers, you could use a mouse and keyboard, you can plug in like an X-box controller or something But for right now, I'm going to plug my Stadia controller in via USB My first impressions are pretty solid I do notice a little bit more latency I think the difference between being plugged in, wired versus wireless, does make a difference

Image quality is also not quite as good We're definitely streaming at 1080p as opposed to 4K All right, you know what? I will say the controls feel a little bit squishy right now It's not bad It's certainly playable, but this is not as smooth an experience as I would like

It's subtle, and I think it's really only gonna be noticeable if you do a lot of native gaming on like a proper console or PC Like, it's not bad, but it's not quite as seamless as it was using the Chromecast Ultra, which does make sense I get why they sort of ship this as a bundle Now Stadia also work on the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4 right now, as long as they're running Android 10 with more phones to come soon However, the way to get the controller to work isn't necessarily the most seamless

Okay You just have to plug it via USB Now to be fair, if you do wanna use another controller, say like a PS4 or X-box controller, you can connect them via Bluetooth But right now, I'm gonna play like this Huh, you know what? This feels pretty much exactly the same as playing on my laptop

So obviously, you got a smaller screen, which means that the image quality, while it already looked decent before, actually looks a little bit better now, because you've got just such a small display to work with And the latency's pretty much exactly the same I'm pretty convinced that the difference between the laptop and the Pixel versus the Chromecast, is purely down to wired versus wireless This is not the way to play the game You should definitely use a Bluetooth controller or ideally, fairly shortly, when the Stadia controller works wirelessly, it won't be an issue

But this is goofy, I think some might say When you're thinking in a more mobile context, Stadia's actually really interesting Now of course, mobile games are getting better and better, but right now, absolutely nothing can touch the graphics and the gameplay of these full console and PC titles that Stadia provides Now is it perfect right now? Absolutely not Not only do you have do deal with the cable if you want to use the Stadia controller, but it only supports WiFi right now, so you can't use 4G or 5G, which will hopefully make things much better

But realistically what you're getting here is an experience which, just like on the computer and it's pretty similar to on the TV, feels good It feels snappy It's not 100% as smooth as playing like on a high-end PC, but it's certainly playable And especially on a smaller screen, it actually feels totally fine Oh oh, nope no, go away, go away, go away

What is that? I'm gonna say, that I am more impressed with Google Stadia than I thought I'd be I've tried a lot of cloud gaming services and there's no doubt that this is the best one yet Now it is certainly not perfect It's a 10 version and there are a lot of features which they are working on

But the most important thing here is the core gameplay and the actual latency in the experience that you get And everything I've seen here seems to indicate that they've got the fundamentals down Now, once they get the wireless controller working across all of the devices, once they get more device support, I think it's going to be really impressive But as of right now, I see the potential, and I think that's the main thing that my, sort of, takeaway of Stadia is If you guys are interested, you can definitely feel free to check out the Stadia Premier bundle, which is linked in the description

So obviously, you don't need all this stuff Theoretically, you could just wait for the Stadia Base to come out next year and you'll be able to play everything for free, assuming you buy the games You can play the subscription for free But if you want the full experience, if you want the Chromecast Ultra, if you want the controller, this is definitely the way to get it

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