I Wasted $200 on Wish…

– Wow That's much better than what you usually throw on the table

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Mystery Tech, featuring money, because yes, I actually get to buy my own things this time Thanks, Ken The rules are very simple I have a $200 budget to order things from a little site called Wish Now, a little stipulation is I have to use this blitz-buy thing, so as soon as I hit this button, a 10-minute timer will start

How many items to I get? 20, okay All right, I've unlocked 20 products Let's see what we got Well, the first thing is the, what is this, a smartwatch? I mean, that seems reasonable This actually looks good, right? – [Matt] You need that

– All right What the, what are these sneakers? Yo – [Matt] Get some sneakers – Some red fashion sneakers? Yeah, yeah, I'm about that There's an 11 inch 4G network Android large-screen tablet for $75

I'm gettin' red because why not Oh God, I've already spent $145 Oh Man, I feel like I've already got everything cool – [Ken] Well, now you're forced to buy things that are not cool

Welcome to Mystery Tech – What if I just cheat and go into normal Wish and look for other stuff that's cool? All right, I'm just gonna cheat Oh, a 4GB free classic games thing? Yeah, yeah, okay All right Oh what the, oh it's a Vita

Oh wait, no I want this one Oh look, a Game Boy Yo, I wanna Game Boy Yeah, yeah, yeah, hook me up $14? Look, you can buy fake money

There's 100 $100 bills for $1 I mean, let's be real, this stuff all looks basically like hot garbage Ooh, hello We could get a Huawei SD card, apparently 256GB for $3 I don't see how we can go wrong here

– [Ken] Get definitely two of those – Ah, it's a corset for a guy, aight Aight Yo, fake Joy-Cons? Dude, these Joy-Cons are like double the size I am absolute buying them

Wait, for Wii U, for Switch, or for Switch Precision Edition? – [Ken] What's a Switch Precision Edition? – [Austin] I dunno, I guess we're about to find out It's $33 There's also fake Pro controller, should we do that? – [Ken] Yeah, yes – Mean, it looks kinda like it So that, my friends, is everything we need from Wish

So I guess now we're just gonna have wait, like, three months for this stuff to show up and see if it's any good I don't think it will be, though (weird ululating) – [Matt] Three months later – Okay, so it has been a couple months and we finally have all of our Wish items as well as a much less full-featured facial hair So let's see what garbage town we have to deal with

It's been so long I've actually forgotten what we ordered, at this point Oh yeah, this stupid thing Oh, it came with an adapter? Aight So this is our Huawei 256GB microSD card, which cost like, how much was it? – [Ken] $575

– Oh yeah So less than $6 Now, I'm incredibly suspicious that this is actually a 256GB card It is almost certainly not a Huawei microSD card either, judging by the generic memory card box Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and is not available for storage

Something tells me that by some is going to be like, 240 of the 256GB I believe Linus did a video showing how some of the SD cards that seem to have a lot of capacity are actually fake and instead, when you start to fill them up, they delete old files So I'm going to try to transfer a bunch of footage over and see if it actually will work So I pull up properties, it shows as a 249GB drive I mean, that actually would be technically correct

That's strange Is this actually real? Dude, it's at 65KB a second right now I don't think I have the patience for this Pssh That had way more bounce than I thought

Oh, it's the stupid fake Joy-Cons You know that Wish sponsors the Lakers? Literally the only logo on Lakers jerseys is Wish I mean, at first glance you might be forgiven for thinking that these are real Joy-Cons, but they feel like they're almost twice as big Lemme grab a real set of Joy-Cons So for comparison, this is what a legit Joy-Con looks like

Now, it's roughly the same sorta shape, although on the back, you can see that there's a little bit of a ridge, but it's just way bigger Like, way bigger (laughs) My Switch is now just like, an inch wider (laughs) Oh, it worked Ayyy, look at that

It shows up as two actual, real Joy-Cons So if I attach these, it actually will not charge them, though, so I can use it as like a normal, wired Joy-Con, but it's still actually connected via Bluetooth So it will drain the battery like this Dude, this is actually really not that bad I mean, the buttons don't feel quite as nice and I wish they actually would charge, but like, I mean like, I'm not doing very well here, but

Now, I will say one thing, the fact that they have this little lip on the outside, which, even though they're bigger, they actually kinda fit better in my hands The standard Joy-Cons, they're fine, but I kinda feel like I have a little bit of a claw grip sometimes, whereas this feels a little bit better, I'm not gonna lie It still feels cheap, but not bad Aha So the next part, which is probably a little less weird, is these Nintendo Switch Pro controller, or the Pro controller for N Switch, because obviously it's not a Nintendo product I mean, at first glance this looks exactly like a standard Pro controller

This looks straight up like they just used the original mold for this It literally, on the back, says supportnintendocom I think they actually took a legit mold of the real Pro controller and just removed the word Nintendo here, 'cause that's exactly where Nintendo would be

It says, support Germany for Nintendo I mean, this is just a Pro controller (laughs) The buttons feel the same, the sticks feel the same Actually, hang on a second Can I change my smart steering? Okay

Dude, it even has the gyroscope If you feel a little bit uncomfortable buying something which is very, very obviously a knockoff, I totally understand why you wouldn't wanna get this, but this is, as far as I can tell, straight-up a Pro controller Now, maybe it'll break at some point, maybe there's a train outside that's gonna sort of step on my line, but like, this is legit just a Pro controller that someone just stripped off the Nintendo badge and is selling it for like, half the price Oh, god The fake money

Okay, does this look real on camera right now? 'Cause this is about the fakest thing I've ever seen It's mostly just incredibly blurry Like, it looks like if you printed this yourself on a printer from 1999, that's what it looks like For fake money, it doesn't say fake money anywhere There's no like, for prop, comedy use only or anything, there's literally just a little bit of Chinese writing on the back and that's it

This actually looks like it's probably illegal Wait, is this illegal? I think this is, oh These things bounce so weirdly, right? All right, we'll just put my fake money out of the way I will say one thing, this is very, very well packaged Oh, it's the fake iPad, excellent

Oh wait, no it's not an iPad, is it? It kinda looks like one from the front Actually, well, it looks like one from all angles I mean, not gonna lie This is like, not the worst fake iPad I've ever seen I mean, they've kinda got like the little notch here

That actually does seem to be real metal That screen does not look good, though And this is definitely a fake button That doesn't do anything I dunno, I think if you show this to Grandma, she'd probably think you had an iPad and not a $52 tablet that's garbage-town, that's dead also I'm not gonna lie, so far we've actually been doing pretty well

There have definitely been some busts, but things like the Switch controller seems cool, the iPad, if it actually wants to turn on, seems maybe okay Maybe Maybe Oh, all right In case you're curious, this is not an actual iPad

– [Ken] Is that a headphone jack in the side? – Oh yeah, (laughs), the headphone jack is on the side All right Android 81? What? Really? That's actually not that bad Is this actually gonna be decent? Like, I really did not think this was gonna be good, but like, it actually doesn't seem like the worst thing I've ever tried, especially for $50

Although I guess, for $50, you could get like, a Fire tablet Whoa, hey Update on this guy It has now magically jumped up to 19MB per second on the transfer We're actually, is it working or did it just like, fail over into the fake version where it's deleting my old files? Now I'm suddenly getting a little bit uncomfortable with the idea that I just plugged a random microSD card into my computer

Maybe I shouldn't have done that That coulda been a really bad idea, actually – [Ken] I mean, it's a Huawei one, so what's the– – (laughs) – [Ken] What's the harm in that? – That frame rate is really not good But 480p, come on man? Is that the best you can do in 480p? That ain't it So not great for video

It sounds bad and it runs videos at like, 12 frames per second Uh, maybe just buy a Fire HD 7, or anything else I bet you could get a used iPad for about this price – [Ken] Oh yeah, you probably can – Oh

That looks much less terrible So this is our fake PSP So there are a lot of these kinda like, fake systems around, but I've actually never really tried any of them, really Oh dude, it's like, supposed to be a mini Vita It even has all, like, the little triangles and stuff on the back

Whoa It's very exciting when you launch it Wait, is this just a bunch of ROMs? I have Super Mario, Contra, Street Fighter, Crash Bandicoot Wait Is this thing legit just, like, an emulator? Yo, dude, it's actually Super Mario

Okay, this emulation's, uh, oh my god (laughs) Dude It's like a half-second delay when I press something I mean, this is legit, though! Wait, wait, wait I'm tryin' to play Mario right now, what are you doin', throwin' a Game Boy at me? Wait

Hold on I'm enjoying Mario, man What? Wait, wait, dude, this is not bad I mean, it's still weird, but I can't believe this is not hot garbage, man What? Wait

Wait, dude, this is not bad I mean, it's still weird, but Oh wait, what buttons do I actually have on the Game Boy? Just A and B, right? (laughs) Stay back Stay back (laughs) (laughs) It's so mushy! Come on! Come on! Yes! Also, I just pulled my mic off

I wanna keep playing with this But wait, hang on, what's 401 Game Boy thing? Ooh You know what? Yo, that's actually not bad All right 401

So we have Super Mario, this thing's just loaded with ROMs It's just loaded with ROMs What is this?! Pikachu What is that?! Wait, what? Wait, is this just, – (laughs) – is this Dr Mario? I mean, it's like Tetris, but wasn't it, I never played Dr

Mario, but wasn't it kinda similar to this? – [Ken] Yeah – All right, there's definitely a lot of doubles in here Like, they're primarily doubles Why am I small? Do you see this? I'm too, dude, I'm too small to jump! (laughs) How do you mess up Mario, man? What the actual, what is this? – [Ken] What? What?! (laughs hysterically) Oh, now you gotta play it – Mario has throwing stars?! Also, it runs like eight frames per second

Yikes Oh my God, dude, what is this? (laughing) What is this?! All right, why is my screen flickering? Wait, I think I lost my screen brightness Can you see that flickering? I think I just lost my backlight We got, like, five minutes out of Super Mario 14 before it was lost to the sands of time Look, look, look how bad it is now! (laughs) My screen's dead! All that's really left to do now is to see if this sketchballs microSD card actually worked

So I come over to USB drive I mean, this actually looks like it might have transferred? I just literally copied over Fortnite 33GB I mean, this works It definitely works

I dunno if it'll actually fill up, and it's kinda slow, but the microSD card is decent Sadly, the Game Boy had the most promise and died after like three minutes I mean, who knows? The Legend of Mario 14 may never be fully discovered (laughs)

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